May 26, 2011

Update on Dad and a WW List

*Be sure to check the bottom of this post for a list of weekly WW topics!*

A big huge Thank you and hug to everyone who left your thoughts and prayers on yesterdays post. I've been holding up okay.. but I've definitely had my moments. It's hard being so far away. You feel useless. Feel like you're be a nuisance to everyone when texting and calling to get updates and just check-in, but that's the only think you can do really. It's been especially hard because Trey has been MIA with work.

He is still in the hospital. I've been getting conflicting reports.. from his labs came back clear and there is no sign of heart attack, then heard last night that that was not the case and some level of whateveritscalled was high which means there was a heart attack. He did the nuclear stress test yesterday, which was four hours long and they were told there was damage seen at the tip of his heart (bottom I guess)  I talked to him last night and he sounded much much better than he did on Tuesday. He was perfectly content with his bed positioned just right, his table pulled up with Cheez-Its (his staple) and whateveritwasthathewasdrinking and the remote, the Bruins game (which I'm guessing in the end didn't make him quite so happy) and the prettiest nurse in the hospital waiting on his every beck and call. So yeahhh.. hearing him with his normal outlook was reassuring.

They did the catheter this morning and he is already done with that.. results are good. No blockage and no sign of any previous heart attack. He is in recovery now and when I asked how he was feeling, he said, "not bad I guess" and he is ready to go to the beach and have a margarita. Ha! I don't know what comes next. On one hand, it is GREAT that it wasn't a HA, but now what? I just pray that they do find something (he knows something is off) and that it is very simple and very, very treatable.

On another note..
I've been thinking about subjects we can chat about on WW Mondays. Thank you so much for all of you who took the time to comment and link up. I'd love to see more participation, but I don't think we did so bad for the first week! Here's what I have thrown together.. feel free to add suggestions of what you'd like to hear/talk about!
And of course on every Monday be sure to share your progress!! That's the most exciting part :)

May 30th: Healthy breakfast ideas
June 6th: What motivates you? (someone in your life, health reasons, an upcoming event, etc)
June 13th: Healthy lunch ideas (I really need help with this one!!)
June 20th: Exercise tips
June 27th: Healthy dinner ideas
July 14th (I figure no one will want to do this on July 4th weekend!): Inspiring quotes

That's all I can think of for now. Like I said, feel free to add your ideas!

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Anonymous said...

How did I just see this? I've been inlala land when it comes to blogging! I'm definitely getting something together for these :D