February 28, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away... Please!

It's a beautiful day here in SC. And by beautiful I mean we are in the middle of a torrential downpour. This would be a lovely day to catch up on all the movies that I have DVR'd over the past couple of months. Unfortunately I have to get out at some point today. I have a baby shower gift to buy, a friends new house to go by *and hopefully help out a little*, and my parents house to go to. Hopefully it will slow down, but it sure doesn't sound like it!
Last night was very refreshing. After work I went with friends, J & C, to the church they go to. They had a big ... event I guess you can call it??... about missionary work (which I have been pretty interested in) There is a young couple that goes to church there that have been living in Africa for a couple of years. They are there with 2? children.. maybe 3.. and one on the way. The preacher was talking to them over the internet for us all to hear, although it was very hard to hear them, very muffled, we could all get the gist of it though. Their goal is to build churches over there and to bring people to Christ. It was very interesting to hear how they are raising their children and just to hear about their lifestyle really. They also had different foods there, a band playing, the little kiddies were dancing around with the band, and the childrens choir got up and sang a couple songs... which was so so cute!
After that the three of us went to eat some Mexican *we didn't eat much at the church* and then went to J's parents house for a bit. Our plan was originally to pick up a pie (since she's been pregnant that's all i've heard her talk about is pie pie pie) :)
But we ended up staying for a while. Somehow we got on the topic of Christianity and ended up talking for a least an hour. We were asking them alll kinds of questions. They are very very strong Christians and seem to have an answer for everything. I definately want to go back over there when we all have more time to talk! I'd love to sit and pick their brains for hours!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends and hopefully your weather is a little less dreadful than ours is!!

February 25, 2009

On the brighter side...

I've had some exciting news, but wanted to wait for the mama to make her announcement to everyone in her life first... One of my besties is pregnant!!!!!! Aahhhhh!! I'm so excited! *we'll be calling her J from now on* She just had her first official checkup yesterday and confirmed that there was definately a little heart beating in there. And of course the doctor said she was just about by the book perfect with everything (she's a little OCD so this surprises me none). To put some icing on the cake ~ J has two sisters. She's the youngest, the middle one is pretty much on standby. She could give birth ANY DAY NOW, but is actually do on the 10th I think. And the oldest sister just found out she is pregnant as well and is due just a couple weeks before J. How cute is it that by Thanksgiving, or Halloween really, there will be three new little babies in their family??
This new baby and J's pregancy is sure to keep me pretty occupied over the next couple of months. I will just die a little inside if we don't get to stay here for whatever that school is that Trey has to do after OCS (I clearly have a little learning to do on what everything is called) and I have to leave J 2 months before she births! I'll just die.

I have yet another friend that has started her own blog. Check her out here. She got married to one of Trey's oldest friends from highschool last summer * oldest as in friends for a long long time, not age :) *

I got to talk with Trey last night!!!! I was just crawling into bed when my cell phone rang! Megan, you are right... I used to avoid calls if I didn't recognize the number. Now my heart stops from excitement bc I know it could be him <3 He was just at a hotel last night and they gave him a 5 minute phonecall. He sounded ok. Not great.. but ok. I think he was just nervous (i'm sure!), but i know things will get better for him as the weeks go on.
Today was better for me than yesterday. I think I just may find out that I'm a lot stronger than I've ever given myself credit for!

February 24, 2009

I am SO loved!!

What a hard day today was!!
From my dramatic leave to work this morning, knowing it would be the last time I set eyes on him for 9 and 1/2 weeks, to getting his phone call at 3:00 saying he was on his way to the recruiting station, to his last little text telling me how much he loved me and he was walking in now. I stepped out of my office and felt so empty because the first thing I do usually is call him. And I was DREADING walking into this empty, quiet house, knowing that at no point would he be walking in.
But he left a trace of himself everywhere. Number 1.. he cleaned the entire house for me on his last free day. But most importantly... he has left little notes for me EVERYWHERE!! I was laughing, smiling, and crying for the first 2o minutes of being home.

There's a note taped to the door that says "Have a great day! Smile!! Love Hub".
He typed out a quote he loves and layed that on my pillow.
A note taped to the mirror that I sit at every morning to straighten my hair, right at eye level telling me how beautiful and sexy I am.
There's a note on my Bible reminding me to pray for him and our future (like I needed a reminder).
And best of alll... There's a 5 or 6 page, typed out note that he must have been working on for God knows how long!! It's all broken up into different paragraphs, so it's like each day was a different section. At first I thought he wrote it all today, but at one point it talks about him asking me to be a little more aware of my surroundings (I'm not very observant) and he mentioned that he hopes I'll have the ADT system by then.
Ohh no.. this may be the best part. There is also a note written and taped to the night stand right by my bed. When we were dating, and whenever we are away from eachother, he has his own little way of "tucking me in" over the phone. It's nothing really.. but just a few things he would say to me every night. He wrote that down word for word right by my bed.

I am just so incredibly blessed to have a husband as selfless and sweet and thoughtful as him!! I know I have been complaining a lot and dreading this day for so long now, but in the midst of all of this, I can honestly say that I am still very excited about the life we are going to lead. I know it will be difficult at times and I know that we could/will go through times that are much harder than this, but there is noone else on this entire planet that I would rather take this ride with! God, I love him!

I also have pretty amazing friends, which I am sure I've mentioned lately. I've been seriously thinking about getting a day planner. They have been showing so much support and making so many plans to keep me busy that I really think I'm going to need it to keep up with everything! I am so so thankful for everyone I have in my life!!

My stomach is now growling.... Night number one for Lean Cuisine's!

February 23, 2009

One More Night!

Seriously... I am emotionally drained! We have been running around all morning like crazy people!

Let me just say that Trey's recruiter has SUCKED from day one. Not really too involved. Never calling when she said she would and then would SWEAR she called him when he would ask her about it. Would say she'd meet him at 8:30 and not show up until 10... the list goes on and on! Aren't they supposed to be up your ass???

He started calling her about a week ago to make sure he was set on everything he needed before he left. She didn't call him back until Thursday night and set up a time to meet Friday morning so they could go over everything together. Among other things, he needed my birth certificate (for insurance crap) and our marriage license. And not just our bride/groom copy of marriage license.. the probate copy. We thought we knew exactly where everything was... come Saturday morning, we realize we can't find my birth cert. anywhere. Nowhere. Mom doesn't have it either. So I've been freaking about this all weekend.
Fast forward to this morning. I'm on the phone with City of Worcestor (Mass.) at 8:30. I know it's a long shot, but no.. they will not fax me a copy. (hey.. I tried) Trey calls his recruiter. They tell him he can't leave without it. They'll have to push his date back. I start crying of course. I've built myself up for this. I'm prepared for him to leave ya know! So my family in Mass starts getting together and they decide on someone to go and pick it up for me and fax it to me. This is going on for a couple of hours while Trey and I are heading down to our courthouse to pick up our marriage license.
We call the recruiting station and talk to someone else (his recruiter is on leave). He told Trey all this is fine, but that he's pushed his leave date back a day. So he leaves tomorrow at 4! Now that I've settled down a tad, I've realized that means I have one more night with hubby!! :)

So welcome to my first headache/panic attack with the Army. This should be a fun ride!

February 22, 2009

Hi, I'm your daughter. Nice to meet you.

Last night was the big party... it went really really well I think. Lots of people showed up, we had plenty of food for everyone, and the secret of it being partly for my dad stayed a secret for the most part. He said he had a few clues, but I think he was genuinely surprised when people from his work started showing up.. which was nice!

At one point my dad and I are in the kitchen talking at me when I notice he is looking at me rather strangely.

Dad: You're eyes are blue.
Me: *staring blankly* Yup, my whole life.
Dad: huh...

Hello, I've been your daughter for the past *almost* 26 years. Nice to see that you've finally noticed my eye color.

Anyways... as per usual.. my mother completely outdid herself. with the balloons and amazing cake and like I said above.. wayyy to much food. I still don't have a new camera so I have no cool pictures to show other than the pic of the cake I took from my phone.

Here it is:

Don't you love it!! Publix!

So today is our last full day together. We just had a little breakfast of eggs and toast and coffee. He's watching some silly movie, then we have just a few more things to get down. Our friends Tim and Wendy couldn't make it to the party last night. Why you ask?? Because she is pregnant and could pop any time now so says her doctor! My mum's house is like 45 minutes away from the hospital she will be going to so they didn't think that would be such a good idea. So we're going over there for a bit, still have to find him a few more things to take with him, and tonight we're going out to dinner with his family. Our choice. We're horrible at choosing. We'll see where we end up!

One more random thought. My friend Charlotte started up a blog, The Happy Hamilton's, not too long ago. Yall should go over and check it out. She is pregnant as well and found out recently she is having a girl! Baby Georgia will be making her appearance in June!

February 18, 2009

Looong Weekend

My weekend has officially started! While I am thrilled to sleep in and think about and do everything non-work related, a little part of me keeps remembering what that means. That on Tuesday, when I do go back to work, my whole world will be different.
To all my co-workers, please excuse and by all means ignore and look past any emotional outbursts next week. I cannot be held responsible and I will move past them. Thanks!

Over the next couple of days we will just be taking care of some last minute details. Tomorrow we have the "bug lady" coming to spray the house. God bless her. I wonder if she takes panic stricken calls at any hour of the day to come over and kill/clean up any little buggies I may find at any given point??? In the afternoon we have ADT coming to install our new system. This exictes me to noooo end! That will be such a source of comfort to me. Our friends, Jessica and Josh, have been so helpful with this. He works for ADT and have made this very easy and is making sure everything goes right. I'm not sure what we're doing for dinner tomorrow night, but I'm secretely already making plans to maybe go get some Mexican with some friends... or maybe just us.
Friday we hope to maybe go down to the river and walk for awhile. We need to do some shopping. He needs a couple of things that is on his list of things he should be taking with him. you know, 3 pair of white undies, brown socks, brown towels. I need some stuff for our party on Saturday. I'm making some BBQ, a veggie trey, and chocolate peanut butter cookies.
Saturday we have the party of course. I'm really looking forward to that. For all of our close friends to be together. And because my dad has no idea that this is partly for him as well and a couple people that he works with will be there.
That is about it. Other than my very scary dentist appointment Monday morning at 10 that I would rather not speak of right now.
Off to go get some precious time in!

February 17, 2009

My future babies

In the midst of my not so much a good day, I'll talk about the one little thing that did make me happy. I'll try my hardest to leave out all the "tmi" stuff.
Before I begin, I'd like to start with this.... NO I'M NOT PREGNANT. And serisously, if one more person asks me that this year I might go psycho crazy on them. I think i've been asked this at least once a day for the past month.
I had a gyno appt this morning for reasons I won't get into. It came complete with an ever-so-pleasant pap smear, blood work and a ultra sound to top it off. For a little background info.... I've always been a little worried in the back of my mind that it might be hard for me to have children. Other women in my family had trouble... not as in it was impossible, but just had to work a little harder for it. And my periods are not regular at all. Anyways, I have my ultra sound, head back in the room to wait for the doc, and finally after what seems like an eternity, she comes trecking on in. And what does she tell me? I've been grinning about it all day.
My cervix and ovaries look beautiful. Girls.. I have beautiful ovaries. And I saw like 5 or 6 eggs swimming around in there. Yes, I realize I will probably never use those particular little eggies... but it's what could be I guess. I also realize that there could be other things to prevent me from having babies, but this made me quite happy to see and hear. Little known fact #500 about me... That's pretty much all I want out of life.. to be a mama.
Looks like i really am beautiful on the inside. So says my gyno. Get it? My little attempt to make a funny...

February 15, 2009

And this is why...

... I'll make it though the next 21 weeks.

"...but i know that everything is happening very fast with trey. and i just want to make sure you know that i am available if you would like to talk or not talk about stuff. as you know, hub works late often, and also works on saturday mornings and afternoons. i just wanted to put that out there. "

I love my friends!!

February 14, 2009

Out in the Open

I couldn't hide in privacy any longer! It just wasn't for me.

In other words, I tried out the whole private blogging thing and didn't like it so much. So I made it open again for the world to read.

Happy Valentines Day??

Yes Yes Yes... happy v-day to everyone out there. I won't let my dislike for the "holiday" ruin it for everyone else out there who happen to love it! It's not that I even strongly dislike it, more like indifferent I guess. I'm sticking to the cliche of "we try to show each other how much we love each other every single day so why is this day so special". It's really true.
For instance, I got out of bed early this morning to make him breakfast while he was still sound asleep. Sweet? Romantic maybe? Thoughtful? Yeah sure. But I've done that for him for the past 2 or 3 Saturdays as well. Not because today is valentines day.
Have I gotten a card today? Flowers? Chocolate? No. But he is throwing down 300 someodd bucks later in the week to have ADT installed in the house so I can feel safe while he's gone. And he told me last night that he loves my haircut... even though I keep going shorter and shorter and I KNOW he would much much rather it be as long as possible.
So low and behold, here we are on valentines day. Me cuddled on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, blogging. Him sprawled out on the other couch playing his playstation game. And in a little bit we'll go over to my parents house to celebrate my brother's 13th bday. It's our perfect little day.
I do hope everyone else had a perfect day, whether you are ringing it in with cupid or not :)

February 9, 2009

Little bit of this and that

I looked back at the last couple of posts and I am so sorry for all of the sadness and one topic posts. I think everyone would probably understand and just kind of let me dwell in my depression for just a little bit.. but I AM NOT having it!! I won't promise perfection, but maybe just a little more of my more positive self!

Trey and I had a pretty good weekend (besides the tears). I got laundry done and out of the way Saturday afternoon *even though it was absolutely bea-u-tiful outside* and that night we (read: Trey) gently and gracefully (read: ripped, cussed, yelled) replaced our garbage disposal, while I cooked a yummy meatloaf and watched Fireproof. Maybe not the best acting in the entire world, but I LOVED the movie.. so did Trey! I would suggest this movie to anyone.. married or not.

Sunday we had family fun day at his parents house. It was pretty sad planning next months day at our house knowing Trey wouldn't be there.

And that's pretty much how our weekend went. Nothing too special to report. We're spending Valentines Day at my parents house. One of my brothers is turning 13 on Wednesday, so that's when we're celebrating. Grilling out steaks and having baked potatoes. We never have really celebrated Vday anyways. I don't so much get into it. Anyone have any special plans for that day?
My mom and I will probably do some planning for the next Saturday. We're throwing a little party both for Trey and my dad. Obvious reasons for Trey, but my dad turns 50 on the 26th. So we're having a little combo party. I made a little event to invite people on Facebook and called it.. Sending one to hell and one over the hill.
Cute, yes? I thought so.

February 7, 2009

Trying to stay positive.

Hubs swore in this morning. It's official official now. He's leaving on the 24th. I'm okay. Just okay. I know this is what we signed up for and I know I should have been preparing for this all along. I didn't know it would hit me like this.
I plan on soaking up every spare second with him until then. He's out playing basketball with some of his friends right now.. but they'll miss him too. I guess I can't completely hog him ;)
My mom and I talked briefly about having a "goodbye Trey/Happy 50th bday Dad" party the weekend before he leaves. I also plan on taking off a couple of days from work.. like the Thursday, Friday, and Monday before he leaves (the 24th is Tues.)
The lovely thing is that I already have the morning of the 24th off because I have my yearly gyno exam scheduled.
How fitting??
Please excuse the fits of tears doc.. I'll be a tad emotional I think.

February 4, 2009

Military Wife is the Life for Me

He did it! Went and got himself accepted into officer school.. How proud am I of my husband?! Very!
It just about killed me to wait around by my cell phone for him to call me. I thought he was going in at 11:15. By 1:00 I still have heard nothing. He hadn't even been called in for his interview at this point. But the waiting was worth it I guess. It's finally a real thing. No more maybes and what-ifs. He finishes his paperwork on Saturday and swears in. Recruiter lady says he can expect to leave about 3 weeks after that :(
Ladies... I am going to be sellfish and tell you know that I'm going to need as much support over the next couple of months that I can possibly get. He'll be gone for basic for 9 weeks. Graduate on a Friday and then be put on a bus the next morning for OCS for 14 weeks. If I can just get past these next couple months... at least I'll be home around my family and friends and will have my life here still. I think i'll be okay during the day. It'll be when i lay my head down at night that might get me. But don't get me wrong, I'm very happy about this and am so happy for/proud of Hubs. We're in for an adventure.. that's for sure!

February 3, 2009


Hubs and I are both a little nervous tonight.
I am a little nervous/excited.
Hubs is about to throw up.

We'll know our future tomorrow. After all this it comes down to tomorrow morning. No pressure. Sorry for the dramatics.

Nothing like American Idol to take our minds off of it.

February 1, 2009

When mama's not happy..

Noone is!!

I got a very upset phone call from my mother right after the half time special. Being the big time Boss fan that she is.. she was stoked to here her some Born in the USA. That being said.. he didn't sing it. She was none too happy to say the least.

Mum: I mean really.. how do you not play Born in the USA at the Super Bowl.
Me: I don't know mum.. what are you gonna do.. go right him a letter expressing your anger.
Mum: Nope.. I want you on the blog writing a post about that. I bet you won't be the only one.
Dad (in background): Noone else will blog about The Boss not singing Born in the USA, Ann.
Mum: I betcha they will. Go blog right now.. I want to read it in the morning.

So here you are. We'll see who's right.. I'm banking on dad's opinion though.
Hubs has made it though step number 100000 towards military life. Man.. this is really becomming a reality! He had his physical fitness test Friday and passed this as well! (last week was the doctor physical, this week was the fitness test) So he did his running, pushups and situps and may have not passed with flying colors.. but passed none-the-less. Which is the important thing. His recruiter told him he'll have plenty of time to perfect all of that at basic.. I bet! After that he did yet some more paper work. This is where he actually made his top ten career picks. don't ask me to quote them back to you.. I don't understand the language. And then picked out the top places he'd like to be stationed at (i'm not quite sure why they make you do this.. don't they send you wherever they need you to be anyway??) he had to have 4 overseas places in this list. I know his top three were Alabama, Virginia, and Germany. His other three overseas places were Italy, Alaska, and Hawaii. Why Hawaii wasn't numero uno is beyond me!! He clearly didn't ask my opinion ;)
I know this topic has pretty much dominated my blog so thank you so much for listening to me along this process. This wednesday he goes in front of the board to see if this is actually going to be for real or not.. so we'll finally be able to talk about this to more people and know for sure what type of life we'll be living. This has been so hard for me.. i haven't been able to tell anyone in my family about this (except my immediate family and grandmother of course) as well as noone at work. That's been pretty hard!! We shall see this week!! Keep us (especially Trey) in your prayers!
The baby shower went very well yesterday! I had a great time and the brand new mama got lots of cute, useful stuff! She made out great and has two more showers coming up back to back over the next two weeks.
Church was great this morning. We didn't actually make it to the service. Just bible study. Lesson learned.. on the weeks we do bible study, we'll have to go to the early service! we only do the study on the first and third sunday's of the month. So typical for us, the first one we go to, we're both a little nervous bc we know NOONE and they announce that they're splitting the men and women up. Ha! Someone must of seen the look I shot him at that point, bc I was swiftly made aware that they don't usually do that.. just once a quarter. Phew!
It ended up being really nice though to sit with a group of women like that and talk about marriage from God's POV. Very helpful to be reminded of certain things. Like.. no matter how hard things get, and they will get hard, that divorce is just not an answer. Trey and I promised that before we said our vows and meant it whole-heartedly, but it's nice to hear it and talk about it again. And also, how love is not an emotion. It's a decision and a promise. The emotion won't always be there alll the time and if you don't have the commitment and the strong decision to back it up, then there's nothing there. It just made me think about how sad it is that divorce is so common these days. It's definately not taboo anymore and I think we've all been descensitized to it. So.. that was week 1. I'm interested to see how it'll be when we are all together in the class!

Back to the grind tomorrow.. honestly... I'm dreading it!!