October 5, 2008

A trip to the grocery store

Let me start off by saying that I have a sick fondness of going to the grocery store. I love it. I love planning the whole trip, I love going aisle to aisle looking for all my goodies, but most of all.. I love the amazing deals I get.

For the last couple of months (I think since April or May) I've been using The Grocery Game to help cut my costs for groceries. I cannot say enough about this website. Here's how it works:

You have to sign up and it does cost.. although not much especially considering the deal it helps you get. You can do a month long trial for $1. And that includes as many stores as you want. After a month, if you choose to stick with it, it's $10 for your first store, then $5 for each extra one you choose. They charge your account every 8 weeks. You also have to clip coupons out of the Sunday paper every week.

What they do is keep track of the sale trends with the stores. She breaks up deals into three categories: Needs (in black, still on sale but not the best deal possible.. only get it if you need it), Blues (Stock up, great deal), and Free (in green and self explanatory.. it's free). It's different then you just using your coupons when you see something on sale, because of the fact that they keep up with the trends. They know when you'll be able to use your coupon to get the best price possible.

I'm horrible at explaining things so I'll show by example. Today I went to Publix and Bi-Lo. At Publix I spent $30.17, but saved $24.80. I got fish oil vitamens and a bottle of Worchester (sp) sauce for free. At Bi-Lo, my total before savings was $23.79.. I actually spent $13.41. I got Eggo Waffles for .14 cents!!!!
I don't pay over .50 cents for deoderant or toothpaste. It's incredible and I get very excited over this. The longer you do it, the less you ever need this on the "need" list. I have 3 extra bottles of laundry detergent in stock and about 5 tubes of toothpaste.

The only catch is you can't be loyal to certain labels. .25 cents for Degree deoderant.. Yes please.. fine by me!

On a seperate note, I have to share with everyone how big of a fool I made of myself in the Publix parking lot on my way out. First you should know that I am not very observant to my surroundings. So at first when I couldn't find my car after shopping, i didn't panick too much. I thought, Oh I just may be in the next isle over. Not there. Next one over? Nope. Ok ok.. maybe just a couple spots down. Now, I'm by myself and realize I must look like a complete loon.. especially when I start cracking up at myself.. alone.. with my cart. So I start walking up and down every isle, at this point thinking someone may have stolen my car. But after about 5 minutes I found the dang thing.

Uhhhhh I worry about myself sometimes.

If you do decide to check out The Grocery Game, make sure you put my email address in as your referral! (jayetton@hotmail.com) You'll get me a couple free weeks :)


High said...

I've been thinking about trying The Grocery Game. I think I will. I always lose my car. I just set the alarm off and follow the noise.

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

I have never heard of the grocery game. It sounds interesting. I think that I'm probably too brand loyal for it though. I lose my car all the time, so I try to always park in the same area when I go somewhere.

Heather said...

I signed up for the trial (and gave you credit for it!) I don't know if I'm dedicated enough for this, but saving money is definitely something I need to work on! Thanks for the suggestion!!