July 29, 2009


Screw it ~ I'm sweating like a banchie. And I've honestly spent the whole night sobbing tearing up over it. I feel like this little thing called life is seriously ganging up on me. If you're in no mood for a pity party, the exit is to your upper right hand corner ;)

I woke up this morning with the vague feeling that I was a little more toasty than usual during the night. While straightening my hair and panting from heat exhaustion, I knew the worst had happened. My AC went out. Again. Got to work and called my little AC man and he said he'd be out to look at it late afternoon. I'm pretty sure I hit my breaking point tonight after getting home and realizing when I walked into the safari jungle that he never did make it out. And all I kept hearing in my head was him making the calculated guess that I'd probably have to replace it since it's so old. Really? We can't rig it for a bit and let it be someone else's problem? I joke. Kinda. Who has money sitting around to install a new AC??? Not I! I should though. Which brought on a whole new set of sobs. Trey's been gone since February. My main responsibilities were paying bills and building our savings up. I tried. I really did. But I swear it's just been one thing or another that has made me spend money in our savings right after I built it up. Every.Time. Add on the pressure of getting Daisy (I know.. my choice and I have no regrets), hoping and praying we sell our house and that we actually make money off of it, moving... Ahhhhh... I've been able to keep a pretty cool head.. but tonight it felt like the world was crashing on my shoulders and I could hardly stand to keep breathing.

I am a little more calm now though. Calm, not cool. It's still sweltering hot. For two reasons:

1. my realtor called to let me know she is showing my house to someone tomorrow that seams interested in renting it. Scary, but I'm a little bit okay with making some extra money every month.
2. AC man just called. Gotta love an AC man that calls at 9:45 at night to let you know how sorry he is and that he'll be there at 7:30. I'll love him even more if he doesn't make me buy a whole new unit.

Thank you so so so much for all of your comments on my last post. Y'all are seriously my backbone. I hope that's not very pathetic of me to say. Because it's true :) I'd probably be certifiably insane without y'all.
Trey is doing better. They did send him to HHC today but his spirits are way up. He read parts in the book of Job last night in the Bible... seriously?

That's only a little something I've been praying for for years. We'll save that for another post though.

I'm gone until Monday!! Off to visit the fam in Massachusetts. Hopefully i'll be able to squash some of these worries of mine while i'm up there, but knowing me, doubtful. I know i'm usually very optimistic and to my defense a little PMS may or may not have something to do with this mental breakdown. We're all entitled to a few though right??

Ohhhhhh how could I forget??? One of my favorite bloggie buddies, Crazy Shenanigans, gave me this sweet sweet award today:

It made me smile through all those tears!! Thanks girl!

July 28, 2009

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Well you know how the rest goes.

Trey and I came across a major setback yesterday. The thought never even occurred to us that this could happen, but it did. They all turned in their weapons Friday afternoon. Most of the guys went out partying all weekend. Trey didn't. He wanted to be in top shape come Monday morning for his final PT test. The last thing he had to do in order to graduate from OCS. I got a text from him late Monday morning that just said "i need to talk to you". My heart immediately sank, but I was still hopeful. I mean really... he's had no trouble this whole time... what could have really gone wrong? Turns out he blew the running out of the water, did great in push ups, and for some reason or another, just barely missed his sit ups. He had to pack up all his stuff and get ready to go back to HHC (where they're held at the beginning or if you fail something at any point during the course). He'll be held there for another couple of weeks. He doesn't get to graduate with the guys he's gone through everything with. Instead he'll graduate with another company where he knows no one.

Can you imagine how he feels right now? It's getting better, but let me tell you, yesterday was not a good day. I don't think I've ever seen him at such a low point. Just humiliated, embarrassed, sad, disappointed.. the list goes on. I know he was dreading making that phone call to me, never mind his parents. We talked a lot yesterday and today and I've been trying real hard to pick his spirits up. I think it's working. I kept trying to tell him that every single thing happens for a reason. We may never ever know what that reason is, but we just have to trust that God has a better plan for us. When you're that disappointed though, that doesn't really mean anything to you in the moment. It is starting to sink with him. He's trying to accept it.

So yes, would I have LOVED to leave Monday to start graduation festivities?? Heck yes. But I'll enjoy it even more so in a couple weeks. Would I have been BEYOND excited to be driving HOME with him on Thursday and go together to pick Daisy up?? Ummm yeah. But instead, I'll pick Daisy up a few days earlier and take her with me to go spend next weekend with him. There HAS to be a reason for this. I have complete faith in that. Maybe I would have gotten in a car accident on the way down Monday because I was just so exhausted from my trip to Boston. Maybe we're not financially ready to move to Oklahoma while still making mortgage payments so our move had to be delayed for another month. All I know is in the end, not much has changed:

He'll retake that PT test and blow them out of the water (bc he WILL be doing 1000 sit ups every night while stuck in HHC ;) ).
He'll still graduate and get to where he wants to go.
I still think my husband is a kick ass, sexy Army Man.

I still think the world of him. I still adore him. <3

The End.

July 26, 2009

Another Weekend Recap

Honestly I am in no mood to post something right now, so I probably shouldn't, but for some strange reason feel like I should anyways. Is that bad? I mainly just don't feel like I have much to say. It was a pretty uneventful weekend so I really won't even touch much on it. I'll just say a little something about my favorite part of the weekend:
Dinner Friday night with my friends Chris & Julianne at the best little Mexican restaurant around here. I had chicken fajita nachos. YUM!! I always really enjoy myself with them, but I did even more so this weekend. We've been very close for years now (I met them when I met Trey have been inseparable ever since). Julianne and I, especially, have been BFF's since day 1. We can go to each other with everything and sit and talk for hours. Lately, I feel like life's little day-to-day hassles (you know like her being pregnant... me handling life on my own) have gotten in the way of that and we haven't had much time for "us" time. But Friday was great! We sat outside and talked for a long time and it was extremely refreshing to me... much needed! She is definitely one that I'll have a hard time being away from. *Hi Julz.. I know you're reading this. Hope that wasn't very awkward for you to read. You have your own little shot out.. hope you like*
Saturday I got a TON of errands done... Babies R Us for the above mentioned pregnant girl, Barnes & Noble to grab "dog training for dummies" (yes, I will actually read this), Dillard's to return ugly green caterpillar dress, Rita's to pick up a refreshing italian ice, then to my parents house to spend some QT with the fam. I got to talk to my grandmother while I was over there so that was great. Mum talked to her first and whenever she gave me the phone, the first thing my gma said was, "your mother asks too many damn questions. I had to get off the phone with her". Ha! Gotta love that woman! She sounded okay. Just very tired. She's in the nursing home now and she hopes to start some PT on Monday. She's been laying around for 10 days and really wants to get moving. She said she just hopes her body cooperates with her mind. I'll see her in 5 days and I cannot wait!!

Oh yeah, btw, I'm leaving for Massachusetts Thursday, coming home Sunday night, driving to Columbus Monday, coming home WITH MY HUSBAND!!!!! Thursday. So I may be will be MIA for awhile. I hope you still all love me dearly when I get back! Don't forget about me :)

That's all for now. You got one more thrilling day's description than I said I was going to do. Off to watch Army Wives (love love love)

July 23, 2009

Finally Satisfied

That blue dress I ordered came in today!! Verdict?? I finally feel like a rock star. LOVE it. I couldn't resist and sent a pic to hubs.. his response? "oh my God" And that girls is what I was going for. I do have to go get it altered tad a lot off the bottom, but such is life.

This is just a short little post today. I'm at my in-laws dog sitting for the night. They have two huge chocolate labs that constantly act like their are on the verge of being starved to death. I'm much more the little 5 lb Daisy type.

I almost forgot. My favorite dance from last night. Grab some tissues.
I still can't figure out how to embed the video.. sorry charlie

July 22, 2009

So I Wish I Could Dance

We all know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show riigghhht?? I can't get enough of that dancin. My heart starts pumping... i'm smiling the whole time.. and if it's a really great routine I may be known to squeal out loud. I swear in my past life I was a dancer. I hope so at least. I only wish I carried it over to this life. Man I wish I could move like that! Anywho... it doesn't get much better than tonight. One of my favorite people ever is guest judging.. Ellen DeGeneres. She is hilarious!! She's been cracking me up the whole time so far, saying such funny stuff that I had to start this post. I'll never remember everything she says for your laughing pleasure so here you go:

when asked if she's had any formal training with her dancing:
"if you mean formal training as in training formally, I would say uh.. I mean.. I'll answer it this way. Everything I've learned, I've learned from the streets. And by the streets I mean my gated community and it was just one street. It was an area.. there were very few children. It was just myself actually. And there was a man down the street, Eduardo. And he and I would not necessarily dance but anyway.. umm.. so I guess no, I've not. " HA!!

"are you two carpenters, because you nailed it!"

"I really don't know what to say. I just wanted to come see a taping, these were really good seats. I didn't know I'd be judging. So I don't know what to say other than I'd like to invite both of you over to the house later. I have some pictures that need to be hung and your both good nailerrrs"

"the problem with this town is that every one's face starts looking the same.. you know.. the same doctor"

"all I can say is, you two keep dancing like that and you'll have your own talk show some day"

I have so many favorites right now that I really can't pick one. I love Janette, Jeanine, Ade, Melissa, Kayla, and Brandon. I really can't chose. Favorite dance by far for the night though was Melissa and Ade's contemporary piece depicting a couple dealing with breast cancer. It was SO emotional. There were tears coming from everyone just about. I couldn't find a video yet, but I'll work on that!

G-ma update:
They aren't going to find out how far along the cancer is. She'll start a low dose of chemo this week. By Monday at the latest they expect her to be in a nursing home for some recouping time. The positive side, she hasn't lost her sense of humor from what my mom says :) I tried to call her tonight but didn't get an answer.. will try again tomorrow!

July 21, 2009

Grammy Mac Update

Thank you very much for all the sweet comments, prayers, and virtual hugs :)
Unfortunately we're going to need a lot more where that came from. The doctor called all my aunts in together for a talk with my grandmother.. the spots he saw on her lungs that he thought was pneumonia are in fact spots from lung cancer. She's at a smaller hospital right now, but is going to UMass soon to see how bad it is. If it's not so bad yet, they will give her as much chemo as she can handle, which she is okay with. This will give her another year if that's the case. If it's too bad, they will just let it run it's course. She doesn't want to get into having any surgeries and I can't say that I blame her.
I'm waiting for the tears to come, but they really haven't yet. I'm actually more angry than anything. Not at her, just the situation. I'm extremely passionate about smoking. I hate it and always have. Because of her. Smoking robbed her of a quality life for so many years and is now going to be the end of it as well. It just frustrates me. It breaks my heart to know she's in so much pain. And to hear my mom so upset. I can't image how hard it would be to be 900 miles away from your mother when you get news like this. I know it kills her which in turn kills me. I rambling now so I'm going to stop here. So much I want to say.. but I really don't know how.

July 20, 2009

A Little Gettin' Real

First off, can I just say, 50 followers??? I'm flattered to say the least. I have to admit that I think I'm pretty interesting. As in I'm pretty sure one of my better qualities is my ability to tell a story and I laugh at myself on a daily basis. But I'm not always convinced that other people feel the same way about me. So when I really think about the fact that there are at least 50 wonderful people out there that take the time to read about my redundant life and the things I feel are important... it amazes me. And to those of you who take the time to comment... you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS bring a huge smile to my face. I never would have thought when I started this that I would get so into it. But I'm so glad that I did. This has been such a tremendous help while transitioning into this new life of ours. Y'all have made me feel not so alone during the last couple months and I am truly thankful for the friendships that I've made.

To get to my title... I guess I need to talk about something that's not so easy for me to talk about. Not that I'm not always "real" when I'm posting things, I just don't always write about the tough stuff. I just about NEVER talk about the tough stuff either though, so I'm staying true to form. Anywho ~ my grandmother has been in the hospital since Friday. She was complaining about some serious back pain so they brought her in to the ER. I'm not sure if there was anything else that was going on with that at that time, but to make a long story short... she has a ton a fluid in her lungs. They drained 2 QUARTS of fluid out on Saturday, sent out some labs, and did an Xray, but we don't know anything as of yet. She's in a lot of pain, so they are keeping her on morphine and she's also been pretty nauseous. We should know a little more tomorrow, but they could tell from the bone scan that there are no obvious signs of cancer, so that's good. Right now the doctor's best guess is a bad case of pneumonia.
My Grammy Mac has lived a long life and to be honest, the one she's living now and has been living for years, is not very fun for her. She has emphysema that has been progressing for as long as I can remember. She's now to the point where *to quote my mom* she can't even write a check without getting out of breath. I hate to see her like that. I hate to hear it in her voice. I know she is at peace with God and I would never doubt in a million years that she'll be walking with him in Heaven as soon as she does pass, but I'm just not ready yet. We're flying up to Massachusetts on the 30th for a family reunion. I want at least one more time to wrap her in a big hug and let her know how much I love her. And to hear her say it back. So if you say your prayers, shoot one our way. If not, I'll take lots of good ju-ju as well!

July 19, 2009

Another Weekend Gone

Yard sale = Huge Success!!
I sold everything. Literally everything. I don't have very many interesting stories to report unfortunately. It was pretty uneventful. To most people that would be a good thing.. but you know how I like a good story. The only thing I got for ya is a very sweaty, tell me your whole life story woman who bought 2 lamps from me but said she'd have to come and get them at another time. The lamps are still in my shed. I assumed she meant this weekend but apparently not? She was sweating so much that my brother thought she was spitting. No, that was just the sweat rolling down her lips as she was talking. It really wasn't THAT hot.
We thought we were done around 10:15. Just as we were figuring out how to get a dresser, desk, and bookshelf down the the goodwill store, a older man in a pickup truck pulled up and started checking them out. He said he'd paid me $25 for everything. Sold. Deal of a century for him? Absolutely. But also for me seeing as how I didn't have to deal with it! I made out pretty good and will be using the money I made to put towards paying for the rest of my sweet pup that I'm going to pick up in ~ 18 ~ days!!! I bought her a cute little bed this weekend at Burlington Coat Factory for $9.99!!
I DID NOT on the other hand find another dress to buy that I liked more than that blue number from a couple posts back, so that was ordered this morning. I'll have it by Wednesday. Pray Pray Pray. I also ordered the dress I'm going to wear to his graduation:

Very simple, I know. But I likie and I'll spruce it up with some fun jewelry. I can't believe his graduation is a mere 3 weeks away. I remember when were counting down from 2o-something weeks. It felt like a lifetime. I can't even express how much I'm looking forward to living a "normal" life with him again. I do worry about re-domesticating myself though! I don't think he'll be down for cereal or LC's for dinner...

July 17, 2009


Tomorrow's the yard sale. Wish me luck. I'm somewhat scared/a little excited to see what kind of people show up. I hope I have some good stories... sure I won't be disappointed. I know I'll enjoy myself. I'll be all hopped up on Mimosas.

July 16, 2009

Moving Right Along

Remember last week and the week before when I was spazzing out about this move and everything that needed to get accomplished before I could even make that move? It just seemed like so much needed to get done and I didn't know how it was all going to happen. I felt a lot better last weekend when my momma came to save my life and pack up the majority of my house. Now here we are not even a week later... my house was showed by a realtor today for the first time. Just a week after it was put on the market! (here's the link to see our little house if you'd like to). I'm not sure if anything will come out of it or not (life would just be too perfect if it did), but at least it's a little nibble and something to keep our hopes up! Annnddd theennnn... someone was interviewed yesterday for my position at work. This made me well up in tears and forced me to retreat to Bethie's office to be rocked in her office chair, but also made me happy at the same time. It's inevitable that I'm leaving and I know they love me so much that they'd never ever get rid of me on their own terms ;) so I want to make sure they get someone good in there. I'm not sure if she got the job or not, but everything is just becoming so real!
I still don't really think i'm grasping the fact that i'm leaving. I try to concentrate on the facts: i'm not going to be able to up and drive to my parents house. I'm not going to be right by my friends to see the amazing things that are going on in their lives right now. I'm not going to be surrounded by my coworkers everyday that have become more like a family to me than anything (as dysfunctional as it may be). I'm trying to grasp this so it doesn't take me out of commission when it actually happens. Don't get me wrong ~ i am BEYOND ecstatic to live with Trey again, it'll just take some getting used to. I'm sure it'll be quite the journey.. especially knowing the "journeys" I tend to get myself into!
On a totally separate note, tomorrow is Just Ask Beth's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Bethie. Love you long time.

July 13, 2009

Thanks for all the help with the dress situation. I can live with the green one I think, but I want to feel like a supasta in it and I just don't. So I'll keep looking. I found one online that I love thanks to that rude little commenter from my last post (jk. she actually makes me laugh in hysterics on a daily basis). I'll go looking with my mom on Saturday. If I don't find anything else I'm going to order this puppy:

Because I like that A LOT better. Then I'll just return whichever one doesn't look so hot. YES I have to make everything in life this difficult. I know.. I get on my own damn nerves ;)

Speaking of puppies ~ Here's an update on Ms. Daisy for you!! I literally squealed at work when I saw this picture today. Here she is at just over 3 1/2 weeks old:

Look at her trying to put her little legs out and stand up! I am so much in love with her that my heart could just burst!! I cannot wait to bring her home :)

Day #2 with no Red Bull = success. Kind of. I didn't have one. But I did have a headache all afternoon and my palms were very sweaty. Which may or may not have had anything to do with my detox.

July 12, 2009

A Little Honesty Never Hurt Anyone

I went dress shopping. Turns out... long formal dresses aren't really in season right now! Man ~ so many cute shorter ones. In my fourth store I found one that I was semi happy with. For $30 and not a lot of hope left, I ended up being happy enough with it. Then I found this little number:
I know it's a formal. I knew in my head I needed long. But we fell in love. Me and the dress. Right there in that moment. I guess you can say it was love at first sight because it definitely was NOT $30. But I bought it anyway. Then I told Trey what I bought. He asked some of the girls there, and The Dress got The Shaft. He said it's "damn near white glove" formal. Me and The Dress had a few emotional parting words and I walked back into the store to return her for this:

Please give me your honest opinions. Don't tell me you love it just to be nice. I'm going lookingnext weekend again with my mom (who told me I look like a caterpillar in it.. ha) so it's not a biggie to return it. Clearly, I'm not that much in love with it if I'm going out looking for something better. It's my "just in case" dress. Who wants to go to their first military formal in a "just in case" dress??? Side note: Trey loves it. I guess that should count for something...

2nd side note: I have an addiction to Red Bull. Today was my first day without it in probably.. ehhh... 2 months. Tomorrow will be my real test. More on that later.

Accomplished and Grateful

I promise this whole moving experience won't take up every.single. post, but it's pretty much all my life revolves around right now so.... here's another little tidbit.

First of all, I seriously don't know what I'd do without my family. I'd probably be checking myself into a mental hospital today. They came over yesterday and my mum just completely took charge and kicked things into gear when I just couldn't seem to do it. She packed up my ENTIRE kitchen. EVERYTHING! Granted, I'm now drinking out of plastic cups and don't have my favorite sauce pan to eat my staples (mac & cheese and spaghetti) but I'll survive. And that's a HUGE weight off of my shoulders. LOVE. My brother, Stephen, forced me to get out in that shed of ours and face stuff that I really wasn't into facing. But now that I'm done with that... phewww. All I really have left to do now is:
price everything for the yard sale
put yard sale signs out
put an add in the paper
pack away all of Trey's clothes and most of mine except for what I'll wear
go through one more closet
OH YEAH... and sell the house!
For sale sign up: check. Flyers out with the sign: check. House listed on MLS: check. Doing an amazing big girl job at keeping it clean: check. All I can do now is pray really!!
Now that all this has been done, it's freed my mind up to think about the things I was really really excited over before all this: Going to Massachusetts for a long weekend at the end of the month for a craaazzzzaayyy family reunion, flying home and driving to Columbus the next day for Trey's graduation festivities (yayyyyyy), and the day after WE come home from that going to pick up Daisy!!! Finally :) It's also freed my schedule up, so on today's agenda ~ searching for the perfect formal dress. The mall opens up at 1:30. I'll be there at 1:29 ready to search through every single dress that JC Penney, Belk, Dillard's or Sears may have. I'm pretty optimistic, but if they have nothing, then I'll resort to buying online. that makes me nervous though. Also, I CANNOT wait to get back into the gym Monday after work. I honestly haven't been in about 2 weeks.. probably more actually. Can't Wait.

July 9, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering ~

I got tagged on Facebook today to fill this out. I love doing these and love even more to see other people's responses so feel free to copy and paste your own answers in!

1. Were you named after anyone? My middle name after my mum and grandmother.

2. When was the last time you cried? Seriously? When don't I cry? Tuesday night after an emotional breakdown/panick attack. I'm better now.

3. Do you like your handwriting? Quite fond of it actually

4. What is your favorite lunch meat? Boars Head Spicy Turkey

5. Do you have kids? Not yet. I'm about to have my first little baby in August. Her name is Daisy Dukes Norton.

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Hell yeah

7. Do you use sarcasm? Never. I hate it. See what I just did there? Answered a question about whether or not I use sarcasm with sarcasm?

8. Do you still have your tonsils? sure do.

9. Would you bungee jump? No, and unlike my mother, alcohol wouldn't help.

10. What is your favorite cereal? I LOVE me some cereal. Favs are: Cap'n Crunch, OH's, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Special K with yogurt and Berries..

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? never ever

13. What is your favorite ice cream? Strawberry Cheesecake from Ben & Jerrys. Yum

14. What is the first thing you notice about people? how they smell

15. Red or pink? Pink

16. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? I worry way too much!!

17. Who do you miss the most? I'd have to go with the hubster on this one. Ask me in a month or two and I'll say everyone else :(

18. Do you want everyone to complete this list? Yes please! I love these things!

19. What color pants and shoes are you wearing? No pants. Bowchicawowwow. Just kidding. Grey sofie shorts and really no shoes. I would never wear shoes if it were socially acceptable.

21. What are you listening to right now? Absolutely nothing actually. Just every fan in my house going full speed and the clock ticking. And the keyboard.

22. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? I'd be the sparkle crayon in the special box of crayons

23. Favorite smells? lilacs, the beach, mens deoderant, aussie hairspray.

24. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? DENT

25. Do you like the person who sent this to you? LOVE.. big shout out to moms

26. Favorite sports to watch? football.. almost time! do they show SEC football in Oklahoma???27. Hair color?beautiful brown

28. Eye color? blue/grayish

29. Do you wear contacts? blind without them!

30. Favorite food? everything bad for you unfortunately. Ice Cream would have to be number one. Followed closely by pizza, speghetti, and maccaroni and cheese.

31. Scary movies or happy endings? Happy endings... i'm such a sap

32. Last movie you watched? The Proposal. Hysterical. Actually that's a lie. I watched Alive yesterday. I cried. Which means I lied on that question above asking when the last time I cried was. It was yesterday, not Tuesday.

33. What color shirt are you wearing? Grey

34. Summer or winter? Fall

35. Hugs or kisses? both.

37. Most likely to respond? Julianne McRoy

38. Least likely to respond? Jessica Dent

39. What book are you reading now? The Wise Woman. It's alright. I have lots of other books that I'm excited to start.

40. What is on your mouse pad? No mousepad.. laptop

41. What did you watch on TV last night? So You Think You Can Dance <3

42. Favorite sound(s). Any laughter. If I hear someone give a big hearty laugh I'll probably join them without knowing what they're even laughing about. And fans.

43. Rolling Stones or Beatles? Neither? Sorry.

44. What is the farthest you have been from home? From this home? Massachusetts. Or is Cancun further? Either one of those.

45. Do you have a special talent? hmmm...

46. Where were you born? Worcester, Massachusetts

47. Whose answers are you looking forward to getting back? Everyone's!!

48. How did you meet your spouse/significant other? Over at a friends house at a party when I was 19. I was pretty disgustingly/embarrasingly intoxicated.. that must have been what hooked him. If I were him I would have ran away at that point ;)

BTW.. this is now in front of my house:
Mixed emotions. I know it's a necessity and I really pray that it does sell, but that means the end of this chapter in our life. It means leaving everything and everyone I know for the big unknown. I'm excited to get myself out there and see new things, but it's going to be very very hard to leave. Very emotional. My realtors stopped by tonight to put the lockbox on. I've known them for years and years (my momma works for them) so they came in and gave it to me straight. I love that about them! Told me exactly what I needed to do... no beating around the bush! So keep your fingers crossed and send all good joo-joos my way :)

July 8, 2009

In A Better Place

Turns out I will not be bitching and moaning as I thought I would. Aren't you glad I waited a day? In other words, I'm strapping on my big girl panties and getting work done. Check this ~ my house should officially be on the MLS website (i'll share the link when it's fully ready) and there will be a sign in front of it by Friday. My brothers came over today equipped with boxes, wrapping paper (the browns stuff, not the pretty stuff), and a tape gun. I packed up all the crap I had bubble wrapped and A LOT of kitchen stuff that I haven't used since Hubs left. My SIL is coming over to clean my crib tomorrow. She kind of does it on the side and does a much better job than I can do! Called about a storage unit today. Got one about 2 miles from my house and the fam is coming over this weekend to help me move boxes there and any other little tid bit I can con them into doing. I'll get supplies for the yard sale this weekend as well(posters, pricing stickers). Then will have the yard sale next Saturday. I've already enlisted help from my MIL and at least my brothers. Maybe parents as well. This is a draft. They have no choice :) Seriously, I would be a lost, crying, psychotic mess without them!!

I got this text message today and really had to share with yall. It made me smile while I was home from work (because yes, things have just been that bad).

Whhaaaattttt??? My SIL was driving down the road when she scoped this special scene out. She's not quite as sniperish as I am though and got caught red handed. That nice woman you see in the picture called out for her dog "Shaniyah, smile for the camera. That lady wanna take a picture of you". She proceeded to yell at Melissa for her to call out for the dog so she could get a better picture. Hilarious! Daisy, I promise I will never ever do this to you. But you will proudly wear a pretty little bow in your hair every day :)

July 7, 2009

No Words.. I'll try :)

National Infantry Museum

This was the beginning. There were actually soldiers lined up as you walked into it. I wanted to take their picture but was too skerred.

I just thought that was pretty cool.

OCS :)

This was part of the Vietnam section. You can go into the "trenches" which include sound effects and the floor rumbles sometimes so it feels like the tanks are coming for you.

Where we were posted up for the firework show!
I promise I'm wearing clothes. And I really wish I could have captured some of these outfits on camera bc they were pretty darn cute :)
I sniped a picture unsuspectingly of my hawtie husband <3>

So much for no words. I really didn't try so hard. I knew it was hopeless from the beginning. I hope you enjoyed! Come back tomorrow if you'd like to hear a little bitching and moaning about packing/selling the house. Exciting, no??

July 6, 2009


I'm back at home now and the past couple of days were even better than I pictured them being.

First of all ~ I got there uneventfully. Yay!! Just in case you have forgotten, my last tripped down involved me getting escorted to my hotel my MP's. Remember that near death experience?? Nothing like that this time. Ok ok. I may have veered off track for about 20 minutes on my way down, but I quickly and calmly corrected myself. Imagine my delight when I got a text from Trey letting me know that they were getting released that night :) So we had Thursday night until I left today around 12:30 of uninterrupted time together (minus his CQ duty from 6-8am Saturday morning, but rest assured I was sound asleep through all that, so it didn't really matter). It's a little late and I am exhausted, but since I'm in complete denial about going back to work tomorrow anyway, why not do a little recap, shall we? I'll have to save pics for tomorrow though.

Thursday night ~ headed out to the gas station to get a few brewskies. I looked past the fact that he wanted beer in his system immediately instead of immediately devouring me with kisses only because he had been in a field sleeping on a parka for the past week. And I also had no doubt that I'd get plenty of the sweet kisses in. Anywho... we took our beverages by the pool and stayed up for hours getting reacquainted with each other. It always feels so weird at first. Weird in a completely good way though. Like a first date with your high school crush weird.

Friday ~ slept in *this will be a pattern* I think we went out and grabbed an early lunch, then went on post to take care of the yuck stuff he had to do... figured we'd get that out of the way (laundry and going to the PX to buy stuff he needed to go back out to the field). It was then that I realized the huge firework display on post I was so much looking forward to took place the weekend before for some crazy reason. Not one to give up though, I scoured the newspapers and found another place that was putting on a show. After taking care of that stuff, we went back to the hotel and got some pool time in. I, of course, got ourselves involved with some real winners (I say that very sarcastically) from PA. I won't even get into that right now, I'll just say I was not a fan of them! That night we met one of his good buddies and his fiance for dinner. I really like them both ~ good thing too since they're coming to Ft. Sill for FA as well! He seemed pretty funny and her very very sweet :) After we left them, hubs and I went for some ice cream and then called it a night.. pretty low key!

Saturday ~ slept in :) worked out, which was much needed seeing as how we ate enough food to feed his entire company this weekend. Ate lunch at McAllisters. Yum. Went to the Infantry Museum. I cannot say enough about this place. It was amazing. I couldn't believe the detail that went into that. I'll post more about it with the pictures tomorrow, but wow. If you ever have the chance to go, please do! They have one room completely dedicated to the family of soldiers and I'm not ashamed to admit that it literally brought me to tears. It was all very emotional.
That night we headed down to the Riverwalk, where the firework display was being held. We planned on just grabbing something to eat there, but found a restaurant on the way that just looked to tempting. I'm so glad we stopped there. It was perfect! We sat out on the deck and enjoyed the *surprisingly* beautiful weather, ate delish food, had a couple fruity for me, very manly for him drinks, and just enjoyed each other's company. After awhile of that we walked down and got the perfect spot to enjoy the fireworks. They were beautiful! There was a stage off to the left of us where people were singing songs like, God Bless America, American Soldier, etc.. while the fireworks were going off. It was a pretty surreal moment and I, again, got a little emotional. I was just thinking about all the men and women that weren't home to enjoy this, and all the families that were home enjoying it without their soldier there with them. And I couldn't help but think that I may not have Trey there with me to see this next year. It was beautiful though, and again, pictures tomorrow.

Sunday ~ Very low key day. Food of course. Lots of walking around doing some window shopping. Saw The Proposal at the movie theater. This movie is hilarious!! We were both laughing almost the entire time :)

Today ~ :(
It was a lot harder to leave him this time than the rest. Which i'm sure was because we haven't been able to spend that much time together in a long long time.

Only 28 more days until I see him again though. And that time he'll be coming home with me :) At least for a couple of days until he goes to OK. It will, at least, be the end of OCS.

*Im proud to say that I have caught up on all of your blogs. Yes, I love you too. I'll get back to my regular commenting self soon*