May 19, 2011

Why we blog

Have you ever found yourself trying to explain blogger to a non-blogger?

I found myself trying to do just that yesterday and I actually had a hard time explaining. Let me set the scene...

I was on the phone with my SIL chatting about this or that. *That is how 80% of my time is spent during the week while I'm doing other little odd and ends things, but that's neither here nor there* At some point, I don't remember exactly how, my blog came up. I talk about it all the time. Like a lot. So, it comes up rather frequently between us. I've given her my link before, but she is really not into things like this... I knew she never read it. And when I bring up my blog, it's kind of just excepted as a fact of life and we move on. She has never really asked me too much about it.. until yesterday.

She was kind of giggling (okay really giggling) because she cannot fathom why I (we all) would spend so much time on our blogs. What the heck do we talk about. "You have HOW many people that follow your blog?" I told her that was small cookies compared to some other people. She couldn't understand why I would take time out of my day to follow other blogs. Read about peoples lives that I don't know. *For the record, I know she wasn't making fun of us... too much.. she is really just curious about something that is such a big part of my life*

I had a hard time explaining our breed of people. It was hard for me to put into words why I blog other than I like to write. I like to have that connection with you girls (but again, that is soooo hard for some people to understand). I mean.. it does sound a little crazy, right? I love that I've gotten to "know" some of you, but that doesn't sound right to non-bloggers. Why would you want to get to know these people when you have your own "real life" friends. Maybe it's not something I can explain, but I truly do value those of you that have taken the time to read about my life and share your viewpoints and let me into yours.

For me and the little military niche that I am in, that aspect is easy. I can identify with you girls. None of my "RL" friends can relate to me when it comes to this lifestyle. Why I packed up everything I knew (my family, job, friends, etc.) to follow my husband around the world. Why I join an FRG. The crazy hours and acronyms.. you know.. all of that good stuff. A "RL" friend will always be sympathetic and will always listen.. but you guys get it. You've been there. That's nothing against those that don't, but it's nice to have you all.. who have been there. Not to mention, no matter where we get sent, I'll most likely already have a friend at our new home.

So I guess that is my reasoning. It's a hobby. An online, very public, story of our life. Something that helps me connect to people that can relate to me. Something that I'll always be able to look back on and remember the little and big moments. Something that gives me an outlet.

How about you? What are your reasons for being the "crazy" blogger that you are?


trooppetrie said...

Sometimes I think my friends think I am weird when i say "oh I read that on someone's blog".

Mrs. Monkey said...

Because living so far removed from base, I have very few mil-spouse friends. My bloggy friends are the only ones who truly understand the heartaches and triumphs of everyday life.

And, to just spare my friends from having to listen to me complain about it all the time. :)

Jen said...

I am so thankful for all my bloggy friends! It is great being apart of such a wonderful community that is so unique.

ann_yetton said...

And you blog to show your Mom pics of Drew! Which you could do more of! And yes I know I mssed you on Skype tonight. But American Idol and the Bruins were both on at the same time!

Anonymous said...

I really find a sense of community, like you have, with fellow military spouses. Most of my real life friends just don't get it, and no matter where I move in this world my bloggies get to come with me... and I get to follow them. They'refriends I never have to leave!

My grandmom finally stopped giggling when I mention blogs... and blog friends as my friends. Every time I have to explain to her thoguh: "you know, that girl who lives there who has a husband in whatever branch and who does this that or the other... well this is what remember her?"

Michelle A'etonu said...

wow, you hit this one right on the head. my mom thought the whole idea of this blog was crazy until she actually sat down and started reading it--with my dad, who has been reading it every night in bed since I started. now she tells me when it's been a while between posts!

Yollie27 said...

I blog because l love writing & most of all l love how l always get different opinions on anything l talk about.