September 6, 2008

Tis the Season

Before going to bed last night hub and I discuss how badly we both want to get into better shape. We've had plenty of conversations like this with no change that follows, but I feel something different with this one. We both REALLY need to drop a good bit of weight that we seemed to have accumulated since the wedding.

So we decide that we'll go to Play It Again Sports today to get dumbells. I already have The Firm workout system just sitting in my closet. It hasn't came out in months! I know that as soon as I have the dumbells I want I will get to work.

We woke up this morning.. move from the bed to the couch.. hub starts flipping through the TV Guide to figure out which games he needs to watch today. A lot of people are football fans out there.. you have a team or two that you'll watch when it's on.. other than that, you go about your normal life. Not hub. He lives for all things football. As he continued to scroll through the day, I realize that from 12 until probably midnight - There is a game on that he will be watching. So I say "When do you care to fit Play It Again Sports in this busy schedule". He looks at me with all seriousness and says... "We'll have to leave by 10 or 10:30".

ReAllY???? It's a Saturday morning.. I'm still in PJ's. The only morning of the week that I allow myself to do this. All so he can sit in his football glory for the rest of the day?? I don't think so.... I think I'll be sending him to pick them out himself! I also think I'll be finding someone to get out of the house with.. maybe do some shopping with my non-existant money.

Updates to follow on Operation: Loose Weight! Hopefully if I promise to make regular blogs about this it will hold me accountalbe!

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