February 19, 2014

My Baby is ONE

I know I have slacked majorly with writing about Wes. To be fair, I just haven't been blogging like I used to. But I won't waste time with excuses.. he'll just have to be reassured about how loved he is when he scours the interwebs, looking for blog posts on himself.

Wesley turned one two Saturdays ago, on the 25th of January. We had a small get together with some friends. I didn't go all out like I did with Andrew, but that's okay. We had fun, we celebrated Wes' life, and ate some delicious food, and Wes had his first cupcake. All was well.

Wes, you are such an awesome little boy! You are alike your brother in a few ways, but you are definitely your own person.. and I LOVE that. You two are alike in that you love a routine. You have the same sleep patterns (Thank you God.. seriously). You don't like to be away from Mommy or Daddy. You love most food. You have a sweet disposition. You hit milestones when you are good and ready to. And your favorite cartoon is Team Umizoomi.
There are also things that make you very much Wes, though. When you aren't teething or sick, you are so calm and content. You are very laid back. You're more independent and as long as you know we are in your general vicinity, you feel comfortable to explore and play on your own. (It took Andrew much longer to do that). While you enjoy food, you're a little more picky than your brother was. You won't let us help you eat, but you won't yet use utensils either. So it has to be something you can pick up, which means you have to approve of the consistency of it. If it makes your hands too messy, you won't eat it... 

I don't have official measurements, because, well I won't go into how difficult it is to get an appointment at our doctor's office, but you are smaller than your brother was. And that is just fine. We happen to think you are pretty perfect. 

You are all around just a joy to be around! 
You love balls. You will throw them and chase them, play catch with us, roll them around the house. Anything with balls is a hit. Also, anything your brother is playing with. You love to be outside. You thoroughly enjoy music, and always have. You wave hi and bye. No words yet, not even a mama or dada, but I don't think your brother had yet either. Your favorite person is your Daddy. If he is around, you want him and no one else. Which is pretty amazing seeing as how you've only known each other for five months! 

You are wearing size 18 clothes all around. 
Size 3 shoes (close to a 4). 
Size 5 diapers. 
You're slowly moving your bedtime to 6:30-7, but up until now have always gone to bed between 5:30 and 6. Which means the time you wake up in the morning is moving from 6 to 7 (praise). 
You are still taking two naps when you can, but can be stretched if absolutely necessary, though it's not fun. 

Don't let the lack of blog posts fool you, Wesley. The three of us are head over heals in love with you!


Jen said...

He is just too cute! :)

Steph said...

He's adorable! Happy 1st Birthday!