September 13, 2008

Weekend Update

First of all... I can't express my heartache over the Gamecocks playing so well (for them it WAS well) and still not pulling through. I'm really not even ready to talk about this subject yet.

Last night hub and I, and a group of our closest friends hung out to celebrate his bday. His bday isn't until Monday, but I love birthdays... definately cause for at least a week celebration. It was pretty low key.. went to dinner first at San Jose. Ate out on the deck, very relaxing. After that everyone came over to our house for a while.

Just about everyone had to go to the store first, so hub and I went home to wait. After a while, in they walk with this...

Aren't they sweet??? In Man Language, that means "I love you". Hub loved it :) And.. they got it from BiLo. It was actually amazing, which really surprised me. Good to know right?

Thank you for everyone who suggested a meal for me to make Monday night. Blue-Eyed Bride sent me this recipe which I am very excited to make.. he'll love it!

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