March 31, 2010


Sorry for the absense yet again, but I've had a severe case of writer's block... again. I've missed blogging though, and the only way to fix the blockage is to just come on here and write whatever pops into my head. I apologize in advance for the randomness...

First of all, I'm in LOVE with today. It is beau-ti-ful out there ladies!! And after all of this frigid cold, wind, rain, and even snow, I feel I deserve all of this vitamen D! I'm talking a high of low 90's today. Amen!

Even with the hot weather, I still refuse to turn my AC on. I can't help it.. I'm stingy when it comes to our his money. Our friends that come over I am sure do not appreciate this too much, but you know what my electric bill was for last month??? $57. Beat that.

There is a field across the street from our apartment that has wildlife living in it. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before. It amuses me prety often. Last week when Trey and I were driving down the street, we saw the beautiful brown horse laying down. Not so normal thinks I. I've never in my life seen a horse laying down, so we immediately think it's dead and were very sad. I'm happy to report that I saw what I'm pretty sure was the "dead" horse walking around today. Unless there was another brown horse living there, but I'm going to chose to believe he's alive.

Last weekend, my brother came into town. He even rented his own car, so we didn't have to drive down and pick him up. Bonus. We went to OKC with some friends and had a pretty good time. I registered for baby stuff and then rewarded them by allowing a trip to a bar (because we all know the pregnant chick makes the rules). I secretely didn't mind one bit because I LOVE bar food. Healthy? Not so much. Delicious? Yesssss! We ordered the cheese fries, another couple ordered the chips, salsa and queso, and the last couple ordered the nachos. To say I was in hog heaven was an understatement. That was the best dern salsa I've ever tasted in my life. Tapwerks in OKC.. if you're ever there head in. The salsa is worth it.

Easter is this Sunday! My mum asked for my address the other day and even though I feel this is something she should know, I forgive her for now because I'm hoping she is sending me an Easter basket. I don't believe my husband is creative enough to know that I need an Easter basket on Easter morning... bless his heart. I'd love him even more if he set up an Easter egg hunt for me to do in the morning before church <3

I have my next doctors appointment tomorrow morning and I'm very excited to hear the heart beat again!! I can't get enough of that sound. Shortly after that appointment there is a PCS briefing that I'm going to. That's pretty exiting (just kidding, Jaci.. ha!) exciting as step closer to the move and Trey finally be done with training!

I went crazy in Motherhood Maternity yesterday. Hello adorable summer wardrobe!!

I think that's all for now.. I'm heading back out to catch some more rays!!

*Seriously, when are they going to add spell checker to this thing??*

March 26, 2010

Flashback Friday

I've been loving seeing everyone's Flashback Friday posts, and couldn't wait until I could start my own. I went a while without having a camera last year, so for many months I didn't have very many pics. I still won't be able to participate every Friday, but you'll see them every now and then from here on out (I wasn't very organized with my pics until recently).

Anyways, this week I'm even kind of cheating. These pictures are actually from last weekend, last year. It was the first time since Trey had left for Basic that I actually went out and did something to really enjoy myself. Steeplechase in Aiken, SC with my SIL and her boyfriends family! It was a perfect day, besides being without my husband. The weather was beautiful, I was starting to lose weight so I felt good about myself for the first time in a long time, and I had so much fun just being silly with SIL. We always have fun when we get together.. especially our pre-pregnancy selves and man do we have some stories!

So here are just two of the pics I picked out from that weekend..
it was still a little chilly in the morning, but the jacket quickly came off and a horrible sunburn shortly followed!

SIL went to Steeplechase again last weekend... I so badly wanted to be there!! A lot changes in a year though. Instead of an slightly irresponsible and a tad bit inebriated weekend, there were baby tents laid out and matching mommy and baby outfits! I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have it any other way... other than myself being there of course :)

March 25, 2010

Moving Adventures; Part 1

Whelp, my dreams of living on post will be held off for a while longer. One year waiting list. Our plan now is to find a lovely, oh-so-charming home to rent under our BAH limit (does that go up when you add another dependent? That would be great), but still put ourselves on the waiting list. We'll see how things go in a year. Maybe we'll love the home we're in. Maybe we'll see the on post housing and realize it's not quite as mahvelous as it looks online. Maybe we'll be miserable in said home and take on post housing no matter what. Maybe we'll not so much like our home, but won't want to deal with moving ourselves because we're already spoiled by the Army moving us and suck it up. We shall see in a year.

I called some kind of referral office yesterday. That sweet man was able to tell me where Trey will be working and gave me the zip codes to look at that will be closest to his gate. God bless him, this place is so big that had I not known that, I could of had us looking in a place 40 minutes away from his work site! I've been looking on AHRN's website which is ever so helpful, but not showing many options in our zip codes. Luckily, my friend Jennifer has been a God send already! She lives in the same area and has already been a HUGE help ( "Mmm.. No.. you do NOT want to live in that apartment" ). I can't wait to live in the same vicinity again! Sooo.. we have some time to figure things out. It is quite exciting for me to be getting out of Lawton and on to a place that is considered a city and not a run down town! I'm looking forward to looking at some homes and finding the perfect place to take our first baby home to!!


Those pictues make me quite giddy!!

Just one more quick, totally unrelated note:
To add to yesterday's post.. you remember, right? The completely ridiculous things that come out of my husbands mouth? Again, last night as we're laying in bed and he again is rubbing and talking to my tummy (he's getting really into this whole having a baby thing), he says something along the lines of "and her whole belly shook like a bowl full of jelly" !!!!  No sir, that is not okay to say. I pretended like I was extremely upset, just because it's fun to see him squirming while trying to take back his words while we're both trying not to laugh. As much as it seems like he's getting on me about my weight the last two days, I promise he's not. I don't know why I feel like I need to add this disclaimer, but I do. We're totally just being silly.

March 24, 2010

Things my husband says

First of all... big news... WE FINALLY HAVE OUR ORDERS!!! I'm so so excited! We can finally get the ball rolling (hopefully getting on a housing list, getting our move scheduled, I can buy plane tickets for the wedding I'm in in Massachusetts, etc.) so it feels like there is a huge weight off my shoulders. I'll feel even better if we can get on-post housing. Soooo we'll be on our way to Texas mid-May :)

I laughed so hard at this last night that I just had to share with you guys.
Last night, Trey and I are laying in bed and it's pretty sweet... he kept rubbing my tummy talking to the baby here and there and randomly I hear this:

Trey: You know what will really piss me off?
Me: (a little perplexed because he's being so sweet) What??
Trey: If after 9 months, there's no baby coming out and all this time you just wanted an excuse to get fat and have special treatment. *giggles*

Who thinks to say these things?? Yes, dear, because that's every woman's dream... to get on the fast track on getting big and round. I laughed so hard the baby must have thought we were going through an earthquake.

March 23, 2010

~17 Weeks~

Time is just flying by and monkey seems to be growing away!

What have we been up to?

I got to see you for the first time 2 weeks ago and that was by far the most exciting moment so far. Your daddy will get to see you and hear your heart beating away in 17 more days!! That's when we'll find out what exactly you are. I can't wait to be able to call you by an actual name!

Your heartbeat is always crazy high whenever I do get to hear it. You are either a beautiful little girl in there or possibly just a very hyper active little boy. Either way, I'll be happy. Daddy will be terrified if you are a girl, but that's just because he knows you will steal his heart. I think he's afraid of having so much love for you that you'll have him wrapped instantly. It's a fact in my opinion!

I'm like 99% positive that I've felt you moving around in there over the last couple days. It's at night, when I'm laying in bed reading. If feels like a butterfly is in there tickling my tummy. It's pretty magical and I can't wait for the first 100%, there's no doubting it, my baby just kicked the crap out of me, moment!

I had my first moment where a stranger knew I was pregnant and actually said something. While painting pottery last week, one of the sweet workers there offered me a cushion that "they always offer to their pregnant girls". I swooned.

We started your baby registry over the weekend. It was very fun, but such a task at the same time. We loved imagining us actually using all these fun things with you, but we were also very worried that we weren't picking out the right brands. Luckily, your Auntie Melissa has just been through all of this and is a big help!

According to What To Expect, you are about the size of my palm. Well, maybe daddy's palm... I have insanely small hands. You are about 5 inches from head to bum, and weigh about 5 ounces.

You are gaining more fat on your little body. Which is great. You're starting to look less like a veiny old man!

You are hard at work in there practicing the movements you'll need to make when feeding. I really hope you'll feed easily when you do come out. I want more than anything to be able to breastfeed you!

The book says your heart rate should be steadied at about 140-150 bpm, but you are going away at more like 174..

This is our last week in the 4th month (crazy)!! I won't be officially weighed at the doctors office again until the first, but according to our scale at home, I've gained 7 pounds in 17 weeks. Not bad I guess, right?? Here's a quick belly shot I took this morning! My face was not presentable yet :)
17 Weeks

*Thank you for all of your sweet comments on yesterday's post. Y'all made me feel a little more normal and put a smile on my face like always :) *

March 22, 2010

Want some cheese with that whine?

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It was a little strange here in Oklahoma. Friday, it was a beautiful 70-something degree day; on Saturday it was snowing all day and freezing! I was not too much of a happy camper about that! I'm happy to report though that there is no trace of snow left behind :)
We started our baby registry on saturday, so I'm sure my mum feels much better now. We had to drive to Wichita Falls, Tx since we don't have any decent stores here, but unfortunately they don't have a Babies R Us either, so we'll be making another trip this coming up weekend to OKC. Not a simple 10 minute drive down the road for us!

So, on to my whining. Hey.. you were warned in the title! I don't complain very often on here, not about serious stuff anyways... but it's a big part of our life right now and something I'm having a hard time dealing with.

Trey is going through the last phase of training. I know it differs with each branch, but I'm not sure if the intensity level is the same for all branches, so all I can speak for is his (Field Artillary - FA). It's very tough for them. Our life revolves around homework and studying. Here's what every day in our life looks like: he's gone from 5:30am to 5:30-6pm, he showers, then heads straight to the books until about 9-9:30 and we go to bed. This has been every.single. day since January. He doesn't have classes on most weekends, but the homework doesn't end for the weekend. And it's hard for him (and most of the guys) so we always get together with study buddies. Let me emphasize here how much I truly LOVE our friends here. I would have gone crazy by now without them. I love getting together with our friends. But yesterday, I had a bit of a mental breakdown.

I know he is physically here. I know it sounds awful for me to say this compared to women who are without their husbands completely right now. But I miss spending time with my husband. I truly value the time we get to spend alone together. I don't want it to be just him and I, by ourselves, all the time. All I'm asking for here is one day out of the week. I guess what I'm trying to get across is that I desperately miss having a little bit of one on one time with him.

I know it's not his fault. I know he doesn't enjoy living and breathing FA. I know he is doing whatever he needs to do to get through this last class, and get through it with a good grade. But yesterday, I didn't care what sounded logical. We spent Saturday night doing homework and then literally all day long Sunday doing even more homework. We got home last night and had 5 loads of laundry to do together. I may have, through lots of tears, broken down and told him exactly how neglected I felt... even though I knew there was not much he could do about it and me admitting this to him would only make him feel worse and more pressured.

He was a saint. He hugged me... and hugged me... and hugged me. We spend our laundry filled hours last night without any interuptions of the phones or computer (we did watch Life together.. that was pretty cool!) He made sure to kiss me goodbye this morning before he left. And I've received a few texts today from him, wondering how my day was and telling me he loved me. Really, that's all I needed. A little extra attention. So maybe, I'm a little high maintenence.. he's kinda okay with that :)

Bright side to this all, is I will say that I'm very thankful for his study buddies' wife. At least I have someone to share this time with. We take turns making dinner for the boys and then just hang out to pass the time. I think I'd be insane without her.

March 19, 2010

Spreading the Love!

I feel so loved today! I'm usually horrible at reposting awards that have been given to me, but I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and show my appreciation!

Tori (who I'm pretty sure I was seperated at birth from) gave me the "best part of waking up" award  : )
Rules are:
The guidelines are: "The best part of waking up..." award is awarded to the 5 bloggers that you're most excited to see have posted when you log into your dashboard/google reader/ whatever. Yes, only 5! If you're always checking someone's blog to see if they've posted, they deserve this award!"

This is such a flattering award to receive... it means at least one person out there REALLY looks forward to see what's going on in my life! Thanks dear!
It will be hard to choose, but here we go..

Expat Girl @ The Sand is Different Here. I love reading about her pregnancy, visa getting, deployment hating adventures!
Jennifer @ Real Love Stories Have No Endings. She is one of my IRL friends and we are about to be reunited! I love hearing about her life in my future home town. I'm not yet convinced that she is not Super Woman, between her full time job, being an awesome FRG volunteer, and being a rock star of a wife... I can't wait to take up more of her life when I get there!
Kimberley @ A Life Less Ordinary. Ahhh my cousin, Kimberley. She has a great sense of humor and I love reading her blog posts. Now if I could just get her to blog more than once a week! I think she does it on know... hold off on the posts so I'm even more excited to see them. Uhh huh.. I'm on to you!
Ashleigh @ The Storey Family. Another one of my IRL friends... I love feeling like I'm getting a little piece of home when I read her posts. She's at such an exicting time in her life between getting her Masters, loving on her awesome husband in their amazing home, and prepping herself for starting a family this summer!!
Heather @ ...and Now I'm a Grown-up. I love me some Heather! One of my original bloggy buddies, I feel like she has been there through everything! She never fails to make me laugh with her animal loving and taking in ways, or smile because I see her blog title coming true. I've seen her change (in the best way possible) and grow so so much over the past year and it really does make my heart smile : )

I received the next award this morning from A Marine's Wife @ Flip Flops and Combat Boots. I've just discovered her blog.. like literally.. this morning and I'm so glad I did! She gave me the "You're Really Going Places" Award.

With this award, I'm supposed to share where I think I'll be 10 years from now and pass on to 10 people. I'm going to skip passing this one on, seriously, I think I was the last to receive it. If you want to share where you think you'll be in 10 years, I'd love to see it, go for it!
Hmmm in 10 years....
I will be 37 years old - YIKES!
I will have a 10 year old child!! That is insane to me.
I hope to have at least one more child that will maybe be 7 or 8 and possible one other kid.
I hope to be even more in love with my husband than I am today.
I have no idea if he will still be in the Army, but if we are, I hope we are close to our families so they can see their grandparents, aunt, uncles, and cousins often!
I will be working part-time in some cute little book store/ pottery painting/ candle selling shop, but be home in time to pick my kids up from school, fix them an afternoon snack, tote them around to various sporting or dancing/gymnastic classes, help with homework, and have dinner ready for my handsome soldier when he trots through the door.
I will be physically fit enough to run around with my kids and do lots of outdoor activities with my whole family on the weekends.
I'll be just as much *or even more* of a pro in the garden as my mum is now. I'll have beautiful flowers everywhere and my family will eat my homegrown, hand picked veggies and they'll all praise me endlessly telling me how much more delicious my fruit and veggies are than the ones that their friends moms buy at the Commissary or Walmart ; )

See - I really don't ask for much, right?!
*Ahhhh.. I'm using the new posting layout and I can't find the spell check!! I can't be held accountable, please no judging until I find my safety net*

March 18, 2010

A Few Tidbits

As per usual, I don't really have any complete thoughts to share. So, once again, here is my recent life brought to you in bullet points!

First and foremost, my heart is very heavy and sad today for a fellow blogger, Mrs. P. I have somehow never been led to her blog before, but with just about everyone of you girls praying for her today, I heard about her incredibly sad situation. Really, sad doesn't even cover it. Unfortunately, a few days ago, her husband died while serving in A-stan, leaving behind his wife and a little baby girl whom he has never met.. and I'm sure lots more loving friends and family members. I honestly can't even put my thoughts into words. This is a reality that many of us have to worry about on a daily basis, and yet, no one ever thinks it will really happen (speaking for myself, I guess). So although I've never even spoken to Mrs. P, my thoughts, prayers and heart have been with her all day long.

After April 9th, we'll no longer have to refer to our sweet monkey as an "it"! I'll finally be able to use proper pronouns. I'm all too excited, because the Radiology (not Radiation as I referred to it as in front of a group of people yesterday) dept stays open much later than I expected. Follow where I'm going with this? YAY!! Trey finally gets to take part in something. I've been lucky to have my stand-in wife at all other monumental appointments, and she's been great.. really, she has... but I'm sure there will be nothing like having daddy right there with me, seeing the babe move and finally knowing - boy or girl! *don't forget to cast your vote above.. only 22 days left*

We won't be making the official facebook announcement until the night after we find out. Nor will you sweet bloggers find out until then. I'm sorry, but it's necessary. Me being me, I feel the need to make a big production out of most things, this included. Calm down mum, you'll be the first to get a phone call immediately after the appointment (but you do have to keep another secret for a day), or maybe a Skype call so we can tell you guys all together. Anywho - so the day after, I'll be throwing a gender reveal party with all our friends here. It'll be so much fun.. for the girls anyway! The guests will have to wear pink or blue, depending on what their guess is. We'll have both kinds of decorations. Trey will be wearing blue, me in pink (just to keep people on their toes). I'm going to make a cake and die the middle either pink or blue, depending on the big results, and have someone cut in to it for the final reveal. That's all the details I have together so far, any more ideas?? How much fun does this sound??

Last weekend, my brother and his girlfriend (she flew in to see him for the weekend) came up to our big fun town. We went to the Wildlife Refuge and stopped at a little place called Meers. Ever heard of it? It's a little dumpy (but quirky) hole-in-the-wall restaurant that is nationally known for their burgers. Seriously, it was listed as like one of the top 10 places to get a burger in our country. Naturally, I've been dying to try it. It did NOT disappoint. Oh my heavens... yeah.. I thought I died and went to heaven. Well worth the 45 minute wait, standing up in line with an incredibly sore back!Yup, that's it. That's the famous little place. I've recently discovered the best places to eat are always the little tiny places that I'd never normally think to go in. See that line? Oh yeah.. out the door.. I hope they know they had a LONG way to go once they got in!

Want more treats from that day?This is the view from the top of Mt. Scott. It's the highest point in Oklahoma. All together now.. "Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh"Hubs and I. Excuse his squishy face, the sun was killer. *16 weeks pregnant*Bison!! Look at these beasts! They decided to cross the street into this field so we had to wait for them to stroll across. I imagined them saying "excuse us... pardon us... just need to get to that tree" Haha.. they are too funny.. so ugly they are kinda cute!

March 17, 2010

Love the One You're With

This is a story about a married woman (Ellen) who randomly runs into her ex (Leo) while walking down the street one day. Before this day, Ellen is extremely happy in her seemingly perfect marriage to Andy. All it took was a quick meeting over coffee with Leo to make her start deeply questioning if she really ended up with the right guy after all.
I finished this book last week, and overall I think I would have to give this one a B-. I liked it, I really did, but I wasn't swooning over it in the end. It was another one of those books that started off kind of slow for me, but not slow enough for me to give up on it. It drew me in enough. It did pick up towards the middle and there were some nights where I stayed up way past bed time because I couldn't put it down.
The night that I finished it, I snuggled up to my husband just a little bit closer! *Which actually says a lot, because I am so NOT a snuggler. I really don't even like to be touched when I'm trying to fall asleep...we so need a king sized bed*

March 15, 2010

16 Weeks

I've seen Katie do these questionnaires throughout her pregnancy, and I'd love to have something to look back on and see my progress as well. Google didn't show me anything very original - so sorry dear - I'm pretty much copying you on this one :)

How far along? 16 weeks as of yesterday. I can't believe I'm almost to 20 weeks!

Total weight gain: 6lbs. I'm trying to come to terms with this. Although, I will point out that I am still able to rock the one pair of size 4 jeans I have even if they won't button. I love you belly bands!

Maternity clothes? Mostly I've just been taking advantage of the belly bands. Those things are my lifesaver. I definitely don't need maternity tops yet, but sometimes I wear an undershirt to give that extra layer and reach down a little further than the shirt will.

Stretch marks? No, not really. I had a few very faint ones pre-pregnancy, and I think they are showing up a little better now, but no new ones. I lotion up religiously so I'm hoping that really helps.

Sleep: I'm still getting plenty of it, but it's getting a little uncomfortable at times. I feel like I'm tossing and turning quite a bit more trying to find a comfy spot for my back. Plus side? I'm not getting up as much to use the potty.

Best moment this week: By far, seeing monkey for the first time! Indescribable!

Movement? Not yet, but I'm watching out for it. They say I should start to feel "fluttering" anytime now, so I'm ultra aware.

Food cravings? I still wouldn't classify anything I've felt as a real craving. There's never anything I HAVE TO HAVE RIGHT THIS SECOND, but I do get fixated on a few things here and there. Luckily for me, most of them are quite healthy. Right now, I can't get enough cucumbers, tomatoes, and grapes. We went to a baseball game yesterday and I saw just about everyone eating sunflower seeds, so I did have to stop on the way home and get some. I see salt being a big problem for me in the next 6 months!

Showing? Umm yes. I think I'm to the point now where there's no mistaking it. Unless I have a jacket or hoodie on. So not quite showing enough that I can't cover it up.. although... there's never a moment I want to do that. I seriously want to show it to the world!

Gender Prediction: Ohh I don't know! I go back and forth. My head says girl just because of how fast the heart rate always is, but my heart definitely wants a boy. Of course we'll be happy with either and the next one I would want to be a girl, but I just feel like I'm meant to have a little boy. We'll see soon.. I can't wait! Want to guess? Don't forget to vote up top!

Labor Signs? Umm no. Thank God.

Mood Temperament: hmm good question. It changes by the minute. One minute I'm the happiest I have ever been, but I'm always very sensitive. Normally, it would take a lot to hurt my feelings or even make me think twice about something anyone has said, now all it takes is your tone to be off a little and I'm sad/mad/hurt/etc. I happy-cry at just about anything. Basically, I'm on an emotional roller coaster and I can't get off.

Milestones: Whelp, my belly I think did pop a little again this week (sorry, no pics uploaded yet!) and then seeing him/her for the first time of course.

Weekly Wisdom:
Dear Self:
Even though you feel like you have all of your energy back, you still can't go a mile a minute. You will crash. If you have a day or two that you are on the go constantly, just be prepared to be just about comatose on day three.

March 11, 2010


Whew ~ they are all over the place, but let's focus on the good ones :)

First off, our great friends back home, Brandon and Emily, gave birth to their sweet little girl this morning! From the few pictures I've been sent already, I am just overcome with happiness for them. She looks perfect and Brandon already is the doting daddy! They are going to be WONDERFUL parents!

Second - I got to see our sweet baby for the first time on Tuesday!! It was completely on a whim.. i wasn't expecting to see him/her until 20 weeks, but I heard of this Christian, non-profit place that gives ultra sounds for free (!!) and remembered to give them a call. They asked if I could come in that day... pshh.. of course! It was the most amazing thing to see it moving around in there. There was my little monkey doing flips, sucking it's thumb, playing with it's hair, waving to me, and even sticking it's little tongue out.. sassy already.. just like momma! I wish more than anything that Trey could have been there with me, but the nurse was able to get some good shots for me to show him. I've looked at them every day since :) and I just cannot wait to meet him/her in real life! Can't wait to see how it feels to have that squirming monkey in my hands and see the look on Trey's face the first time he sees it! The heartbeat was back up again at 174!! So we've had 161, 144, then up to 174!

The emotions I've been going through have not all been sappy and sweet, let me tell you! Out of nowhere this week came the irrational hormones! Tuesday night and last night, Trey said the smallest thing and I've snapped at him big time with each. Then I get mad at myself for being so silly and start crying because I was "mean" to him. It's crazy.. or rather I'm crazy!

I tried to upload the pics of the sonogram, but blogger wouldn't let me. They are all saved together on my usb drive.. not separately. I was going to ask from the skeletal pics, what your guess was... boy or girl.. but how about just your gut... you can vote up at the top to the left!

March 10, 2010

A Voice in the Wind

This was one of the best books I have read in a really long time!
I've discovered with this book, that I have a love for historical fiction. The book takes place in a few different areas, but starts out in Jerusalem. I admittedly, didn't know much about this era besides the basics, and I learned a lot from this book. The main character is a Christian girl named Hadessah who grew up in Jerusalem. (I'll try to sum this up as quickly as possible!) The Romans are coming in and invading, killing most of the Jews and taking lots more to be slaves. Hadessah's entire family is killed besides her and her sister. Prayer saved them from being shot in their home and she is taken to become a slave in Rome. She goes to serve an important and rich family and in particular is there to serve a young troubled girl, Julia. Hadessah is different from the rest of the slaves, as she is not particularly pretty and really actually cares for and loves the family she is serving. The book follows her and this family, along with a German who was captured to become a gladiator. There are so many twists and different story lines that we would be here forever if I went into detail of it all. It involves Roman history, gladiator stories, forbidden love, and having to hide the Christian faith.
I probably did a horrible job explaining why I loved this book so much and didn't even touch on 1/2 of what this amazing story entails, but trust me, you HAVE to read this book! I have the follow-up book in this series, An Echo in the Darkness, waiting to read, but have to read a different one first (it's due back at the library sooner), but I cannot wait to start it and see what happens with these characters! Who's going to finally let themselves fall in love with the other? Will she finally find happiness? Will any of the characters see that they are worshiping false gods and finally see what Hadessah has been trying to show them all along? I can't wait!

March 9, 2010

It's been a while..

Sorry for the unplanned blogging hiatus! I didn't plan on being away for a while (few days really), but I've been so busy. What's that you say? How does a house wife stay busy? I can't tell you what I've been up to for the most part, but I've been going going going! I'll update you the best I can through bullets (we'd be here all day otherwise):
  • Last Wednesday, I met up with a few girls from the FRG to finish our pottery. It was a fun, relaxing afternoon with lunch at Atlanta Bread Company.. yum! I finally get to pick up my piece today so I'll be sure to post a picture.
  • Thursday morning was my 2nd doctor's appointment. The first time I experienced Centuring. It was really fun and interesting so I'm going to stick with it. It's official though, the weight gain has started. In 15 weeks I've gained a total of 6 lbs.. eeeks! 2 of those lbs have packed on just in the past 2 weeks. I feel like I'm sticking to a lot of healthy foods, I'm just eating more. I have a much bigger appetite. Gone, for the most part, are the days where I'm just nibbling at my food! Anywho.... the babe's heartbeat has gone down a little.. from 161 to 144. It was harder to find this time. It was great to talk to some other women who are around the same week. Got more healthy snacking suggestions.. like frozen grapes. I can't wait to try those.. they are freezing now! I even left there with a goody bag filled with Easter candy. Which 1/2 of may or may not have been eaten by the time I got home :)
  • Thursday night was the Red Leg Commendante Social. Had a GREAT time! We ordered a picture of the two of us, but for now here is a regular ol' picture that was taken of us..
Look at that belly!! I really don't feel like it's that big. I think the dress accentuated it a bit. I definitely don't look like that in jeans!
  • Friday night was an at home date night for hubs and I. We got a pizza from Luigi's (the most delicious pizza place around here) and watched The Hurt Locker. What are y'all's thoughts on that movie? We really didn't like it. It couldn't keep my attention and he couldn't get past how fake it was... as in it's not really like that in real life. He said probably a million times, "that would never happen". We actually didn't even finish it, but I think we came pretty close.
  • Saturday was probably the best day I've had in a really long time! We celebrated my big 27th birthday (it was really Sunday, but that day was dedicated to homework). Trey and I, along with another couple, went to OKC for the day. I have been dying to go to the OKC Zoo, but I wanted to wait for a pretty day. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun there! Although, by the end I was begging for piggy back rides... After the zoo, we went to Target. Earlier in the day, Trey let me open my first present a little early. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but I've been collecting Willow Tree figures for a couple years now. He got me "Cherish" which is the figure of a pregnant woman holding her belly. How thoughtful is that?? I cried as per usual. I didn't think he was getting me anything, because I knew he was taking me to Target to pick out a whole new bathroom set. So we did that.. my new bathroom colors are navy and green... very pretty! Afterwards, we went to dinner then The Melting Pot for dessert.. delicious!!

I was a little disappointed because I found out I wasn't getting our ultrasound until around April 9th. Buuuttt... at that last appointment I went to, someone mentioned a place called The Pregnancy Recourse Center that she had been going to that gives ultra sounds for free. I finally remembered to call them today and guess what??? I'm so excited... I'm going in at 2:00 today to see my baby for the first time :) I have a pretty big hope that they will be able to at least guess at the sex.. but I'm trying not to get those hopes up too much. If they can, I'm going to have her write it down and fold it up realllll tight so Trey and I can find out at the same time! Wish us luck!

March 3, 2010


I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me, freeing me from all my fears. Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces. I cried out to the Lord in my suffering, and he heard me. He set me free from all my fears. For the angel of the Lord guards all who fear him, and he rescues them.
Psalm 34:4-7

I came across this bible verse today and it really spoke to me. I'm not sure why as I have no story to really go along with this right now. There have been numerous times in my life, so many times I can't count, that this has applied to me. So many times that I've been in such a hard spot and God reminds me that I just need to give Him my worries, fears, and guilt. When I do, most of the time I'm immediately comforted. I've read it about 5 times now this morning and it's bringing me such a great piece of mind. Who knows, maybe someone really needs to hear that today :)

March 2, 2010

I'm so excited...

... and I just can't hide it.

Wow.. a little of the top maybe.. but it's true. I'm so excited for everything in my near future.

First and foremost ~ I get to go home at the end of April!!! I could burst, I'm so happy. Have my plane tickets and all. You see, I have a lot to catch up on back in SC. My friends have been busy if you know what I mean. I have 2 new babies to meet (one being my presh niece) and one little boy has done his fair share of growing since the last time I saw him. Plus, I have an aunt and cousin flying in from Massachusetts during the same week! I'm excited to see all of my friends and family and I can't wait for them to see me and my hopefully much bigger tummy by then.

Next ~ I'm in my 2nd trimester!! Yaayyyy! There was so much relief with that milestone. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably worry a little bit throughout my whole pregnancy, but chances of the dreaded M word go down by like 80% I think once you are through with the 1st trimester. Wheww! I can't wait to hopefully get some of my energy back!

And ~ Tomorrow we go in and finish our pottery painting.. so much fun! Thursday night we have a big social for Trey's company. Professional picture taking and all. I can't wait to finally wear my dress and I'm thankful it still fits!

FYI ~ For those of you who are Francine Rivers lovahs like me... she has a new book coming out March 16th. It's called My Mother's Hope and it's the first book in a 2 book series. Can't wait.

Then ~ I'm going to be having a giveaway soon. Like real soon. I'll be announcing it by the end of the week. YOU should be excited.

Also ~ I'm getting more and more excited for our move. We've started to do a little research and did you know that El Paso is sunny, on average, 302 days out of the year? Hallelujah!! Now if we could just get those stinken orders, I'd be even more of a happy camper!

March 1, 2010


We had such a great weekend!! Minus Trey not being on his best behavior Friday night... which we won't discuss... tssk tssk... boys will be boys is all I can say! Anywho - In case you don't remember, my brother Chuck is station in Wichita Falls for AF AIT for a couple months which is 40 minutes away from us. He's to the point where most of his weekends are free. He doesn't have a car, so it's a lot of driving back and forth for us, but it's so so worth it. He spent Sat. and Sun. here with us in Lawton (I forewarned him plenty of times how little there is to do). It's beyond comforting to walk into my living room and see him lounging on our couch. It's like a little piece of home has followed us here. Even if him and Trey spend the whole afternoon napping, leaving no space for the pregnant woman to nap - it's perfect!

I've gained a few new followers over the last couple of weeks. Welcome to my blog and I'm so flattered and happy that you are taking the time to read about my life. Please feel free to leave comments so we can get to know each other. I'll start the "getting to know you" process, by telling y'all a little more about the most important thing in my life.. my husband! I stole this little survey from Expat Girl - go on over and check her out... you'll love her blog!

1. What are your middle names? Me - Ann or Y. (my maiden name) depending on which document you look at. Him - Wayne
2. How long have you been together? We met the summer of 2002 and were "officially" together from that October on... so... about 7.5 years. Since he was 20 and I was 19.
3. How long did you know each other before you started dating? I guess I just answered that one! A couple months.
4. Who asked who out? This is a hard one. I don't remember either of us asking the other out. We just kind of fell into it I guess. I don't think my mum appreciates this story too much, but it really is pretty sweet. In October, my family decided to go to the beach for a weekend and I was given strict orders that no parties were to be had at the house. I am sorry that I went against their wishes so much growing up, but I don't regret this night *sorry mum* I did have people over, and a few did spend the night.. including my future husband. We never went to sleep that night though. We stayed up talking and laughing together all night. He was a very respectful gentleman... wouldn't even get under a blanket with me (be still my heart)
5. How old are each of you? He is now 27 and I will turn 27 this Sunday!
6. Did you go to the same school? Not high school, but we did go to the same community college for a semester or two.
7. Are you from the same home town? Definitely not. I lived in Massachusetts until I was 13. He was born in Alabama (can we say opposites?), but moved around a lot with the Army. Then we both ended up in South Carolina.
8. Who is the smartest? Nothing against myself, and I am not saying I have no smarts, but I think we would both agree he is the smarter one. I just tend to not make the best decisions.. he's much better with geography, common sense, politics, history.. blah blah blah. Boring. Put us both in front of a computer and I have to show him the ropes, or give me a Sudoku puzzle and I'll kick his rear in no time.
9. Who majored in what? We both majored in business. I focused on Office Administration and received my Associates. He focused on finance I believe and has his Bachelors.
10. Who is the most sensitive? Ha! Me.. by far. And that was before pregnancy hormones! He has been known to shed a tear or two during a chick flick though. Don't tell him I told you that!
11. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? Cancun for our honeymoon. Followed by Oklahoma. Glamorous huh?
12. Who has the worst temper? I would be the winner of that award yet again. Sensitive and a bad temper. I have gotten better with that, but he has like... NO temper. What can I say.. I'm a Pisces.
13. How many children do you want? I would be perfectly happy with 2. He wants a bit of a larger family. We'll see. I MAY be open for trying for 3 if the first two are the same sex.
14. Who does the cooking? Me. All the time. Every meal. He rarely even makes his own lunch.
15. Who is more social? Well that would be me again. While he opens up just fine once he does meet people and people do tend to like him immediately, I am the one who pushes our social life. I will talk to anyone really. He tends to want to keep to himself more.
16. Who is the neat freak? Wow.. me again. We both like a clean house, but it's almost impossible to keep it that way with him. He keeps everything and leaves everything laying around. If it weren't for me, you'd see him on an episode of Hoarders. I don't know how to keep up with his stuff or how to organize/ store it. It frustrates me.
17. Who is the most stubborn? I can't chose on this one. We're both pretty stubborn.
18. Who wakes up earlier? During the week, him, but only because he has to for PT. I'm not a late sleeper naturally.. he is.. so on the weekend I'm always up first.
19. Where was your first date? Is it horrible that I don't remember??? I'm going to have to ask him. I'm sure it was dinner somewhere.
20. Who has the bigger family? Me.. absolutely! I have a huge family and we are all very close. I love it!
21. Do you get flowers often? No, but I'm kind of okay with this. Although, I will say that I do wish I got them every once in a while. I don't even need an expensive bouquet... I'd be happy with a couple flowers picked from the side of the road. But not so often that it gets old.
22. How do you spend the holidays? Before Army, we would spend the holidays split up between our families. Now, it just depends. Either just the two of us (soon to be three of us), with friends, or if we are luck.. a trip home to see family.
23. Who is more jealous? Honestly, neither one of us are really jealous at all.
24. How long did it take to get serious? Not very long. We dated a long time before getting married, but we were young. There was no need to rush into it. But even while we were just dating, I'm pretty sure we both knew that was it for us.
25. Who eats more? He wins this one with flying colors!! Even now that I am pregnant! Hubs loves him some food!
26. What do you do for a living? Right now, growing a baby and keeping the house together. That's not really "making a living", but it's what I do right now. I worked in a mortgage office before we moved here and I LOVED it. I loved the feeling of keeping things organized and seeing a pile of files going from 20 to 0. I would definitely love to do something like that again in the future, but I think for a while I'm going to enjoy taking care of my family.
27. Who does the laundry? Before pregnancy, I did every bit of it. He never touched it. Now that I'm pregnant, exhausted, and the fact that doing our laundry involves carrying loads of it down the stares and a couple buildings down, he is stepping up a bit more. I'm so thankful for how helpful he is!
28. Who's better with the computer? Definitely me. He gets so frustrated when it comes to the computer.
29. Who drives when you are together? Most of the time, him. But he is enjoying having a built in DD a little too much!!
30. What is your song? There are a ton of songs that come on and make us think about each other. Our wedding song was I Could Not Ask For More by Edwin McCain.