October 9, 2008

Broken Heart

Hello, my name is Jessica. And I have had my heart broken tonight by fictional characters. Why, out of all the people I know that have read Twilight series, has noone told me how heart renching the first couple chapters of the 2nd book are. I have been sitting here (paying no attention to the Clemson game mind you.. so we know this is serious) crying my eyes out over the lost love between a highschool girl and a vampire.

Don't judge me.

I just now looked up to the TV and realized it was the end of the 3rd quarter in the game and the score is 3-0 Wake. I've been in my own little world and not wishing a horrilbe horrilbe loss upon those Tigers.

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Princess Sophia Consuela said...

I want to read that book soooo bad! Or the series. Im into Janet Evanovich. she writes crazy, funny, love-hate type books. I have a collection going with her...Lets start a book club! haha. When you get done, can I borrow? You are more than welcome to come to Jessica's Library anytime too!