May 5, 2011

Day 19: Something I miss

I'm going to be real honest here.
I MISS waking up when I WANT to wake up.

Trey and I were laughing the other day about this. Joking around *kind of* that I have the most demanding boss in town. We pictured him in a little Stewie voice:

"I'm awake, come get me mother"
Feed me, I'm hungry
I'm sleepy, put me to bed.
Fetch me that toy.
I've peed myself... change my undergarments.

Ha! I love being Andrew's mother, but yeahhh... just for one day I'd like to do things (specifically, sleep) on my time.. not his. I know this is just a time though and before I know it, I will be missing these times!

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JG said...

:) We say the same thing every weekend since we got the pups. (Well, I say it every day). Jeb would totally sleep till 9 with me, but Achilles is up-and-at-'em at 7:00 on the dot. 6:45 if he can manage it. Dumb dogs.