October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is my "little" brother's 19th birthday!! Happy birthday Charlie!

That's us at his high school graduation this past June. Hence, the reason I put little in the quotes. He's a tad bit bigger than I.

Let's get sappy for a sec, shall we? Charlie, love you more than I could ever express. I'm so thankful to have him and my other brother in my life. I know he is so unsure of where he should go with his life right now, but the one thing I would tell him is to just live it up. Don't rush so fast into complete responsibility. It's not always so much fun. I wish he'd realize that this is just about.. no really is.. the last stage in his life that he can just let go and have fun and not worry about bills and other such responsibilities. Don't get me wrong, it's not all so bad, but I'd just like to see him live a real college life and put himself it a good position for the future. Whichever route he chooses.

Anyways.. in the meantime. I'd really like for you to make up your mind about where we're going for your birthday dinner tomorrow night. Please make a good decision.



Heather said...

I also have "little" brother that is a foot taller than me. Sean, who's 16 is 6'3 and has been taller than me since he was 12. Chase, who's 10, will likely pass me in the next year or two. It's okay though. They'll always be my baby brothers, no matter how giant-like they become. :)
Have a good time at the birthday dinner!

High on Hairspray said...

Awwww...you're so sweet.

Just Ask Beth said...

happy Birthday Charlie!1 She loves you so much.. Hey your Big Sister is one responsible girl so I hope you take after her!!

Anonymous said...

definitely live it up. I wish I took time after high school to do whatever it is I wanted instead rushing to follow the crowd to college.

Super sweet post!