September 9, 2008

Seriously.. I almost peed my pants

Yesterday was my FIL's bday *Happy Birthday*
Hub and I went over and joined the rest of his fam for a little get together.. dinner and dessert.
After dinner, FIL is opening cards that everyone has given him. His father lives in Alabama so clearly couldn't join us, but boy did he send his love!

Hub's grandfather is quite up there on my list of "funniest people I know". He says what's on his mind and has... let's say.. a very unique way of looking at things. He is almost legally blind. Which means that while he can walk to the store to buy you a card, he can't read it to really know what kind of card he's getting you. Let's just get to the point right??

FIL opens the card and on the front is a cute dog picking flowers in a field and it says something along the lines of, "just wondering what you were doing on your birthday".
Open card: dog is smelling a pretty flower with his leg kicked up in the back and says... ready for this one... are you really ready.....

"Hope it's me"

Signed ~
Love Dad

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Princess Sophia Consuela said...

Since Im always peeing in my pants, I carry an extra pair of panties in my purse at all times! Ok, pictures...when you go to type in your blog there are all those icons at the top of the "box." Run your mouse over them and they will tell you what they are for. It looks like a negative (with the cut-outs on the side).