May 6, 2011

~ 8 Months ~

Here we go.. another month post. I still say time has gone by at lightening speed. Is there a fast forward button on time once you have a child? I heard that somewhere recently, and I'm starting to believe it's true.

You are getting so big, sweet boy! We very much enjoy watching you learn and grow. You are such a great joy in our lives and everyone's lives that you are a part of. You are very loved! A sweet lady at Walmart said the other day that you were her angel sent to her for the day. You love people.. I think you are going to be quite the social butterfly! When I'm carting you around from store to store, I swear sometimes I think you're just waiting for someone.. ANYONE.. to glance your way so you can flash them that big, beautiful smile of yours. And everyone just eats it up! I can't go anywhere without someone commenting on how precious, cute, happy, you are. And "ohh my goodness, those big blue eyes!". You are something else little Andrew! I hope you continue to be a happy, people loving, sweet boy!

You had a doctor's appointment about 2 weeks ago and you were 19.3 pounds and 28 inches long.
You are still wearing size 4 diapers.
Clothes: 9 month onsies and pants. 12 month Pj's and some shortalls. You're a big boy! My body is starting to feel it. Something has got to give. Either I need to start pushing weights, or you've got to learn to walk ;)
You're eating more and more foods and you are getting better at using your two fingers to pick stuff up. You're a pro at the puffs!
You are still only saying da-da. Sometimes I think you are waving hi and bye-bye, but I don't know if you are intentionally doing it. You sure do that a lot though!
You are so close to crawling! You rock back and forth when you are on your hands and knees and have learned to go from that position to sitting. You're trying really hard to go from sitting to crawling position, but most of the time you fall flat on your face. This morning you were successful at it for the first time, so we'll see!
You love the pictures on our wall with all of our family members. You look at them and smile all the time. If you aren't looking at them, all I have to say is, "Where's your family" and you look straight the pictures and start cheesing. It's precious :)
You've found your tongue this month and you love to stick it out and try to find mine. In fact, you seem to be quite obsessed with my facial features. When I give you your bottle, you touch from nose to mouth to eyes while I tell you which part is which. You also try to pick my nose, which is not socially acceptable.
If you are reclined you can hold your bottle by yourself, but make a mess of the formula if I give it to you sitting up. Your car seat has seen this! You are just OKAY with your sippy cup, but definitely an improvement from last month. You're actually much better with a straw than a sippy cup!
You LOVE to be outside and that can cure the most fussiest of moods. Your favorite thing to do is watch cars and trucks pass by. It excites you greatly. Your favorite toy is also Chuck the Truck. I do believe we have a typical boy's boy on our hands :)

We love you sweet boy! More than you will understand until you have a child of your own. Especially as my first mother's day is around the corner, I'm more thankful for you than ever.

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