May 16, 2011

Weighty Issues

I did it. I done joined Weight Watchers.

I never imagined myself like this 8 months after having a baby. I don't know why. Actually, I do know why. I compared myself to other girls I knew that have had babies. Good friends, acquaintances. Some that bounced back with minimal to NO effort. Some that somehow found the time to exercise all hard core - all while caring for a newborn, keeping up house and home, and working full time. Talk about determination.. geesh!
You can't do that though. Compare yourself to people that aren't in your gene pool, that is. I should have known better. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. The majority of my time has been spent on the overweight side. One time I lost it in a very unhealthy way (aka pretty depressed and therefore not eating much of anything and working out excessively) and the other time being from.. duh duh duh.. you guessed it. Weight Watchers.
So after struggling for a few months now, trying to find the time to work out, going from diet to diet, I ended up being far more confused and frustrated than ever. What really works? Counting calories? But it has to be more than just that, right? The type of calories you eat have to matter. Do I get rid of all carbs, some carbs, sugar? That's not reasonable, for sure! I'm bound to fail with that (and I did). Is real sugar better, or fake? I need to choose all of the"light" options to stay in a respectable amount of calories a day, but if the bottle says "light", that just means the sugar has shot up. Gahhhh! These are the thoughts that have plagued me for months now. Multiple times, I couldn't take it and just gave up all together. Only to gain those 5 pounds back, get disgusted with myself and start some other diet.

Enter WW. I know it works. I've done it. It's realistic. It's changed over the years, and incorporates more of the lifestyle Trey and I have been trying to live. Instead of doing a calorie counting based point system, it's all based on high protein and fiber, low fat and carbs. Win win! Trey gets meals cooked that work for his weight loss efforts, and I can FOCUS on the low carb foods, but add in little bits here and there based on points. Make sense? I probably didn't explain it well enough, but it works in my head. I'm excited.

Here's the ugly truth. I weighed in today at 164.4 pounds. I'm 5'3. This isn't okay. I'm very unhappy with the way I look and feel. I dread going on walks with my little family.. isn't that horrible? So not how I pictured myself. But, I'm changing it. I'm doing something about it and that's what matters. I have a destructive relationship with food. My life revolves around it. Borderline obsessive. So, not only do I want to change the way I look and feel... I want to be able to think about daily life and how food mixes in without breaking out into a cold sweat. In fact, I want to think about my weekend plans without thinking about food at all. Food needs to hold less importance in my life.
I plan to surround myself with supportive, encouraging people. I know Trey will be so very supportive. I know I need to actually GO to the meetings. The online option wouldn't work for me. I need to be held accountable. So between supportive friends, a loving husband, weekly support and weigh-ins, seeing results and hopefully feeling better about myself, I have to be on to a winning combination!

I'll keep track of how I'm doing here. Are any other of you girls out there doing WW? If so, let me know! We can help each other along and share recipes. I know I'm going to need help with meal ideas for sure.


Charlatan psychic said...

I'm not on WW, but we have been trying to eat healthier and I've found some recipes we enjoy. And when you get on post, Remy and I would love to go walking with you! The dirt track close to our neighborhood is 3.1 miles long. Makes a great walk.

I'm thinking of pulling out the diet my MIL gave me. She lost weight on it and has been able to keep the weight off for quite a while now. It's about controlling portions and picking the right foods. I'll need to go buy a food scale.

Lauren said...

I've been doing WW for about 3 months, and have lost 16lbs, with surprisingly little effort - I'm just more aware of what I'm eating, and I have to track EVERYTHING.

One thing you will find *invaluable* is Butternut Squash - I make BNS fries at least twice a week - and they are ZERO Propoints. :D

Good luck, you can do it!

Jen said...

I have thought about doing weight watchers. Maybe now I will, good luck on your journey!

Kristy said...

I, too, have considered WW. And after talking with my MIL this weekend (she and the step-FIL are doing it), I'm thinking about it more and more. Good luck with your journey!!!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Yep! My success story so far is posted on my blog.
Lost 33lbs since January and roughly 18/19" all over.
It works.

JG said...

Go you! Having a plan makes ALL the difference. Now you've motivated me to do a similar post about my own newly-formed goals. Having accountability is SO important for me. I am NOT self-motivated enough about health and fitness to self-police. I'm sure you will do fantastic! Can't wait to see all your progress!

Kate said...

I have done WW currently I am trying to ween myself off of counting. I don't want to have to count points for the rest of my life. I want to be able to control my portions and my weight on my own (we will see how that goes) but I am exercising and meeting with a personal trainer. I am somewhat knew to blogging so I don't but I have a bloggy idea to maybe keep all of us who are trying to reach fitness/health goals motivated. check your email :)

One Day at a Time said...

I'll probably get back on WW after baby. I doubt it will fall right off of me either.....meh.

It really does work, and it's just plain healthy eating habits!! Good luck with it :)