October 25, 2008

Candles Candles Candles!!`

Just got off the phone with mum and have some very exciting news. A couple of posts back, I talked about my mother getting back into making candles and our idea to try and sell them. I handed out a few samples at work and tried to spread the word as best possible. A few people from the office liked the samples and put in an order.. which I was very thankful for. And I know it made mum feel good :)
So here's the potentially GREAT news... Ready?
While at her hair appointment this morning, her hairdresser let her know that she'd like her to bring some candles into the salon for her to sell! (!!??!!!!!!!) I'm bursting with excitment. That's huge. A big turning point hopefully.
I can see a couple of potential panic attacks arising in mum, but don't worry.. I'll be there to remind you to chill.. and that this could be fun. I'll sacrifice my social life if I have to ;)
If I have to drive allll the way out to Bwood after work a couple nights a week and on the weekend I will (What a terrible terrible idea it was to move out to L). And again.. this is the hopeless optimist coming out in me.. but I just don't see how they wouldn't be a hit.
*post to follow with some (maybe not so high quality at the moment) pics of the infamous candles*

On a seperate, much much more awful note, she also shared with me in this same conversation that my dad's boss had a fall today and is in the hospital with bleeding in the brain. His name is Marty Hastings and his family really really needs all the prayers they can get. Marty was diagnosed with brain cancer a while ago (not sure on the exact time.. sorry) and things have been progressively getting worse. He is in a wheel chair now. I'm not sure how he fell this morning or where he was (whether at home or at work).
I know this is hard for my parents as my dad is very close with him and they have worked together for a long time. I hate hearing the hurt in their voices and that alone brings me to tears, but I just can't image how their family is even coping. I'm pretty sure he has at least one son that is still in highschool (mum, please correct me if I'm a little off) and a wife that plays in mum's Bunko group. It's just awful.

Also, I am debating on switching my blog to private for many many reasons, but am so hesitant to do so. Any thoughts? For those of you who are set to private, isn't it hard to connect with more people?


High on Hairspray said...

Why are you thinking on switching to private? Do you want to talk about Beth withpout her knowing?

Anonymous said...

That is awesome news for your mom and the candles - whoo hoo! Very exciting. I'm so sorry to hear about the boss - that is so sad. I dont know or follow any private blogs - so I have no input to share there.

Anonymous said...

I jump to your blog from my daughter's (now I'm a grown-up).
I enjoy reading it, you remind me of Heather some and of my niece in Minnesota. If you go private would I no longer be able to read it?

Heather's M