September 30, 2008


Such a great episode of The Biggest Loser! I'm such a big fan of this show and tonights episode just did it for me. It's not even over yet and I'm already blogging. They are doing the weigh ins now.

How inspiring was it when they first got to the Grand Canyon. They got their first look at it and Allison Sweeny comes out and compares the river and the canyons and how long it took for the river to shape itself and make it's way through. That's the same with the families on the show trying to change their bodies and their lives into a healthier lifestyle. And all of us out here, really trying to change anything in our lives. Whether it be our bodies, fighting an addiction, growing in our faith.. anything. It's all a big journey, ya know. There are so many things I'm trying to improve in myself and it's just a reminder that we're all human and we'll slip up and make mistakes. It's a reminder to stay strong and keep pressing foward.

It's so great to see them reach big time goals. It's emotional to see some of them get into the 200's for the first time in a very very long time Im sure. I've cried at least once every week so far... i'm such a sap!

Also, very exciting that they threw those weigh-in and vote-off twists. It'd be way to hard to have decide which family member leaves though. We'll see how it goes... if I had to guess ~ I'm going with Yellow Father.


preppy little dress said...

i have watched the show in the past, i should really start watching again!

High on Hairspray said...

I am addicted to the show. I want to go on with Beth.

LyndsAU said...

Yes I cried my way through the show :) So my fave!