February 28, 2012

~ 18 months ~

Andrewsky, you are 18 months old on the dot today! Where as usually I will make some comment about how time just flies and I can't believe how big you are, I don't feel like that at all this month!

I do marvel at how big you are. You look ginormous in your crib! But the time actually feels like it has crept by. It was a very long month. We were all sick. You are now on your third cold-type-thing just this month. And also had your third ever ear infection.  Yikes! It's very heart-breaking to see you so stuffed up and coughing all night. Not to mention exhausting, but it's (sort of) hard to be annoyed when you are so sickly and sad looking. Hopefully we see the end to all of this very soon!

A sickly Super Bowl

We don't have your official 18-month well baby visit until Friday, but we've had you weighed pretty frequently this month with all of these trips to the doctor! You are just over 24 pounds and you are 33 inches tall.
You're wearing size 24 month tops and PJs, 18-24 month pants, size 6 shoe and size 6 diaper.

You still aren't really "talking", but I swear you are so close.
When we go to your appointment, I know they are going to make sure you say 6 words other than "mama" and "daddy". First of all, you never call me "mama". Supposedly, you say it constantly when I leave you with anyone, but I rarely get to hear it! So does that count?
Also, when I say you have 6 other words, I'd be using the word "words" very loosely! Does it count as a word if no one else can understand it? I mean.. I know what you are saying, but it's definitely not technically a word. So I don't really know how to answer that question.
Everyone can tell when you are saying "car", that's for sure. That's the only clear one. Ish. Oh, and how could I forget "NO". That ones pretty clear as well.
Words that only I can make out:
Dog (daww)
Outside (outawww)
Again (I don't even know how to type that. If it weren't for the context, even I would have no clue)
Cheese (chssss) That one is also used for Geeze
This (thsss) I really need to be better with actually naming items instead of asking you if you want this or this. Everything is "thsss"
Ta Da (da daaaa)
Boo (bbbbb)

Your signing is really picking up. You know:
More. All done. Crackers. Milk. You are very close to having Thank you and Hurt down. We're working on Please a lot, but you just laugh at me.
You can tell what's most important to him. Ahem.

Spaghetti Face

I was getting a little worried about your eating habits earlier in the month. You were hardly eating and definitely not digging all the healthy stuff you've always loved. Here it is, I thought. What everyone told me would happen. The dreaded toddler-picky-eater-syndrome.
Turns out you had an ear infection and I didn't realize it. It was hurting you to swallow, poor thing!
No worries, everything is back on track.

Still one a day after lunch. It lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. I think I'll leave this topic out now that you are down to one.

You love to walk backwards and your kind of an expert. It's pretty darn cute.
You know all of your letters (and say some of them) and some of your numbers. Your favorite number is 3, for the record.
You can do all of the shapes in your shape sorter.
You'll play peek-a-boo by covering up your eyes. Before you would just kneel down behind something and then pop your little body up. So this is new and fun.
You are getting big into pretending lately. Especially with fake food (that's been going on for a while) but now you like to take a phone, hold it up to your ear, and pretend you are chatting away with someone.
You love playing with balls. And you have a pretty impressive arm on ya, kid. You can catch it pretty well too! Next Tom Brady? Nahh.. you'll be better :)
You LOVE your mama! I get an unending amount of random hugs and kisses from you every day and I can't even express to you how much I love it. I soak up every single one and I hope you never stop being affectionate with me like that! Wishful thinking, I'm sure!

You are very independent. Very much so. I have to figure out new tricks when taking you to the store. You don't want to ride in the cart anymore. You want to push it yourself. Snacks and cars rarely work now. Mostly, we just go at the crack of dawn (well, whenever the store opens) so it's not as busy and you can push the cart and walk around until your heart is content.
Taking you out to a restaurant? That doesn't happen anymore. Not for now. It's just not fun.

See ya later, mum. Of to play with rocks!

We love you sweet boy! Here's to a much healthier 19th month!


Kristy said...

Happy Year-And-A-Half, Mr. Drew! Can't wait for you to get better so we can come play!!!

Jenn said...

I hope he starts feeling better soon! Sam has started walking backwards too, and it is too funny! Unfortunately, Sam is not so talented at it, and tends to run into walls and doors and tables and such, so maybe practice will make progress! LOL

Sweet update! :)

Mary said...

Oh my gosh he is adorable! And walking backwards? That sounds so funny!

Mel said...

Yay! 18 months!