September 8, 2008

Growing up?!?

My weekend was overall pretty quiet. Other than one monumental realization.. I.. think.. I ... may be becoming.. A REAL ADULT!! I know, I know, me?? Let me prove my case:

1. Saturday involved a full day of shopping with some girlfriends (refer to earlier post). I have a certain amount of money I can spend... which I guess the fact that I figure out my budget first is point number 1.

2. While I'm out shopping, I find myself walking straight past quite a few of my favorite clothing stores without even taking a second look. I have my eye on one particular store and I'm a woman on a mission to get there. Where am I heading you ask?? Kirklands. I was stoked to get in there and get some fallish/festive decorations for our house. They have the cutest Harvest Collection! I spent my fully alloted budget at Kirklands and Yankee Candle.. No Clothes??? No Shoes??? No Jewlery???

3. After a night of getting together with friends, hub and I are on our way home. As I'm driving down the dark road, at 12:30 in the morning, I get .. I would almost say.. panick stricken. And what pops into my head?? My mums voice from when I was 15, 16, and 17 when I was begging for cerfew extensions.. "Nothing good happens after midnight" Am I becoming my mum??? *Not such a bad thing*

There are other things I've noticed lately.. little changes that i've noticed, but these are just a few that stuck out over the weekend that I thought I'd share. But I should also note that no matter how many grown up tendencies may be creeping into my personality... I WILL NOT stopping watching shoes such as; Gossip Girl, 90210, and The Hills..

I know the link isn't very good.. doesn't go to the actual specific products. I would put pics up but I haven't quite figured out how to do that!


Crazymomoftwo0203 said...

Ok, mum? I had no idea you were from Massachusets originally! That is so funny...mum, I'm cracking up...sorry!

SouthernYankee said...

Yes!! Julianne clearly doesn't do as good of a job talking about me to her family as I do about her to mine!

MEB said...

shoes??? shows??? who cares??? u r a bad speller! do not worry i am also. and correct me if i am wrong but is a mum a flower?! hahahahaha, love u beautiful