August 18, 2014

Our FIRST first day of school

Well, I thought I was going to hold it together. I did great showing face in front of him. I did good walking out with Wes. Then, I made the mistake of calling my mom and the water works turned on! What is it about a phone call to your mom that does that?

Andrew started 4K today! He is going to a Christian program at a local church. He goes 2 days a week, all day. From 9-3. (or 9:15 to 3:15... I'm still a little confused). I thought the school was perfect for him because it's main focus is learning through play. Sure, he'll do some worksheets, but it was important to me that the curriculum wasn't a crack the whip type. And, for us, it's a plus that learning about God and talking about him is a part of the day.

He did great this morning! His main concern before leaving the house was how Wes would be without him. I overheard a pep talk Andrew was giving him.  "It will be okay Wes. I have to go to school, but you don't have to be scared without me. You will be with mommy all day and I'll be with lots of new friends. I'll see you when you come to pick me up". I'm not sure where Andrew's huge, loving heart came from, but I pray it never changes.
When going in, they are to use the restroom, put their book bags in their cubby, grab the folder and have a seat. Goodbyes are done in the hallway. Which, fine fine, I guess is a good thing. I can see how me going in the room would make things more difficult. I may not have ever left!

It felt strange walking out with just Wes. I all of a sudden couldn't remember what it was like to have one kid. An 18 month old at that! What did I do with Andrew at that age?? We came home and played outside before the temperatures reached hell-ish levels. We had a snack and watched an episode of Team Umizoomi. Did our shape sorting. Colored. Changed a stinky diaper. Spun around in circles until he was falling all over the place and giggling. He yelled at me to make lunch, so I complied. (serious). We read some books and he is now down for a nap.
One benefit to this whole school thing - I have a kid with me who is guaranteed to nap! I exercised, straightened up the house, have cookies baking and LOOK!! - I'm blogging.

I really do miss him. Like heart hurting miss him. I've had to hide my phone from myself once or twice to stop myself from calling and checking in on him. It's a scary thing to entrust your children with someone else when they've depended on no one but you for almost 4 years. Well I guess it's scary anytime. I've spent a lot of time in prayer and have been reminded that he is in God's hands. I know I'm not supposed to worry. I've prayed for peace in my heart because I'm not supposed to live in fear. I've prayed for his safety and well-being. For him to have FUN and make great friends. For his teacher to have a soft, loving heart and for her sanity :)

I can't wait to hear all about his day.. if he'll tell me about it!


Jen said...

He is such a sweet boy! I hope he has a wonderful day. :)

Kristy said...

Way to go, Mom! I bet Day #2 will be just a teensy bit easier! And think of how Wes will benefit having you all to himself for a bit! ;)

Charlatan psychic said...

so i'm a little late, but that prep talk was adorable.