February 2, 2012

This and That

Happy Thursday! Thursdays are happy days around here because it's "Iron Soldier Time" in other words family day, in other words, theoretically my husband comes home around 3:30 instead of 5:30-6:00. Me likey. Although, I do wish this happened on Fridays instead of Thursdays. When he gets home early on Thursday my mind jumps to weekend mode, only to be let down when he gets up and gets dressed for work Friday morning.

I have a good friend here, Ashley, who has started a blog recently called The Way I See It. She has promised me that she is going to write in it more, and this time I believe her ;) I think you all would really enjoy her. She's witty, funny, and sickeningly creative and crafty. I almost literally turned green this morning when I saw what she's done with her laundry room. You can go check her out here.

Yesterday was a bad day for the babe and I. Well.. a bad day for him apparently, which in turn made my day bad. Lots of tantrums. Some in public. Echhh. By the end of the day I had just had enough of that cry and the word "NO". Today has been great though and I'm thoroughly enjoying him again. We all have our days, right?

This Sunday is the Super Bowl. Some of my new readers may need to be aware of the fact that I'm a die hard Patriots fan. So this weekend is kind of a big deal. Super Bowl Sunday ranks pretty high up there on my list of favorite days of the year. I love the sport of course, but the commercials excite me greatly as well. Plus the food... ughh.. perfect day. So while I'm ecstatic that The Pats are playing.. ahem.. again.. this year, I think it's much more fun when I could care less who wins. A little part of me feels that way. Of course, if it's a blow out and I don't have to be pacing and on my way to a heart attack, then all the better. That would be the ideal situation.

What's the big deal about Giselle sending out an email for her friends and family to pray for Tommy? I'm not sure why people are getting upset about that. She's supporting her husband. And why is it any of our business?

I'm still loving my van.. aka.. the Swagger Wagon. Ha! Thanks for that one Jaci! I'm even slowly getting better at parking it. It only took me one try to get it parked in the garage this morning!

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JG said...

I know, Thursdays are such a tease. I spend all day Friday just waiting for him to get off.

Good luck on Sunday! :)