October 6, 2008


I need more friends in the technology field. Any takers????

My Internet is very very unreliable! I have too many blogs to read everyday for it to keep going out on me like this. It lasts for a minute and then goes out on me. I know it's not our router. I know it's not our outside connection. Could it be that we need a new modem possibly?? Our IP is going to charge us $75 to just come out here and look at our inside connection (nevermind whatever they charge to actually fix it) and I'd rather not go through that if I don't have to. Between hub's car breaking down.. oh I'd say 50 million times this month and my unexpected trip to the doctor this morning (will get into later... one thought process at a time) we don't have $75 to throw away. Especially if they come in and tell us nothing is wrong ~ and still get our mula!! Any suggestions??? I'm desperate.

Back to the doctors office.
I can pretty much count on getting a sinus infection about twice a year. Lovely. I've been dealing with the post nasal drip and semi sore throat for the past couple weeks, but yesterday a sharp pain in my ear just about knocked my socks off. Who gets ear infections at 25 years old??? Of course.. that would be me! Went to doctors care.. definitely have a ear infection and early sinus infection.. got an antibiotic. All for $95. Whhhaaat???? I thought being on a state health plan was a great deal? Ohh no.. I don't know where that hype came from, but some body's been lying to me! Co-pays don't exist with them apparently. You pay full price until you meet your deductible. Which is $700 for the two of us. Crazy... we can't win this month I swear!

On a brighter note ~
I did lose the lbs this week again. Again.. not much.. but at least the scale is moving in the right direction. If we go by the scale at my house I lost .4 lbs. If we go by the doctors scale I lost.. 1.4 lbs.
Docs always right.. right???

Off to shoot some hoops with hub. Fun fun!!

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LyndsAU said...

Bless your heart. I am hoping I have had my sinus infection of the year already! I don't want another! I hope you feel better!
I have zero suggestions on internet... it's all foreign language to me! :)