September 22, 2008

Week 1 Results

Week #1 weight loss: 2.2 lbs!!!!

Part of me is pretty damn proud. The other half, a little disappointed. Just because I know I could've done better. I didn't follow many of my rules. Basically the only thing I did was stop eating as soon as I was full ( simple concept right??)

I did not work out once. And had two bad days, not one (eeek) Friday night I indulged in a big juicy cheeseburger from Dam Bar & Grill. Saturday was pizza and chips and dip. Ahh well.. Football day.. what was I supposed to do???

Speaking of football day... I'm finally getting to the point where I can talk about this. Yesterday my excitement built and built waiting for the Patriots game. I've been an ever faithful fan (lots of practice with that being a Gamecock fan and all) even though we are without the perfection known as Brady. I got all my cleaning and coupon sorting done early in the morning, got the grocery store out of the way. Open up the windows and we're really enjoying the semi cool breeze. Make subs for the both of us. Get nice and comfy just about 5 minutes before 1:00 and wait for the game to start.

And it starts.. but what? Who is that group of idiots wearing The Patriots uniforms??? Definately not my beloved Pats!! What in the hell was that all about??? 22 wins in a row down the hole. It was actually physically painful to watch.
Like I said, being a Gamecock fan, you're used to losing (not being ugly... you know how it is). But watching the Pats.. it's different. You expect perfection and you get it everytime. I want with all my heart to believe that we can do it without Brady (even though its way too sad not seeing his beautiful face on that field). Ahhhh well... maybe next week.

Ok.. back to the weight issue. YAY ME for the loss!! But this week will be even better. Ate perfect portions for dinner tonight, hub and I got out and played some bball for some excersize after dinner. And.... wait for it... wait for it.... wait for it.....

I'm getting up at 5:45 in the am *pray for me on this one* to do The Firm workout.
Hope I'm not too cranky at work tomorrow!

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