September 12, 2008

What is going on in Columbia??


Before reading this post, please refer to High on Hairsprays last post, called Thank You.

Okay, now that that's out of the way...

I was driving downtown today right after work, on my way to pick hub up from his office (yes, we carpool.. umm.. gas prices are over $5 someplaces right now.. I'll take the little bit of inconvenience) I notice a guy on the side of the street standing, kind of slouched over, and I can't see his hands

I'm like.. no.. he can't be. Not after the post I read yesterday.. this can't be happening right now.

Oh yes.. it was. I slow down, turn around, and he too is holding his "pecker" and peeing on the side of the road. Right there in front of all moving traffic. Not facing the building. Facing on coming traffic. Normally I wouldn't think this situation was as funny as I did. But it was just too much to handle after High on Hairspray's experience.


I'm pretty sensitive to the homeless situation we have around here and probably would have chalked it up to that.. not that that's okay either, but I would have almost felt bad for the guy.... my public peer was definately not homeless.


preppy little dress said...

oh my! wow, it's sad isn't - he doesn't know any better any more -too bad!

preppy little dress said... you title - southern yankee! too funny!