May 31, 2011

It all started as a normal day..

complete with a walk in the park with a friend (3 miles.. go us), a few naps (for Drew, not me, pinky promise), lunch, and playing with toys.

It ended with a court date in my near(?) future. Let me back up..

Right after Drew's second nap (around 3pm) we're sitting on the living room floor, goofing around when I hear a bunch of ruckus out by the side of our house. I look out the window and there are two HUMONGOUS dogs that seemed to have gotten my neighbors gate open. I freaked a little because they have an older basset hound that I kind of consider like 1/18th mine. He's always outside and barks to let me know when someone is coming. Sometimes annoying, but always comforting. Anywhoo..

The two dogs were terrifyingly big, have I mentioned that? They are running away, but houndy is now out. I don't have the neighbors number and I sure wasn't going out and risking my life with those two beasts running around. I called the police and when finishing up with them, manned up a bit and went out to make sure the hound was okay. I canceled the police call because I saw the owner of said beasts grabbing the dogs from the yard across the street and herding them into the back of his pickup. They drive away and I think all is good. Until...

Neighbors are outside. Wifey is by the front door and assured me the hound was now in the house. Hubs is across the street in above mentioned yard. I asked her if she saw the beasts, yes she had, she says... and did I know that.. grab a tissue... they KILLED the little pup across the street!!! Mauled it to death. My heart still breaks.

We saw the house that the owners of the two dogs lived at.. we see the guy tell his lady about the sitch, she freaks, and walks down to us. She's all worked up until she learns what dog it is that was killed by her dogs. Then says "she doesn't f'ing care" and "she has told that woman to keep her dog inside two times". REALLY?? The poor pup was in it's own yard. And it doesn't matter how annoying the little pup was that roamed the streets. You're dogs violently killed it. That's someones dog. Take responsibility and show some heart. The family wasn't home. They have kids of all ages. They are going to come home to that.

She struts back home. And this is where it gets hard for me. We discussed what to do and it didn't take long to know we had to call Animal Control. That could have easily been any number of the little kids that play outside all day. Andrew and I sit in the driveway quite often (He has a big obsession with cars and it keeps him entertained. With a yard full of rocks.. the driveway is the spot to be).

I had to run to the store and told the neighbors to come right over if they needed anyone else to talk to Animal Control. When I get home, the dead dog neighbors and the ones next to us are all outside. I head over and those kids had just found the dog. Next door neighbs tried to talk to the mom before the kids had seen it, but it was too late. The kids were bawling. It was heartbreaking. The mom walked down to the killing dogs house and chicky completely denies she even has dogs! Can you believe it??

Animal Control guys shows up and after not too long, one of the girls knocks on my door and asks if I'll go and talk to him. Since home girl denies everything (not sure how she thinks she'll get away with that.. the poor fam got pics of the dogs through her window) they are going to need witnesses to testify in court. I couldn't tell that family that I wouldn't do it.. I'm glad to help them.

It's just a sucky situation though. I know it's going to mean putting those dogs down. I know they were vicious. I know they did very wrong. But I still can't help but feel a little bad about helping to put them down. I even feel bad for that stank woman who's going to get her dogs taken away. But when it comes down to it.. I know it has to be done. Unfortunately they got out. What if it happened again? And what if next time it's not "just" a dog that caught their viciousness? They were getting into people's fenced backyards. That's scary.

So.. yeah... blahhhh


Charlatan psychic said...

I know it's hard, hon, but you did the right thing. Something in how they care for those dogs obviously isn't right, or they wouldn't be aggressive like that. They should not be raising dogs, especially ones they can't control.

Remy does get out of his yard, but he has never hurt anyone, so my neighbor just calls to tell me he's over there visiting. I'm more terrified that he will go up to someone who just takes him, or get hit by a car.

You did do the right thing. I'm proud of you! Now if we could get the Animal Control system to treat dogs differently, it wouldn't be so heartbreaking to report vicious dogs.

Mel said...

You did the right thing. It's such a hard decision to make because the puppy and the aggressor dogs are "family" to someone. The problem is, just like with people, a violent tendency is an illness. People can get better because they van talk about it, but that's not possible with dogs.

I am proud you were strong enough to make that decision. It was the right thing!

Jearly said...

You did the right thing. I am sure it was a incredible hard decision.
They are dogs to a family, but they are vicious. And like you said what if it wasn't "just" a dog.

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One Day at a Time said...

My goodness!! You absolutely did the right thing! It is sad that the owners did not care as much about their dogs to train them properly, or even care about other dogs lives. So sad....