February 14, 2012

Looking up

I don't have much to write about... things have been pretty boring around here with us all trying to get in better health. I have been enjoying the downtime, but I'm beyond antsy to get out there to our normal activities as well.
While Trey and I are both feeling much, much better, Andrew got it pretty bad again. I took him back to the doctor yesterday afternoon and it turns out he does have an ear infection. Does anyone know when that starts to become a problem. When do tubes start coming up in conversation? His doctor was perplexed as to why the Urgent Care doctor only put him on an antibiotic for only 5 days. She said that is probably why his symptoms came back. So while I didn't even want to put him on the weak antibiotic, now he's having to take a much stronger one. As long as it clears all of this up, I'm okay with it!
Here's to hopefully being on the mend!

Happy Valentines Day!! While we don't celebrate too much around our household - I'm really just not a fan of the holiday.. it's my least favorite - I do like to see how much everyone else loves it. I love seeing everyone confessing their love for one another. It really puts a smile on my face to see my friends being surprised with flowers, candy, and the like. So, even though I'm not a huge fan, I'm not a bitter betty about the day.
Besides, I got the best news yesterday that I will consider my Valentine present. Hubs was supposed to be in the field next week and it got canceled. Yay for an unexpected week together :)

Andrew is a fan apparently -

Happy Valentines Day Ladies!!!


Mel said...

Aww, can he be my Valentine? :)

Charlatan psychic said...

I got quite a few ear infections when I was little like him. Never had to have anything with tubes. I also had quite a few bladder infections as a kid. I grew out of them. I'll have to ask my mom just how may I had and at exactly what age.

At this point, just worry about clearing up this one. For all we know, he may never get another one. I think ear infections in little kids are more common than we realize. I know he's not the first kid I've known to get one!

Ashley Gaetano said...

Awe...sorry to hear about the ear infection :/ I hope he's not in too much pain. I used to get them ALL the time...I never had to get tubes though.

Happy Valentine's Day Andrew!

Jenn said...

YAY for no field time! And I'm sorry to hear that Andrew has an ear infection. Yuck. Sam has finished his antibiotics but has been yanking at his ears and looking pretty snotty, so..... back to the doctor we go. Sickness be gone!