August 26, 2012

Oh hey baby #2

I realize I haven't written much about baby #2. I did weekly updates with Andrew and had no intentions of doing that with this one. Who wants to read the same stuff all over again? I don't even want to type it. Yes, the first trimester was terrible. Yes, I'm feeling better and can cook again. No, I'm not sleeping well. No, my belly button hasn't popped yet, and thank goodness there are no labor signs. Yes, I have stretch marks but Andrew completely ruined me so they are his leftovers. Yes, I'm showing earlier this time and NO there won't be any bare belly pics.

But that's not really fair to #2's future scrapbook, is it? Andrew's is ridiculously detailed and this one deserves the same. So I may not give the up-to-date deats on how my body is changing. I can still let this baby know what was going on in our life and let it (sorry, we don't know what gender you are yet.. so for know you are an "it") know how excited we are about it joining our family.

Let's start with a bang. Here's where I talk about the scare you put me through last week....

I went in to OB for a routine 16-week appointment on Thursday. The nurse breaks out the sonogram first thing to listen for your heartbeat. Listen.. listen.. search.. listen. Nothing. She reassures me that everything is probably fine, but she's going to get the doctor to have a listen. Doctor comes in. Same procedure again. The doc tells the nurse to go ahead and get an ultrasound machine and she'll keep listening in the meantime. What felt like at least 15 minutes goes by and I'm freaking out inside. Then they found you almost right away with an US. They were searching below my belly button, because that's where babies your size usually camp out. Not you though.. no.. you were hiding up as far as you could go in my ribs already. This does not bode well for the rest of the pregnancy. Be kind to me!

Your brother and I spent the last month in South Carolina visiting family while Daddy was away at NTC. We are all reunited back home now and we can't wait for you to join us so we can be a complete family of four!

Speaking of your brother (he's going to be the best big brother ever), we are getting ready to celebrate his 2nd birthday. He'll be two on Tuesday. When you are born, he'll almost be 2 and 1/2! I pray and hope that the two of you are the best of friends!

The most exciting things going on in the outside world are the start of football season (yayyyy... hope you like sports!) and Hurricane Isaac making it's way towards the Gulf. We're praying that it dies down and doesn't do much damage.

We find out your gender on the 27th of September. We feel a bit restless waiting around. We want to know now. Give me one flutter if you're a boy, two if you're a girl.. ready.. go. Nothing? Thanks ;)
We have your name all picked out if you're a girl. We're still undecided if you're a boy though. It's down between two names. Your Daddy and I each have our favorites! We'll see!


Expat Girl said...

Haha I love you asking it for flutters! Are you going to do a name reveal? I hope so!!

Jen said...

So glad baby is doing well! :)

Ashley Gaetano said...

Lol! Josh and I were just talking yesterday about how much of a "second child" this baby already is!! I'm glad all is well. Praying baby is nice to you!!

JG said...

Sounds like #2 is already giving you a run for your money! I'm sure Andrew will be a super big brother and a great helper for Momma!

Steph said...

Good to hear that baby is doing well! The waiting to find out what you're having is the worst!