December 31, 2008

~Last post of 2008~

I waited until the last minute huh? Almost! We have plans to go hang out with about 10 or 12ish of our closest friends and ring in the new year right. Lots of food and lots of booze! *we'll be safe.. I promise* We'll have a fried turkey, green bean casserole, potatoe salad, bufallo chicken dip (my dish) and I'm sure lots of other random good eats. Here's some few tidbits I have to catch yall up on:

The best deal of the year:
My mum gave me the cutest "nice" winter jacket for Christmas. Unforunately it was a tad too big and when I went back to Penneys they didn't have anymore. So I start looking around, head to the $50 sale rack, and find an amazing black and white houndstoothish jacket. Nice! I march my happy rear end on up to customer service to make my exchange. Get up to the counter and cashier girl does her thing, takes a second look at the register, and asks me how much I think the jacket is. I tell her proudly, $50. She feels the need to go on and check on that. She heads back complaining to cashier girl #2 about co-workers putting sale signs up in not so much sale areas and does her thang on the cash register. I steel a glance at her computer, wondering what all the fuss is about.. heck yes! I just got a $250 jacket and all I had to come out of pocket with was $8!! Holler!

My NOT a New Years Resolution:
I'm going to run a mini-marathon this year!! Mum.. quit laughing!!
I started this week so we could be clear that this is NOT a resolution. I never stick with my NY's resolutions! I'm not by any means and never have been a runner so this whole thing is starting off very very slow. I went to the website "from couch to 5K" for my training guidelines. It's a 9 week program and it tells you to do certain things 3 times a week. I think I'll be aiming for 4 times a week though, just because I also need to lose a few (28) lbs!! This week involves a 5-minute warm up walk, then 60-seconds jogging followed by 90-seconds walking. I do that for a total of 20-minutes. Next week I think those numbers are switched, but I'm not sure. The first day wasn't so so bad. The second day I thought I might die by the end of it! When I got home I could barely put any of my weight on my legs. I'm determined though and I know it will get easier. I'll do my other two on Friday and Saturday. Wish me luck!!

Also, Trey took the pre-test for the ASVAB again this morning. This time the recruiter came to our house, which I thought was very nice! I was still at work by the time he was finished. He calls me and says, "Well, looks like I won't be joining the Army any time soon". WHAT?! I didn't know how to respond. I felt horrible for him. I'm not quit sure what I said, but his response was, "Sike, your husbands a genious!!!" AWWwwwww!! I'm so proud of him and happy for him. He feels great about himself right now. Last time he scored a 40-something. This time he got a 70-something. *sorry for the inaccuracy* The recruiter told him that was more than enough to pass the test :) He takes the real thing next Wednesday. Prey, hold your breath, cross your fingers, wish on a lucky star... Let's do whatever it takes!!

I hope everyone has a safe, happy, and most of all fun New Years Eve!!!

December 27, 2008

Finally a free minute

And UNC just lost their bowl game. Boo. I won't go any further into that..

Trey and I had a great Christmas this year. But is it just me, or did it go way too fast. I spent the majority of the day packing away all of our decorations. It felt like I just put them up! I remember thinking last year that I was almost thankful to be putting them away, but not so much this year. Although it is nice to remember that my living room is all that much bigger than it's looked like during the past month! There's a plus!

First we had Christmas Eve with Trey's family. We had dinner (a roast, potatoes, salad.. i'm pretty sure there was a veggie, but I don't remember). We sat around watching the Hawaii bowl game, then waited for his sister to get off of work to exchange gifts. With his family, everyone picks names and only buy for that person... which is nice on the wallet. My MIL had my name. I got pretty good gifts. My favorite though was this:

So thoughtful of her! Especially since they are not such big fans. (??!? I know right! Crazy!) We didn't get back to our house until around midnight.

The next morning we got up pretty early and had breakfast together. We made (read: mostly I made) eggs, turkey bacon, sausage, and biscuits. All hubs picks. That was basically my present to him. We didn't exchange gifts at all. (Unless you count buying a house and a 52" flat screen TV during the year) We just don't have much cash flow coming in and would rather buy for our family than for eachother. We got to my parents house around 10:30 and about 1/2 the living room was covered in presents. Nice job of "not having a big Christmas mum"! I don't think that she can help herself! Cayce was there to greet us at the door.. so excitedley:

With her pretty Christmas collar on! She loves it! What a pretty baby!!

Santa was very very good to us over there! Some of my favorites were.. Patriots flag to hang outside (that was actually from my brother) a toaster oven, George Foreman grill, a niiccee for Trey and I each). And my other brother, Steven, got us some decorations to put outside for next year. I don't think he was quite satisfied with our decor when he came over ;) Santa brought the whole family a Wii!!! We had so much fun with that all day. We couldn't get enough. (until the Celtics game came on of course) Yall.. my dad even liked it! That says a lot.. he doesn't play games!

Oh I almost forgot. My friend Ashleigh got me a gorgeous ring from her jewelery (sp) party she had last month:

LOVE IT!!! We joked later that we felt like we got engaged bc I told her I couldn't stop staring at it. Teehee.. No? Not funny? It was at the moment. Not so much now. Oh well...

So there you have it. Tonight we're going to have dinner and possibly a few drinks with two other couples we're very close with. Trey and the two other guys have been friends since 9th grade. Just a bonus that us girls get along so well! Back to work Monday :( *Oh yes, back to a normal work week.. for now*

December 23, 2008

Test Results

Thank you so much for comments from yesterdays post about Trey. I knew when I went private that I'd get less feedback, but for the few that do comment, yall have NO IDEA how much I appreciate it. I have such a hard time commenting from our computer for some reason that I have yet to figure out. It only lets me comment on a few of your blogs. The other ones, when I try, my internet connection goes out. It never fails with Red, White, and Preppy's and KLC's. I hate it and it's so frustrating! I really do care and I always try. I just doesn't happen. Just know that I follow religiously and wish I could give you my feedback more steadily!

Trey got home last night rather pumped. He didn't actually get to take the ASVAB yet. His recruiter gave him some kind of pre-test to get a good guess as to what he'd make on the actual test. (He needs to make a certain score to get into OCS and Mr. Recruiter wants to make sure he gets that on the first try.. hopefully) Well he didn't on the pre-test. Passed the English part with flying colors. Not so much the Math. All that algrebra and fractions and stuff is hard after you've been out of school for so long!! I know I'd have a problem with it! But they gave him and website to go to where he can brush up on his skills. Someone is coming out to our house on the 31st so he can take that again. Then I guess we will go from there. I think he can pass the second time :)
But T was all pumped up about the info they gave him. He's liking the money and the opportunity to see the world. And mostly to be doing something that he can feel great about.

So that's where we are with that. Rest assured that I'll be keeping yall updated!

Is everyone ready for Christmas???!? I know I am. We're sitting around the house now with a fire blazing, the Tree lit up, and my mum's Christmas Tree scented candles going everywhere... perfect! I am fully, fully content. The only thing that could make this better is if I didn't have to get up and work in the morning!! Yes, I'll be working *probably* all day tomorrow. We've never had to work a full day on Christmas Eve, but with all these refi's going on.. we are so so busy. So I'm thinking we'll be there all day! Which is fine, I'm off Thur. and Fri of this week and the same next week. T has the day off tomorrow and his grandfather is in town from Alabama, so he'll be visiting with him all day. I know he's very thankful for that. I'll be going over to my in-laws after I get off. That's our Christmas time with them (we switch off holidays every year). Thursday morning, we'll wake up and spend the morning alone. I'm making him his big perfect breakfast (eggs, turkey bacon, and sausage biscuits) then we'll head on over to my parents to spend the day there. I'm so excited. We always have a good time at my parents house. There may or may not be a couple bottles of Reisling involved.. just saying.

I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. And stay safe!!!

December 22, 2008

Changes may be coming!

How do I even start this?? *sorry if I ramble too much*
Hubs is going to an Army recruiting station at 3:00 today to take the ASVAB test.
Yes, I know, I'll let that sit in and resinate for a little bit....

Okay! I can do this!
Trey grew up in a military family. It's all he's even known. He always knew he would follow in his father's, grandfathers, etc, footsteps. Of course by the time he graduated from HS he followed another path. (ie staying in town drinking all weekend with his buddies) and then meeting myself of course the year after we graduated. The military plans were pushed to the back burner and at that point in my life, if I had anything to do with it, I was pushing those plans right out the window!
T finished school and has tried three different jobs from that point on. Went back to school last semester to get his Masters. He's never really satisfied with the jobs he's tried out for one reason or another. The jobs he REALLY wants to get into, he seems to keep getting declined for. So when my brother announced recently that he's joining the Nat. Guard, the ideas started brewing with T again. He really really wants to do this. Of course he's worried about us being apart, but the desire to be doing something he's always wanted to do, and knowing that this will give him a surefire way to provide for his *future* family, is the reason he's going for it. My acceptance has a lot to do with it too.
His father set him up with a recruiter that he's been friends with for years apparantly. He got T an appointment to take the test right away. His goal is to make a certain score on this test so he can get into Officer Candidate School (OCS).. which this recruiter guy seems to be pretty sure of his ability to get him into it. So.. this would mean.. 8 weeks basic training followed directly by 14 weeks of OCS.
Of course I'm freaking out slightly inside. But we're at a completely different point in our lives than when we just started dating. I don't think we could have made it through this back then. Now obviously we're married and much stronger. And I'd like to think I'm much more mature than I was at that point in my life. This isn't set in stone yet, but with my personality I immediately start worrying and imagining that this will be my life.
I have moments where I'm perfectly ok with all of this. I know that I'll be so so proud of him. It'll be great to see him happy. Seeing what this will do to him will make me happy definately. But then there are moments last night. We're laying on the couch watching one of my all time favorite movies *love actually* and I just started crying. I was picturing myself alone while he's gone at that time of the day and that's when I think it'll be tough. When the day is over, it's dark, and I'm just lounging on the couch, getting ready to get to bed. Yuck!
I need to do my research if he does do well on this test. I have no idea what to expect after basic and OCS is over with. As in.. what are his chances in being deployed and how often we'll have to move around if any.
Now i'm just jumping the gun big time. I'll stop now. One step at a time. Let's just see how he does today!!

December 17, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets

For those of you who watch Lipstick Jungle, bare with me. If you don't, great! I have to describe part of one of the last few episodes to go into the main point of my post. Which I am sickly very excited about.
I think it was about 2 weeks ago, Niko and her boyfriend Kirby went to an art exhibit that he had heard about. Everyone got together in this room and had the opportunity to write any secret they had buried deep down on the wall with an invisible, glow-in-the-dark marker. After a certain amount of time, the lights were turned off and the wall was filled with everyone's secrets. Only you have no idea who wrote them on the wall. There was a little more drama involved in the episode, but that's all I need to refer to. I LOVED that idea. I thought that was so neat and thought about how much weight that must lift off of anyone's shoulders to get that out. Even if you're not directly telling anyone. At least you know it's there, right? Plus I find it absolutely fascinating to see some of the stuff that people keep in. Plus I'm just down right nosy! Let's be honest ;)
All of the above reasons explains why I was so THRILLED to see an email from a co-worker today. She knows me a little too well and thought I might be interested in this website (and I never even told her about the Lipstick Jungle episode). I suscribed to it immediately so I could be the ever-faithful follower that I could be. I guess the person who has this blog has an address out there where people can send in their secrets on a postcard.. and people send those puppies in! Some are funny, some sad, some scary. All very interesting.
So let's see.. anyone brave enough to share any dirty little secrets?? Leave one as a comment annonomously (sp) if you're up to it : )

December 15, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

Kind Of.
Heather gave me a list to do, a list of 10 of my favorite things starting with G. She did not force this on me, I requested it, but me being the complete slacker and procrastinator that I am, I put it off.. for what? A week. Maybe more. But to my credit, I have been thinking of my fav G's all along the way. Sooo here we go...

1. Grandparents
Who doesn't love their grandparents?? Both of my grandfathers have passed away, both while I was in high school. There will always be times that a wave of sadness rushes over me whether it be when I see pictures or during holidays (especially Christmas) but they've left me with lots of great memories. I do still have both of my grandmothers, which I'm thankful for. Neither one live close to me (one in Mass, one in MD) but they are only a phone call away. And they get so so happy over just a little 5 minute conversation.

2. Great Food
I LOVE me so great food! I try to be careful with it, I really do. But it all boils down to the fact that I just love food. I'll be making some much needed changes though. Really soon.

3. Grapes
Ok.. this wouldn't normally make my list of favorites. But they are one of my favorite fruits so i went with it!

4. Gas Prices
Woooohooooo! They are so cheap right now. I love the fact that I filled up my Santa Fe for $13 the other day. I paid $1.39 per gallon!!! Can't beat that!

5. Giggles
I love the sound of laughter. Especially that full blown, loud laughter that comes from deep down in the heart. Makes me smile all the time.

6. Gifts
I love getting and receiving to be honest. I get much more excited to give them though. I usually can't contain myself and usually give away the surprise before I can actually give the present. Now if I just had more money to do it more often...

7. God
Wow. I've been thinking so much I almost missed an obvious one. Speaking of the big man.. I've just started a new book that I think is going to be amazing! The Shack. I've heard great things about it and I'm sure I'll be dedicating a few posts to it.. or at least bringing it up quite often.

That's it. I'm cheating. I can't possible think of 3 more. I'm sure i'm missing obvious choices, but I just don't have it in me! And to think I could have gotten the letter Z or X!!!
If anyone else would like to try and tackle this little game, let me know. I don't have a son, but I'll make hub pick a letter out for you!

December 13, 2008

My mama

Today is a very special day.. Happy birthday Mum!!!! Although she would insist she is turning the ripe age of 29 for the 10th year in a row, today is her 45th birthday. I think. We have to do the math every year since she has been claiming that 29 every year for so long. Easy for me since she is 20 years older than me. So today is all about her. I wouldn't know what to do without that woman. I love how silly we can be together. My favorite moments are us sitting on her back porch, in their beautiful backyard, surrounded by the trees and her many, many flowers (to say she has a green thumb is an understatement), sipping our Reisling, gossiping and giggling. I love her honesty. She'll tell me what I need to know without holding back. There's no lying to make you feel better with that woman and I love it. I love how she loves her family. We are all number one with her and we all know it. She takes such good care of us. Especiallly those boys (my dad and 2 brothers). They have it good!! She does so much for them.. keeping that house together, being an AMAZING cook, helping the youngest one with his school work, and filling the house with her kick ass personality and laughter. She never stops! My mum is just an all around amazing person and I am so thankful to have her in my life. I really don't think anyone that has ever met her could have something bad to say about her. So here's to you mum.. 45 years is nothing to lie about!
Trey and I are going over my parents house tonight. Nothing big. She's not the "lets go out and make a huge deal" type of celebrater. We're going over there with pizza and subs in tow and it will just be a quiet night hanging out.

Later added:
While I'm ranting. This has been going on for a while now and I'm not sure what's wrong with our internet, but it's really interferring with my bloggy social life. If it seems like I'm not commenting a lot. I'm not. But it's not my fault. I try so very hard to comment every day. There are so many posts that I try to comment on, but for some reason, our internet goes out when I click on "post a comment" It's so very frusterating. Any ideas on why this is happening??

December 6, 2008

One more thing to add to my list of excitement!

My best friend in the entire world JUST NOW got engaged!!! I am so so so happy for her. He is an amazing guy.. seriously.. if I could have gone and picked someone out off of a shelf for her, he would have never come close to Pat! They are perfect together!
Now for a little background info:
Sara lives in Massachusetts. We grew up down the street from each other (hence the name Southern Yankee.. since i'm down here now.. yeah yeah yeah) We met when she was two and I was three. Our families had been close for a really long time. In fact, my cousin used to babysit Sara and her brother and sister.. fast forward years later, S babysat for that same cousins kids.. anyways just to give you a little insight as to how close our lives are. We were INSEPERABLE growing up. Did everything together. When I moved to SC at age 13... I thought my life was ending. It was like ripping half of my heart out and leaving it with her 1300 miles away. *sorry for the dramatics but I'm not really exaggerating*
We've stayed close over the years. Never going too too long without talking and even if we do go longer than acceptable, nothing ever really changes with us. And when we do get to see each other (which is usually about once a year) we just fall together as if we've never been apart.
She was the first person I called when Trey proposed to me over two years ago (wierd) besides my family. And I was lucky enough to have her be a part of my wedding. I know your soul mate should probably be your husband.. and T definately is part that, but I think I have two soul mates. S and I were definately made to be in eachother's life. I couldn't imagine mine without her.. distance and all. Okay enough for the corny details.. I think you get how important this chick is to me. And this dedication post to her is much much overdue :)

Here's a little more detail into the engagement:
First you must know that S is the epitome of a Christmas Elf. She LOVES this time of year.. more so than I. So it's only fitting that he did this during this time of year. This morning they were out picking out a Christmas Tree. She found her perfect choice, he sneaks the box under the tree and says "Ohh look.. there's already a present under there for you" She finds it, which to her looks like a rock and didn't register with her until he got down on one knee.. she freaks.. says yes.. end *or should I say beginning* of story!!
The ring is perfect.. yay for picture messaging. And I only wish I could be up there with her celebrating right now!!! More than you know.

Congratulations Sara (not that she reads this.. YET) and Pat!!!!

December 5, 2008

Things I'm a little excited about:

and I'm in complete and utter love. I LOVED it. loved it, loved it, loved it! When is the next one coming out? Not soon enough. I haven't stopped thinking about it. Is it the best movie ever made quality wise? No. Did they play background music too much during key conversation moments? Yes. But I'm convinced that if you are as obsessive over the books as I was/am... you'll love it! It's everything I hoped it would be, and I have to admit I was a little scared to see it. I didn't want to be dissappointed when I thought so highly of the books. Did not let me down! That quite possibly could have been the quickest two hours of my life. LOVE.
2. SEC Title Game...
Tomorrow, 4:00. Nervous? Maybe. Optimistic? Of course! Alabama v. Florida! Eeekkk.. we'll see. But just think of the possibilities. If Bama looses.. wth.. we won 12 other games. Annndd if we win.. oh hell yes. I can't even begin. Think I'm excited? Hub will be bouncing off of all 4 walls! Wish us luck!!

3. Christmas Decor
Our little house is coming together! We're sitting in the dark with the tree light up and Annie's Christmas Tree candles going strong. A little peice of heaven. Tomorrow we'll take care of the outside lights, but here are just a few pics of the inside :)

*Our beautiful Christmas tree*

*Mantle above fireplace ~ before stockings*

*Dining Room Table*
Have a great weekend! Remember I'll be switching to private at the end of the weekend. I have a little list of emails going so let me know if you'd like to be added!

December 3, 2008

A little bit of privacy...

Wow.. it feels like it's been a really long time since I've posted anything. Yes I have been busy with being in Alabama for Thanksgiving and everything, but really that's no excuse. There were definately times that I could have jumped on. I have been keeping up with everyone else *without commenting*.
Here's my deal:
I've decided to go private. I don't like the idea of ANYONE OUT THERE being able to read my thoughts. Yes, I know, I don't really post about anything personal or of much meaning.. but that's because I'm too worried about Joe Schmo out there reading it. And let me tell you.. that's exhausting! And it kind of freaks me out. I want to be able to write about whatever comes across my mind without scensoring (sp) myself. It's too tiring to have something on my mind but write all around it. So.. there's my decision. I've been debating on it for awhile. But there it is.
I would love for all that do, to continue to read and give me your much appreciated input.. so please please send me your email so I can invite you to read. I'll be changing it over by the end of the weekend.. maybe Monday.
Thanks girls!