February 1, 2012

Just call me Soccer Mom

Yesterday was a HUGE day for me. HUGE.

It involved a day at the car dealership and the official loss of my careless youth. Ha!

Yesterday, we traded in this cute little (old, broken and inconvenient in so many ways) SUV:

The white car right in back of us. This was Trey's BCT graduation at Ft. Jackson, btw.
 For this:

Dear God.. I'm driving a VAN! A van. I drive a van. There, I said it.

Ha! I don't feel right driving it. I still feel like I should be 19 years old. Not almost 29, driving to and fro in a van, toting around a child and planning kid #2!

All jokes aside, I actually LOVE it! It's kind of sporty looking for a van. And the space.. ohh my the space is unbelievable! Once we have two kids, I'll still be able to fit 5 more people in there including myself! This solves the issue of family coming to visit and us having to ride separately wherever we go! The sliding doors.. love.. trunk space.. ahhhh!

Now, to master parking! Since I backed into my parents garage in their little KIA... I think I have some practicing to do.

When did I become a real grown-up???


Tori Bella said...

We just broke up.... OMG! A mini van. LOL ;)

Mel said...

Can I proceed to make fun of you now? :) With love, of course!

In all seriousness, there is a certain level of utility to a minivan that can't be ignored. Now that I've said that, I'm going to hide in a closet.


just ask beth said...

I LOVED my Mini-Van..it really is so easy with small children.. I actually miss it and the dang Suburban's Gas is like another Car payment!!

Jenn said...

Congrats on your new ride! I have given Steve one evil stink-eye every time he mentions buying a minivan, but I (secretly) lust after their doors that open themselves and they're low but with plenty of head-space, and they just seem very roomy (except for that back part between the last row of seats and trunk- what is up with that? Will a suitcase even fit in that space?)

Congrats again! :)

JG said...

You have a swagger wagon!! That's another reason we got The Beast a few weeks ago. We figured, since we had to get a new car anyway, might as well go ahead and bite the bullet now.

Rock on, mom car. Rock on.

Steph said...

Can I make fun of you too? I had Matt promise me that we would never get a van. :)

I mean, scratch all that. Cute van! ;)

Ashley Gaetano said...

For some reason the song "Stacy's Mom" just popped into my head. Andrew's mom has got it goin' on.... :}

Charlatan psychic said...

Bobbi loves her van, as does my friend Heather that I don't think you got to meet. Both my mom and mother-in-law droves vans and liked them.

Now we just have to wait for Andrew to get big enough to join a soccer team!

TL, todd said...

Congratulation !

Erwin Calverley said...

You seem to be very proud of owning a minivan, and I admire you for that. A lot of people have this perception that minivans are uncool and dull. But I like the fact that I can bring my whole family along with me on trips or on activities comfortably. It's definitely a very practical and useful vehicle.