February 7, 2012

Summin' up the Weekend

It wasn't the worst weekend I've ever had, but let's just say it wasn't one for the books either. Well, apparently it was since well.. it's going in "the book".  Moving on -

I'm loving my new-to-me Swagger Wagon. Could not be any happier with it. Other than the fact that there is already a chip in the windshield - easy enough to have fixed - and the side doors won't close by themselves once you start them anymore. After what? 2 days. I think I pressed the wrong button and turned that function off or something. I may just take it up to the dealership.

On to more thrilling subjects:

I decided to go ahead and give Drewsky the antibiotic. I like to avoid them when at all possible, but it was such a low dose and only necessary for 5 days. Today is the last day in fact. Plus, if that mess he had turned into something worse (ear infection) and I could have prevented it, but didn't.. I would have felt terrible. So, tomorrow I'll try and schedule a follow-up with "his doctor" whoever that may be this time and make sure everything looks good. Besides a cough and being a little more irritable than normal, he seems to be fine.

Probably because the little angel passed IT on to me. And I must say - if he felt anything like I felt yesterday, he handled it better than I did! Yuck. My skin hurt to touch and I was pretty much confined to the bed. Luckily, that part is gone and today I just can't breath. Here's to all of this passing quickly.

We were routing pretty hard for The Patriots around here on Sunday. Super Bowl Fail.

It was heart-breaking, but they didn't deserve to win that game. Silly mistakes that they don't usually make. It would have been pretty cool to be a double championship household this year, though. Remember - Alabama is my husband's Patriots.
I thanked the stars above that he had the day after Super Bowl off to take care of me. What? The Day After Super Bowl isn't a national holiday? Oh. According to his unit it is. He won't be watching it from our comfy living room next year, so I guess it's well deserved :) The least the Patriots could have done was won the thing!

So, that was our exciting, fun-filled weekend. Nursing sicknesses and hearts. There's always next weekend, right? Let's place bets on whether or not Trey will be ill for that one.


Mary said...

That game was ROUGH, wasn't it? Glad you got to watch it with your husband though!

Feel better!

Jenn said...

Ugh we are going through the same thing over here too. I'm sorry you and baby are sick. It is no fun. I am apparently a bigger baby than Sam too because all I want to do is lie around on the couch like a sloth and he's all "Let's PLAY Mama!!!!!" Blehhhhh...

Feel better soon!!!