August 13, 2010

Friday Randomness

Still not much going on around here, but I figure I better post somewhat regularly so you don't think I'm in labor or anything!

Remember earlier in the week where I talked about still not being seen on a weekly basis or even having an internal exam? I almost gave up after leaving numerous messages for my nurse and calling straight to L&D to see if my nurse was just confused. L&D told me it was normal - I'm not seeing someone regularly or having the internal because I'm part of the Centering group (which I will never do again) and more and more they don't like to do internals since it could cause early labor and there's no real benefit to know if I've started to dialate. I get that.. I really do. But... 1: I'm kind of okay with going into labor at any point now. 2: They clearly don't know me very well. I like to be prepared. So when my nurse FINALLY called me back yesterday (4 day turnaround? Not very acceptable) and said I could come in Monday morning for sick call and ask for a certain nurse and will be given an exam.. I've decided to jump on that I think. I just need to know what's going on.

I finally got around to getting a breast pump. It came with an instructional DVD and we watched it the other night. Ha.. freaky! That'll take some getting used to! The most beneficial thing I got out of the DVD was the "words of encouragement" section. I'm more determined that this IS GOING TO WORK now more than ever. I really want to be able to breastfeed and if it comes down to calling a lactation consultant to help, than I will.. but one way or another.. it's going to happen. Take that Andrew ;)

I'm so glad it's the weekend. Friday nights are my favorite. Trey comes home fairly early (most of the time) and we have the whole weekend ahead of us. No work. No meetings. Just hanging out together. We have a goodbye party to go to tonight for some friends that are leaving to go to Colorado. Tomorrow we'll get some work done on our cars -no fun- and buy just two more things I need for the babe. Other than that, we have no real plans!

Jaci over at Me and My SoldierMan is having an awesomely exciting (you like that Jaci?) Scentsy giveaway, so go on over and check that out! I didn't want to mention it, because I want to win it very badly, but she needs at least 30 bloggers to sign up, so what are you waiting for? Annnd.. she found out yesterday that as soon as her hubby is done with BOLC and Ranger school that they are heading here to Fort Bliss! So excited to be reunited with her :) We met when Trey and I were stationed at Ft. Sill and they were still living in Oklahoma!

Can you imagine how distraught I was when I tried to tune in to the FINALE of SYTYCD last night and the Dallas Cowboys were playing instead??? Really? How do you just cancel a show like that? I know everyone else in the country got to watch it. Why play with my emotions like that? And just so they could play the freaking Raiders of all teams?? I know Lauren won and that made my heart happy, but so much that I missed! All the best performances of the season... reactions to winning and losing... guests on the show that Cat Dealy promised me I wouldn't want to miss. Grrrrr! It made me feel a lot better to see that Dallas lost.. to the RAIDERS. Sorry if I've upset any fans. Love ya.. mean it.

I'm sorry for the most boring post ever. Carry on.


Julie the Army Wife said...

It would seem like you were far enough along so that if you did go into labor it would be ok.

I don't think I would have been able to get my first to bf without the help the LC. Lifesavers when you are having issues I think. But then my 2nd just got it right away on his own. So you just never know how the baby is going to be.

Amber said...

Oh so frustrating, at the end those weekly exams kept me sane (even if I was at 3cm 75% for weeks) but it was something to look forward to. Good for you for not giving up!

Don't worry too much about breast feeding the nurses will help a lot and if you give birth during the week lactation specialists will be available for you while you're recovering. Who knows, Andrew may be a super latcher from day one!

Good luck, these last few weeks seem so long.

JG said...

I love it! Awesomely exciting! :) Thanks for the shout out. I think we're at 21 people close!

I am so excited that we're coming there...eventually... :)

BTW, have you heard or gotten any nipple guards? I know you can get them at Babies-r-us. They're basically little plastic bottle tops for your breasts, so that the baby can learn to breastfeed and you can "toughen up" without getting torn or bitten. My friend got them when her first was born. Well, she didn't get them at first, and she bled like crazy. So they went and got the nipple guards and she said they are a lifesaver. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I feel like a nerd but I just realized where you guys were living...and I just realized that my buddy and his new wife are also there. They just got there in June and are newlyweds.
Dr.'s are frustrating when it comes to pregnancies...or so I have noticed. By the time the baby comes, it will feel like the last couple weeks flew by.
Oh...also glad that Dallas lost. LOL.

C. E. Welch said...

obviously I don't have any breastfeeding stories of my own, but my sister tells me everything and she has 2 kids.

One of your friends mentioned nipple guards. Sis used those and they helped immensely. She had chafing issues. Also, if you find your nipples get chafed just from wearing a bra, get some silicone nipple covers to wear in your bra.

My sis also did the breast pump. I got to witness that. Interesting. But it made a huge difference her she was ready to feed but the baby wasn't hungry :)

Ashleigh said...

Wow, I would love an entire weekend with nothing to do but hang out and run errands with hubs...sounds nice! Enjoy it :)

New Girl on Post said...

How cool that you and Jaci will be stationed together! There are a lot of bloggers I wouldn't mind be stationed with.

Oh..and the turnaround time for the hospital? That's ridiculous. You should make an ICE complaint about that.