October 12, 2008

Confession Time

I wonder why I constantly feel the need to confess potentially embarrasing details about myself on this thing? I'm thinking it could possibly be bc of my early childhood Catholic days. Maybe part of my subconscience still feels like I should be confessing to a Priest and this is as close as it gets. Whatever the reason... here goes ~

I still like Brittney Spears and I'm glad she has a new album coming out.

There... I said it.

I've been rooting for her all along and am glad she is back. I think she did a great job of presenting herself on that last award show. I think it was the MTV awards? She won three and held herself very well. Now she has a new video out and a new album coming out in December. (I taped 20/20 from Friday night and learned all this new information) I love the video, I have to admit.

And I say, good for her!! We all have our deep dark secrets and scary points in life right? What if ours were out there for the world to see. I'm pretty sure I would have gone off the deep end as well!

That's all I have to say about that. I'll run off and say my three Hail Mary's and do the Rosary a couple hundred times now.


High on Hairspray said...

You are too cute.

Just Ask Beth said...

I am rooting for Brittany as well. Young and in the Spotlight mixed with way too much paparazzi money and poor thing.. Oh and a mom who makes money by exploiting all this shameful.. I can't spell people I have a blockage today

How I feel said...

I am with ya sister! Poor girl has been through enough. Hit a little stump in da road and see what happened? I am always rooting for the underdog. Don't hide the Britney pride.....shout it out..get comfortable standing up for what you think....especially when its not the popular vote. That sets you aside from the rest!