September 15, 2008

Great Sucess!

So tonight was the big night. The dinner I made for hub was a hit with him. He absolutely loved it! And told me so about a gazillion times. And it made a ton so that's what we'll have for lunch and dinner tomorrow. Got a lot for my money! It was so so nice. While he was deeply distracted by the Playstation, I snuck a couple candles in the dining room and got it all set up ~ Which was a HUGE change from our usual plate in the lap dinner while watching TV!

On another somewhat related note... I am once again starting my big after wedding weight loss diet. I've done this about ..hmm..7 times in the past year and some odd months and it hasn't stuck more than a week, but I'm so serious this time. And to prove my oh so seriousness I'll be sharing my entire journey right here for all to see.

I don't think I can bore everyone with a daily food journal, but I will track my weight loss/gain (hopefully more so on the loss side) each Monday. Maybe some excersize notes. And I pinky swear to spill my guts to you all if I slip up and give in to any cravings.

I'm nowhere near comfortable enough to share my starting weight with the world, but I will say that my weight loss goal is exactly 20.4 lbs! Eeekkk.. that's a lot when I see it in writing. But I can do it.

I promise to excersize AT LEAST 3 times a week, but will try for 4. No Fries! One Coke a week! And will splurge on one bad meal a week.

Success story #1:
3 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts brought into my office today... and I had NONE!!


Julie Q said...

thanks for commenting earlier! ugh, dieting after being married is so tough, but totally doable! I lost 12 lbs in the past 5 months, but it took well over a year and a half of being married until i finally had to realize that I can't eat the same things as the hubs.. but that's still tough to deal with on Football Sunday lol

Just Ask Beth said...

I love you Punky! You can do it!1 Read my blog it was a joke and people are attacking me!

Lindsey said...

I can totally relate! I gained
10lbs. after getting married and I have lost it and am still trying to loose 15lbs more. It is hard but my best advice is to work out in the morning and get it over with. You'll feel great all day! And count your calories during the day. This was helpful for me because my hub and I love to snack at night. So counting cals helped me know how much I could eat at night. Best of luck! I know you can do it!=)