August 14, 2010


You're all invited to my pity party! Don't worry, if you don't want to attend, I really won't hold it against you ;)

My weekend is going nothing like planned. I was looking forward to lots of QT with hubs and I'm getting none of it.
The party we went to last night was great.. I really enjoyed it. I didn't realize though that it was a Pampered Chef party. I thought it was just a plain ol' going away party for a sweet couple that I would have liked to get to know better while they were here. So, with it be Pampered Chef, the guys gathered around outside the whole night, understandably wanting nothing to do with us. Hubs had a little bit to drink over there and came home and got another beer. We sat down to get some cuddle action in and watch some Dexter. He fell asleep with a half full beer in his hand. Good night.

We did get up and have a delish breakfast together and get some work done on his truck. Made dinner plans. And right in the middle of relaxing a bit The Army decided to rear it's ugly head. His "leash" as he likes to call it (aka his work phone) started chiming away and off he went into work. He didn't think it was supposed to take long, but that was... hmm... 3 hours ago.

Normally, this stuff doesn't get to me very much. I may give one little pouty face and then I'm over it. Tonight's different and I'm having a severe pity party for one. I think it's because I'm counting our "just the two of us" weekends down and we don't have many left. I know Andrew will be the biggest blessing we can add, but you know...

I don't think I'm going to be the best dinner date for our poor friends ~ but then again ~ maybe he'll make it in time!

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C. E. Welch said...

Don't forget, once Andrew is just a little bigger, you can call your friends to watch the baby so you and hubby can have time together. I for one will volunteer to babysit so that mom and dad can have a date night every once in a while!