September 5, 2008

Here I Am!!

Well, after much prodding from a certain co-worker, here I start my very first blog. I have NO CLUE what I will talk about or often I will actually post anything.. but I do have a sneaking suspission (you should all know now that I am I horrible speller) that this will become my latest obsession! I am also a tad bit worried that what I have to say will not be very interesting to most. I guess you can say I have a case of BAD... Blogging Anxiety Disorder. *insert my first attempt to get a laugh*
I actually have been reading other people's blogs for about a month now. Again.. thanks to this infamous coworker of mine. I check of few of them every single day, sometimes many times a day. I have identified with some of you quite often. These are the times when I have attempted to start my own, but have chickened out. Mostly bc I could never think of a name that I liked enough. Today, i decided to .. Just Ask Beth.. the cw which I have mentioned three times now in just this one little blog. So here I am.. I can now read other blogs without feeling so stalkerish.
Good luck to me!

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