June 30, 2010

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

not my picture.. stolen from google!

I've always had a thing for airports. I love everything about them. They're filled with emotion.. good and bad... and anticipation.

I love walking through an airport and seeing people from all different walks of life. I like to take the time to look at as many people as I can and imagine what their story is. Are they flying across the country to visit a long distance lovah? Going to see their favorite relative that they haven't seen in years? A young girl, perhaps, going away for the first time ever to start a new and exciting life for herself? A soldier flying home to see his family for the first time in a year?

And if I get really lucky, I get to see some of those reunions as I'm walking through security and on towards baggage. Love seeing those faces full of anticipation, bouncing up and down, trying to get that first glimpse of their loved one. Or even better, that long run to each other, dropping the bags and finally.. the embrace. I just plain love it!

The last house we lived in in SC was about 5 minutes away from the local airport. The planes flew over us all the time and sometimes felt like they just may land on our roof. Annoying one might ask? Not to us. We loved it and I was even comforted by it. Sometimes we would sit outside and just wait for them to fly over.

Now, I consider myself lucky enough to again live pretty close to an airport. We don't hear them from our house, but on any one of my frequent trips on post, I always see a plane landing or taking off. It never fails to make my heart smile. Now, it means even more to me. With us being so far away from family, those planes are my lifeline to them. Now, when I see a plane landing, it takes me back to just a few months ago when I flew home and my dad picked me up from the airport. I remember the anticipation of finding him through the crowd and the smile on both of our faces (well on mine.. I believe his first words upon seeing me were calling me a "turkey" because I spotted him as soon as he walked in the door) when we did meet up. The look on his face when he noticed my belly for the first time and said, "Oh my God, just wait until your mother sees you".
Or coming back home to my husband waiting for me at security after said visits home (yes I call both places home.. SC and wherever Trey happens to be.. and hell.. I even refer to Massachusetts as home!) and seeing his face and giving him that great big hug. He's lost and miserable without me with him.. it's true.. ask him.

Now, I see those planes and it takes me back to that special place. I can't wait until my next trip to the airport. The month of August/September will be filled with a couple of them. This time our families will have a new little boy to meet. I cannot wait.

June 28, 2010

~31 Weeks~

I cannot believe that I am typing up a post right now about being 31 WEEKS PREGNANT!!. I really just can't believe it. How is it possible that the time goes by so quickly?

I must say that I am getting over the top excited to have Mr. Andrew. I've dreamt about him twice in the past week, when I can sleep that is. Some of that excitement may have to do with the fact that I'm in so. much. pain I could scream. My back has been killing me, just on my left side. It's been going on for a few days now and getting progressively worse, so I finally went to the doc today. She at first sent me away, saying it was normal for a girl my size (fun sized I like to call it) carrying around such a heavy load to have this type of pain. I went home with a bottle of Tylenol w/ Codine and nervously took one to ease my misery. After my first much needed drugged slumber nap of the day, the doc called me and said that I do in fact have an infection and prescribed me some more drugs.. big apology to my son for starting him off with possible drug habits... I kid.. BUT I just KNEW something was really wrong and I'm glad mum talked me into going to the doctor for it. She's still the best mum ever even from 25 gazillion miles away :)

So anywho.. here you go...

How far along: 31 weeks and 1 day to be technical.. my due date is two months from tomorrow. Seems too far away, but I know it'll fly by!

Total weight gain: Since going to the doctor this morning, I know the exact amount gained. Do I really have to share??? Ecchhhh okay... 20 lbs exactly at this point. I've been eating with no abandon over the past 2 weeks.

Maternity clothes: I live in them.

Stretch marks: Oh yeah. My loving husband pointed those out to me the other day. Palmers is not helping, but you know, I'm really okay with this. Battle wounds, right?! My belly button is still intact though and has not popped out. It's just kind of flattening out and I'm hoping it'll stay that way.

Sleep: is a foreign concept to me. I was up googling things I had no business googling at 3 am last night. Please let this not be a sign of things to come. I'm beyond EXHAUSTED right now.... and I've had 3 naps today.

Best moment this week: it's a funny little story actually. Trey and I were up at about 10 one night last week, putting together a cute little cubby thing to go in Drew's room. Well.. you know.. he was assembling.. I was assisting. Drew is usually pretty quiet (I'm guessing sleeping) at that time and must not have been too happy that daddy was hammering away during his slumber. (I have a sneaking suspicion that his personality may be a little more like someone you all know and love..) While he was hammering away, he stops suddenly, alarmed by the frightening gasp that came out of my mouth. Drew had kicked me so incredibly hard that I thought my ribs were going to break in half. I guess he wasn't too happy about all the loud noise during his sleepy time...

Movement: Ummm yes, please read above.

Food cravings: Hmmm... just eating whatever the heck I fancy at the moment. For instance, I think I'll break right now to eat a few ovaled pickle chips.. yes they have to be the oval shape. Yes.. they taste different.


31 Weeks

Mmmm... yeah.. I'd say I'm showing a tad.

Labor Signs: Still none!

Mood Temperament: Meh.. I've been pretty tame. I am emotional and cry quite a bit. As in (I can't believe I'm about to admit this) I cried yesterday morning when I heard Eminem's new song. Wow. Yup. I said it. He just seems to be doing so well for himself.. changing for his kids.. I'm a sucker for a happy ending...

Weekly Wisdom:

Dear Self, This will pass.

June 25, 2010

Friday Randomness

I've been hard at work all morning getting Drew's nursery organized :) :) :) As I sit here glistening *goes to turn on all fans and swamp cooler* I realize I may have already pushed myself a bit further than I should, but I just. can't. stop! Mainly, I'm just putting things we've gotten recently in place (a small dresser and one of those cubby things that you can put the different colored cloth baskets in... know what I'm talking about? No? I'll have pics soon) and washing the rest of his clothes, bibs, burp clothes, etc. so I can put those away in said new items.
The crib will be here next week (thanks again mum and dad... I say dad.. but I'm not sure if he is aware that he bought this for us) as will the bedding set thanks to a source that I am not allowed to reveal. I'm really thankful for that unmentionable source, because Trey would have never allowed me to spend that amount of money on it. He is under the impression that Drew only needs the bare essentials and apparently and matching room isn't essential??? Men....

I had such an awesome dream last night. You know.. one of those dreams that you don't want to wake up from. You desperately try to go back to sleep so you can live in your fantasy world again, even for just a short bit of time. I emailed my mum about it this morning:

"I had a dream last night that I was due at any time and we were just waiting around for the signs. I can't even tell you how disappointed I was when I woke up and realized I still had 6-11 weeks left. I'm getting EXTREMELY excited to meet him and see what he looks like and am caring less and less about the pain and whatever I have to go through to get him out."
Her response was, "sounds like a mom" and that made my heart smile from somewhere it never has before I think. It's starting to become a reality for me. In about two months, I am going to be a real life mum!

This week I've been to two classes. Earlier in the week was an Car Seat Safety class. I just wanted them to correctly install the infant car seat in my car and the convertible one we have in Trey's truck. He wasn't able to get off of work, so that was a fail. Not so much a fail though... the El Paso Police Dept. gives you a brand new convertible car seat when you go to these classes! I even tried not to take it, not wanting to take anything away from someone who has nothing, but apparently they have a big surplus. Sooo we currently have 3 car seats! Is anyone giving away baby swings???
Last night we went to an Infant CPR class, which was very informative. We learned what to do if a baby is ever unresponsive or if they are choking. Here's to hoping and praying that we never have to use this information!!

I feel like I've been eating so much food without any regard to the healthiness or caloric intake. I'm really afraid to go back to the doctor on the 8th.

I went back to the stitchers group again this week. Remember, when I left last week, Mrs. Host (we're officially friends now, FB says so, but I don't like to use people's real names until I know they are comfortable with it) said it would be a success if I had an "E" stitched. I COULD NOT WAIT to show her that I actually had "NDREW" done! I showed her and her excitement did not disappoint me. It's like a 5 year old trying to impress her kindergarten teacher and when I showed her, I felt like I got my smiley sticker for the day :) I can't wait to show you guys when I'm done!

That book I'm reading is SO SO good!! I'll tell you all about it when I'm done, but I felt I should mention that because it takes place in London, I'm learning a lot of their slang. For instance, and I should have noted the page so I could give you an exact quote, in one part, there is a guy who is very stressed out and talks about really needing a "fag" in his mouth. I'm still laughing now as I remember by first reaction to this until I realized that a "fag" is really a cigarette. Who knew? I also find that when I'm thinking things in my head (like reading this blog as I type) that my inside voice now permanently has a English? accent. I kind of enjoy it, I just hope it doesn't come out when I talk out loud. That would be quite awkward. (that was said very Londonly in my head).

That's about all for now. We have a decent weekend coming up I think. I may be going to dinner with some wives from Trey's unit tonight, but I'm not sure if that's set in stone yet. Trey is going to a party tonight at a guy's house that he went to OCS with. I've already come to terms with the fact that I will be picking him up, but so help HIM God if it's after 10:00. (hey.. I'm pregnant.. that is past my going out time!) Tomorrow morning we'll be thrown into finding a new mechanic in this area. His window won't roll up. AGAIN. Well a different one this time, but still.. and tomorrow afternoon we have some kind of get together with his unit.

Maybe I'll make him steak and baked potatoes one night, since he'll be putting a crib together next week...

June 22, 2010

On my mind today

One thing I have noticed since becoming pregnant that absolutely baffles my mind, is the relationship between us moms out there. I'm talking every one of them. Family, friends, strangers. Everyone. I've seen this discussed on other blogs lately as well and I had to pipe in!

I would think there would be a sense of camaraderie between us all. Kind of like, "hey, I've been through it, you've been through it, let's help each other out" kind of thing. Instead, what I've noticed since day 1, is that it's more of a competition of sorts.

For starters, everyone has an opinion about every single matter. Which is normal, but if my opinion differs from yours, do you really have to belittle me for it? The one I've ran into personally the most is epidural vs. natural. YES, I have every intention of getting an epidural as soon as possible when I go into labor. So you did all three of yours naturally, huh? That is great for you! I respect the fact that you wanted to give birth at home, in a bath tub... please respect my decision to go to the hospital and get drugged as much as possible. MKay? Thanks.
Being a SAHM vs. Working mom. Who cares what other people are doing? Why would you ever feel the need to roll eyes, make a nasty comment, think you are better than that person? Do whatever is right for you and your family. This is a hard choice to make and everyone is different. Not everyone is cut out to be a SAHM and vice versa.

I could go on and on and on. Breast feeding vs. Formula. Letting your baby cry it out at bed time or not. blah blah blah.

Not only is every single mom different, but so is every baby. I see "baby competition" happening all the time and I think it's horrible. Babies develop at different stages. Just because baby number 1 started rolling over/crawling/talking, etc. before baby number 2 did... please don't make mom number 2 feel like a complete failure because of it. Just try not to compare your children okay? Especially with first time mothers... it hurts mom number 2's feelings... I've seen it happen.

Main point of this jumbled up thought process? I REALLY wish we could be more of a support system than a device to compare and contrast notes. In the end, isn't all that matters is that mom and baby are happy and healthy? Who cares how we all get there, right?

Now... if I happen to notice your child is still breast feeding when he or she standing up.. THEN I may start judging a little...

June 21, 2010

New Hobby

Within our first week of getting to El Paso, the realtor we were using (and now turned friend) invited us to a cookout they were having along with other military couples. There was another pregnant wifey there (again turned friend) who invited me to join in her Fort Bliss craft group. I kept saying "yes I'd love to" for about a month, but other things kept coming up. Finally, last week, I was free and went to the craft group albeit with nerves in my stomach.
I don't have the easiest time trying new things. I usually do and am up for trying just about anything, but it's always hard for me. Just have to push the nerves away!
Anyway.. I'm so glad I went! Turns out it's actually a stitchers group and these ladies are all waaay more advanced than I am. As in, they were making quilts and I don't know how to sew a button on a pair of pants! So yeah... way advanced. I felt comfortable right away though. I enjoyed chatting and had every intention of coming back next week, but not really participating.

Then the host got ahold of me and insisted I start a project. We'll start you easy she said.. with cross stitching. I looked at her like she was insane, but mindlessly followed her into her sewing room and let her load me up with supplies. It's like she had me brain washed and I could say no. All I knew is that I was in over my head. Before I knew it, I was on my way home with everything I needed to make a burp cloth for my son. Except confidence.

I took everything home and stared at it for a few hours giving myself a pep talk. You can do this. It's just a burp cloth. Who cares how it turns out, Andrew's just going to be spitting up all over it anyways. I'll be able to keep it and tell him later on, "look what your mama made for you". Just try it.. who knows.. you might be a genius at cross stitching. I finally pick up the cloth and clumsily thread the needle.. I'm all thumbs. I can't figure out what the hell she meant by stitching all in the same way and something about top left to right bottom. Right bottom of what???
The next afternoon I leave a desperate comment on above mentioned "friend" who forced me to start this crap anyways, letting her know I was giving up until we met up next. I vented and vented. Then picked it back up, pissed that I was failing, and was determined to conquer this burp cloth.. it was not going to get the best of me.

That's all I needed I guess. Something clicked and I figured it out just like that. I'm glad I was home alone because the happy dance that ensued after that was probably not pretty. I was so flippin proud of myself.

The host said if I come back on Thursday with an E done (his name is part of the design and you have to start in the middle) she'll call it a success. I'm not done yet, of course, but it's only Monday and look what we have so far...

In the end, it'll say "Andrew" and the name will be being (that drives me crazy) towed away by a tow truck.. hence the wheels on the bottom of his name. It's not perfect by any means, but I'm glad that friend of mine (we can take the quotation marks away now ) ;) introduced me to something I NEVER would have tried on my own!

June 18, 2010

Return to Sullivan's Island

No, not me I'm afraid. I wish I were on my way there. I wish I were on my way to any beach really... but South Carolina beaches? You can't beat 'em!

I just finished reading Dorothea Benton Frank's book Return to Sullivan's Island and as per usual, she did not disappoint! She is by far one of my favorite authors and I can't say enough about her books. They are all named after and take place in the different lowcountry areas of SC. With every book, you get a glimpse of what it would be like to live in that area.. the slow paced lifestyle where nothing is more important that your family, y'all. From the moment I open to page one, I feel like I am home again, well close to home anyways.. I feel like I am an SC island girl just like her. I can almost feel the sand between my toes as I'm turning from page to page.

Seriously, if you've never read anything by Mrs. Frank, start now! I've read all of them except her latest, Lowcountry Summer, and I can't wait to get my hands on that one :)

Yesterday, I went to the library to pick up my next book. The ones I wanted to read most were all checked out (really... I'm dying to read The Help) so I had to put them all on hold and went blindly in the sea of books to pick one out based on if I thought the cover was interesting. I picked one by an author I've never heard of (Penny Vincenzi, The Best of Times) and I can't put it down!! Which is a good thing since it's due in a week...

June 15, 2010

Hi, my name is Jessica...

and I have an addiction problem.

Yes, it's true. I am addicted to the Internet.

I've been seeing a little survey going around on blogger, where the husband answers questions about his wife. I thought it was cute and was curious to see what my husband would say, so I put him up to it. He begrudgingly obliged. I had full intentions of posting it up this week, but then decided against it. For as much of an open person I am, Trey is completely the opposite. He's a very private person and took the survey a lot more seriously then I thought he would. All of the answers were sweet and it turned out to be a good thing because it opened up conversation between us. We talked for probably an hour after it. TV off, no distractions, just us chatting. Sadly, that doesn't happen as often as it should.

The only reason I bring this up is that it made me realize my "addiction". I will share one answer-
Q: What is one thing your wife does that drives you crazy? (for real, not in a freaky way)
A: Spends a lot of time on the Internet (blogs and facebook) and then stresses out when you haven't gotten anything done.

At first I was defensive. I have found myself feeling bad because I'm not getting as much done around the house as I used to. And when he comes home, sometimes I talk to him about that. But that has nothing to do with my being on the Internet and all to do with the fact that I just don't have the energy right now (my growing child is sucking it all right out of me). So it was important to me to get that misconception out of the way.
He explained that he doesn't care that the house isn't immaculate or that he has to pick up some of the slack. What's really been bothering him is the fact that we'll wake up on a Saturday morning and after breakfast, he's ready to go go go. Especially being in a new city... he wants to get out there and explore it. In the meantime, I'm sitting around checking facebook, reading waaayyy too many blogs and trying to comment on whatever I feel the need to comment on, and even writing one of my own posts. Two hours later, he's incredibly antsy and I don't want to do much because of the heat.

He has a major point. He works hard all week and looks forward to the weekend to spend some QT together and do something new. Here I am, so wrapped up in myself, that I'm not even thinking about what he wants to do. Of course I want to spend time with him. And I do want to get out there and do as much as we can by ourselves before Andrew gets here. And yes, I'd love to get an early start before the heat takes every ounce of energy out of me. But I can't deny the fact that I almost feel some sort of responsibility towards blogger as well. And that is just ridiculous.

To get to the point... I'm going to be going back to the basics. I've already started going through blogs and deciding which ones I really can't live without. That way I'll still be reading the ones that I'm really connected to and can relate to, and hopefully leave more thoughtful comments on those. I'm going to have to cut the amount that I have been reading way back and I hope I don't offend anyone by doing so. I'd love to keep up with every one's blog that follows mine, but I also need to put real life first. I've gotten way too sucked into this online world. At the same time, I don't want to dissuade new followers from introducing yourselves!
I'm going to attempt to cut blogging out during the weekend as well. Baby steps here...

Thanks for listening to me blab and I hope everyone can understand!

June 14, 2010

300 :)

I just happened to notice that this is my 300th post!! Crazy! I'm ashamed to say that I'm not one to stick with very many things once I start them (you know.. diets, exercise programs, different hobbies) and I never thought blogging would be the one to stick. In September it will be 2 years that I'm been on this blogging train.. yes I went and checked the date. It started as a curiosity when a co-worker started one. I didn't have any intention to start my own, but I was reading others and soon enough I found myself invested in complete strangers lives. I started to feel like a total creeper and soon worked up the courage to start my very own blog. I didn't think I'd have anything to talk about.. ppshh.. I should have known better. Now I'm here at my 300th post, I have some girls out there all around the country world who I consider real friends, this blog has followed me through now two major life changes, it's seen my ups and downs and has helped to keep family and friends connected when I feel so far away. I'd say it's been a good ride so far!

We had a great weekend here in El Paso! First of all - it wasn't in the triple digits. Can I get an Amen?? Second of all - my Uncle Ronnie is home from the hospital!! Yaayyy... thank you so much for all of your prayers.. they truly did help! Turns out he had a small stroke in the middle of the night, and while seizing, flipped over and was suffocated by his pillow. Thankfully, both of his sons are trained heroes and my cousin Kenny was the first one to get there. He performed CPR and saved his dad - Thank God for him! I cannot express how much I love my family. I know.. everyone says that.. but seriously? These people are awesome. They have the best personalities. Once he was awake in the hospital, the humor started. Apparently, he was serenaded by a room full of people on his first night out of his coma, to songs like, You're as cold as ice and Back in the saddle again. That's just one thing I love about my family - every single one of them will be there for a shoulder to cry on for.. mmmm.. about 5 minutes maybe - but then you'll be laughing so hard along with the tears and as long as you're together, nothings too big to handle.

Sooo.. anyways.. got a little carried away on that subject. Other highlights from the weekend:

We did some work around the house. I am almost box free! Drew's room is a lot less cluttered as I spent a good 3-4 hours starting to get it organized on Saturday. I washed his clothes for up to 3 months and now have some of them hanging in his closet :) All we need now furniture wise is the crib (which should be coming soon.. big shot out to mum and dad), the bedding, and a dresser. I can't even think about all else we still need without having a slight panic attack, so lets not go there.

We got together with some new friends Saturday night for game night and had a great time.

Tried a new church out Sunday morning. I can't say that we'll be going back. Let's just say it was VERY contemporary. Too much so. And for me to say that, you know it was pretty far out there. I felt like I was in a Will Ferrell movie. We couldn't see a thing when we walked in it was so dark. The band was completely rocking out on stage, smoke, neon lights, and crazy guy on the electric guitar included. The sermon was great, but all we could do was laugh when we got back in the truck... not quite our cup of tea.

Went to a pool party/cookout Sunday afternoon. It's the second time we've hung out with this group of people and I big time heart them. We're now becoming facebook friends so it's pretty official. Not to mention - it felt awesome to be in that pool and be weightless.

And most exiting part of my weekend - I got the cutest package from my mum! I LOVE GETTING PACKAGES IN THE MAIL. Especially when they come with little notes everywhere. Great job mum!

A little onsie for Drew to wear on Labor Day... he just better be here by Labor Day is all I have to say about that. Then it occurred to me that my family will probably be here to celebrate Labor Day.. do you know how happy that makes me??? Hello, grillin out and good times!Clearly she is a little silly. She loves Deadliest Catch and Captain Phil's death was a little hard on her. So here we have a set of PJ's with crabs on them apparently in memory of Capt. Phil...Patriotic solar lights to put in our rocks yard for the 4th of July. I can't wait to use them!

June 11, 2010


Another quick post, as I don't know much yet, but I know all I need to know for now.
My uncle woke up this morning at 3:45 and is responsive! He's answering questions by nodding or shaking his head and squeezing fingers. We know he is returning to his normal self as he is pretty pissed that there is a tube down his throat... which I hear should be coming out soon!

They don't know what caused this to happen yet, but we are all just celebrating the fact that he seems to be on the way to recovery. Now we just hope and pray for a full one.

Him and my aunt have plans to come down to SC for Christmas and Lord help Trey's commander if they don't let us go as well. My uncle has a great nephew to meet and I can't wait to get my arms around him!

June 10, 2010


Just a quick post to share a thought...

Is it possible for your life's passion to be something you are not even capable of doing yourself??
Can you tell where this is headed? I post about this every time it comes back on, as if I haven't explained enough how much I love it. Yes, another season of So You Think You Can Dance has started and I am in love all over again.

As I sit here watching the dancers perform in their own genre tonight, my heart explodes with happiness and some performances even bring me to tears. I can't get enough of all the Contemporary, Jazz, and hip hop numbers and the choreographers, in my opinion, are shear geniuses. Travis Wall, Mia Michaels, Napoleon and Tabitha, Lil C, Mandy Moore, and Tyce Diorio... I love your crazy sick dancing selves.

Now if I only had their talent. Instead I live vicariously through them all.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers! We still don't know much more information. They are slowly bringing his temperature back up and as soon as they do, they will bring him in for a cat scan. We should know something tomorrow morning. I'm staying positive!

June 9, 2010

Today, my heart is sad

Yesterday I was asking for advice, today I'm going to be asking for prayers if you're the praying type, lots of good juju if you are not.

Last night, my uncle (he is also my godfather) started seizing in the middle of his sleep. CPR was preformed on him before he got to the hospital and when he did arrive at the hospital, he was life-flighted to another one. The doctors don't really know what went wrong other than they believe it is something to do with his heart. He's now on all kinds of machines, they have him in a medically induced coma until tomorrow afternoon, and they will be preforming an echo tonight. They don't know what will happen tomorrow when they wake him up.

I JUST saw him while on my trip to Massachusetts. He was fine. His normal ornery self. I was just sitting on his lap while he loved on my belly. We JUST enjoyed a dinner of Papa Gino's pizza together. Now I'm sitting here all day, praying, glued to my phone for any kind of update.

For now, I'm staying positive. I'm thinking good thoughts and plan on giving him hell when he wakes up for scaring us all like this. We'll show him...

June 8, 2010

A little help from my friends?

Have just a few thoughts that I would love to get some opinions on :)

After many conversations with my mum, we are both at a loss as to when she should plan on coming to visit for Andrew's birth. She has set aside two weeks of vacation time to be with me (let's get real.. for me? More like for that grandchild of hers, but either way, yes I know I'm very very blessed), but we just don't know when she should buy her plane tickets for. I know you can't very well plan the birth of a child, but I'd love to know what some of you ladies have done! She would love to be here for the birth, but how do you do that besides just plain guessing? If she gets here too early, and he decides to arrive too late, then she misses a lot of time while he's here. Or have you found it better to just suck it up and plan for your family to be there afterwards? I guess our real issue here is that she wants to be here as soon as possible before/after birth but not have to buy a last minute plane ticket. Unless for some reason we have a scheduled birth (which doesn't seem likely at this point), I'm thinking we're going to have to make our best guess, but I wanted to see if you girls had any genius words of wisdom you had to share!

Second subject... After all of Trey's hard work.. it's finally here. He's working a real Army job and has real responsibilities. He seems happy with everything so far! But that's besides the point. He has some stuff coming up that he is required to go to after working hours and I'm not sure if I should be going to or not. For instance, this week, he has to be at a volunteer recognition thing. I'd love to go with him, but is it customary for the wife to go to things like this or is it set up for a certain amount of people that they have accounted for? I clearly have more learning to do!

Thank you so much for your input!

I took the Gestational Diabetes test last week and passed! No three hour nasty test for me.. thank God! I also had my Rhogam shot since I have a negative blood type. They always assume the baby is positive and if that's the case, without this shot, if our blood mixed it could kill the baby :( How's that for starting the confidence of a first time mother? My blood is pretty much poisonous to my child! All should be good now and I'll have another one after the birth to protect any future children. I have my first Centering appointment this Thursday, so I'll let everyone know how that goes!

June 6, 2010

~28 Weeks~

Welcome to our third trimester!! I can't believe how fast time flies (I'm sure I'll be saying that for the rest of our life, watching Drew grow like a weed)!

Your daddy and I are growing more and more excited by the day to meet you. You keep us smiling and laughing already from all of your rolling around and kicking in there. I've been enjoying this for quite some time now, but your daddy is really getting into it. He can feel you just about every time he puts his hand on my belly and he is loving it. We can even see you moving around in there just by looking at my belly.
According to What to Expect, you weigh about 2 1/2 pounds now and should be about 16 inches long, although when I went to the doctor on Friday she said you were measuring a little bigger (by about 2 weeks). Daddy may get his football player after all. You'll experience immense pressure from him to play college ball at Alabama, but trust me, I'll make sure you know that you can go and do wherever and whatever you want!
You'll be very confused as to what teams to be a fan of with this family. Just roll with it... with every one's favorites, and all the clothes you've gotten so far.. you can't really go wrong with whoever you chose. You're just not allowed to be an Ohio State or Colts fan. You'll have natural instincts to favor the Patriots I'm sure anyways! Don't you let that Norton side of the family to talk you into be Dallas fans...
Anywho.. I got off on quite the tangent...

How far along: 28 weeks! Beginning of the 3rd trimester!
Total weight gain: 15 1/2 pounds.. I've gained 7 lbs in the past 7 weeks. Not necessarily a pound a week.. I gained a lot last month. It seems to be evening out again, but I'm sure there is a lot more to come.. right? I'm okay with this. It happens. I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies, but I sure will have an ice cream if I'm wanting it bad enough!

Maternity clothes: This hasn't changed much since the last questionnaire I did. I'm in mostly all maternity clothes.. all maternity bottoms and dresses, but I can still wear some normal tops. Maternity everything is just more comfortable at this point though!

Stretch marks: Just a few and very faint. I'm okay with this too. I'm a mom.. it's okay not to flaunt my belly around in a bikini if I don't want to. Let's get real.. I shouldn't have been doing that for a while now.. probably ever ;)

Sleep: I actually feel like I've been sleeping better lately. Maybe I'm just getting used to the aches and pains, or I've just mastered the art of the body pillow. I do get up once during the night to pee though, never fails anymore.
Best moment this week: This has to be a mix between starting to feel you nonstop now and hearing your heartbeat again.. still up there at 158 bpm! I'm loving seeing Trey's face when he feels a big kick! Or it could have been this morning at church when a complete stranger simply said to me "you look very beautiful". That was nice because, 1. most people just say, "oh my, when are you due" and 2. sometimes I do feel beautiful pregnant and sometimes I just, well, DONT.
Movement: Oh yeah! The last time I did this was at 21 weeks and I could feel you, but not from the outside. 7 weeks later and we can feel you non-stop! It's the best feeling in the world :)

Food cravings: Ehhh... still not a lot. I think I'm just now starting to experience this just a little and it's been for ice cream. One day last week, I talked Trey into going to Coldstone at 4:00. I think even he enjoyed having ice cream before dinner a little bit. I wanted some again last night, but not enough to go out and get it. I refuse to keep it in my house! I'm still LOVING my fruits!!

Showing: Ha.. yes! My belly looks like a boulder. Here's some pics:

21 Weeks 28 Weeks
28 Week Frontal

Labor signs: Still none yet that I know of. I worry a little because I hear lots of girls have been feeling Braxton-Hicks by this point, but if I am, I have no clue! I'm guessing I'll know it when I feel it though..

Mood temperament: This seems to have evened out a little bit since last time too. Although, this El Paso heat does test my temper. I feel like when I'm out there in it, all patience goes out the door and I'm a bit testy. I don't really cry any more than usual.

Milestones: Welp, making it to the 3rd and final trimester is a big one, I would say!

Weekly wisdom:
Dear Self,
I know you love to be outside. I know you feel trapped when you stay indoors while the sun is shining. It may be okay to run an errand or two during the middle of the day if you really have to get out, but this El Paso sun is NO JOKE. Stay inside as much as you can. You get drained very easily when you're out in temps above 100 degrees and it's just not good for you. Take your walks at night and take Jennifer up on her offer to use her pool to swim some laps!

June 3, 2010

3 Years

Yesterday was Trey and I's 3 year wedding anniversary. We have actually been together for just about 8 years now.

We had a very quite day celebrating together. In true "us" fashion, we didn't get crazy with it. I wrote him a long letter, letting him know just how much I love him and re-promising our vows. I feel like we've come such a long way in just the past 3 years that I wanted to take the time on this special day to recommit to each other. To make sure he knows that no matter what we've been through and no matter what may come our way, that I still think the world of him. That I still love him to a million tiny pieces. That I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

We never have celebrated with elaborate presents or outings, he does little things that speak so much louder to me. We slept in and after a lazy morning we went to Target where he bought me curtains for the living room and yet another fan because he can't stand to see how miserable I get in this heat. After that we mosied on over to Chick-fil-a to turn in our coupon for a free spicy chicken sandwich.. delish! They cheered loudly for us when we ordered and even got our picture taken with the cow ;)
For dinner we went to the Olive Garden where I enjoyed a simple bowl of linguine alla marinara and he got the grill plate. His looked at tasted marvelous! I know what I'm getting next time! Then we came home and flipped channels between SYTYCD, the final Alabama baseball game (where they sadly lost), and the first of the Celtics/Lakers games (where the Celtics thankfully won).

And that seriously wraps up our anniversary day. Not much to share and very simple and laid back... I wouldn't have it any other way!

June 1, 2010


The 1st of June comes with a few different realizations for me.

1. Seriously?! It's really June already? The month of May flew by for me... I'm not really sure if I really even participated in May, or did it just skip from April to June for me?
2. Hubs and I keep talking about this human growing in me like it's a far off, pretend concept. As I was peeing for the 3rd time in a 1/2 hour today, it suddenly hit me that he will be here.. like soon. Like in possible 12ish weeks soon. Holy crap! I have a lot to do. WE have a lot to do!
3. My busy period is over.. for now. That is until the above mentioned child decides to enter into this world. Which means.. I should be back to my blogging away self. Everybody all together now - "yyaaaayyyyy!! Woohoooooo! Oh Em Geeee we've missed you" *all while jumping up and down and clapping*

Awww thanks guys... I've really missed you too. I seriously skimmed over the last 500 some odd blogs you've all written, so hopefully I have a free pass for a while if I've missed anything important. I'll catch up soon.

I just got back from a short little trip to Massachusetts for my long long time friend's wedding. Really.. it was a little emotional watching the girl I used to take baths with say "I do" to the best man out there for her. She was absolutely the most beautiful bride I've ever seen!

The bride at her rehearsal... so pretty!!

In her beautiful dress dancing with my cousin

When the bridal party was announced into the reception, we all came in to different songs and acts to play out. I'm pretty sure ours was the best. He's a huge hulk fan... I've never seen him wrestle a day in my life. He quickly showed me what to do and we were champs out there. Here I am in the shirt he made for me. If only I had it on video.. it was pretty classic.
It ended with us ripping those shirts off and throwing them out to the crowd. They loved it.

Now, I'm back in El Paso with my hubby and enjoying a few more days of free time before his 10 days are up and it's back to reality. We'll be doing a lot of relaxing and going a few different places we want to see here and there. Tomorrow will involve calling our landlord. I know that I still don't fully understand the whole Swamp Cooler concept, but seriously, somethings gotta be wrong. I know it's hot down here, but I'm pretty sure I'm living in cruel and unusual living conditions. I'm sweating from every orifice of my body and it's not pretty. Makes for a very cranky 27 week pregnant woman.

Tomorrow is also our 3 year anniversary!!