August 18, 2010

Simply Bags

Yes, yes, I'm still sitting around here and feel like there is NOTHING going on down there. In fact, I feel great. Besides my heavy body and not being able to sleep much - I feel better than I have in a while. No, that's not a good thing. I want to be writhing and screaming in the pain of labor. I want to see my little monkey!

On the brighter side... I was contacted by Bob Shirilla last week to see if I would be interested in doing a review of one of his beach bags that he sells.  I am never one to turn down anything offered to me, especially a good bag. I am, however, picky with who I want to advertise on my blog (clearly as I've never done anything like this before. I've had offers, but I don't want to go in that direction with my blog) I just couldn't turn down getting one of these though after looking at their website! I gave him my information and had the bag in no time. I'll let him explain his company to you a little more though through the little tidbit on his blog:

Simply Bags an eCommerce retailer featuring fashion tote bags and accessories for all lifestyles. Our specialty is superior personalized embroidery.

Nearly all tote bags are embroidered and shipped the same business day.
At Simply Bags, we’re dedicated to providing each customer with superior service. From personal assistance to convenient and real-time UPS order tracking, Simply Bags in-house customer service representatives are focused on customer satisfaction

I was/am very pleasantly surprised. As far as appearances go.. it's adorable! I love anything with my name embroidered in and I love these colors together. (They do have more to choose from, of course). Quality wise.. I don't think you can ask for anything more. It's huge! Do you know how many things I could use this for? It's also very sturdy so I would feel confident in packing many things in there. I have a feeling it will come in very handy when toting everything I need around for Andrew.. especially for trips we go on! So, go on over and check them out here. I'm pretty sure you'll find something you HAVE to have. They have just about every single type of bag that you could ever dream of!

Also, while you're at it, click here. Come on guys! JG just needs two more people to sign up for her Scentsy giveaway. Who doesn't want one of these things?? They're amazing. And I promise, will smell up your entire house. Not that I have one, but I've had friends that do. Buutt.. I'm going to need you to go on over and sign up so I can get one! Even if you've never been to her blog before or have never commented.. go. now. please :)

Hellooo.. I meant to put a pic up of said bag.. that would help, huh??


Julie the Army Wife said...

Very cute! They seem like a great company :)

JG said...

Thanks for the shout-out! And yes, you definitely get an extra entry! :) I'll give out as many as I can to hit that 30!

Marsie said...

Cute bag! And good luck with the waiting, I'm 38 weeks too, and SO impatient!

Heather said...

Very, very cute bag!! I'm going to check the site out now. Hang in there lady... I'm sure little Drew will be here before you know it :)