February 26, 2011

20 Questions

1. If you have pets, do you see them as merely animals or are they members of your family?

We don't have any pets right now, basically because I don't want the responsibility. We will get a dog or two in a few years though. Drew LOVES them.
2. If you could have a dream come true, what would it be?
I would never ever worry about money. We'd vacation as a family twice a year. Once to a tropical/foreign location and once to a part of the US that we haven't seen. Trey would continue to do what he loves and the Army would always give us whatever we wanted (ie duty stations, time off, etc). We'd have two more kids (I'm okay with whatever sex as long as we have at least one more boy.. I'd be totally okay with all boys) and their births would be easy and uneventful. We'd all be very very happy.
3. What would you do with a billion dollars?
We wouldn't buy a house yet, but put enough in an account to pay for our dream house to be built when we were done with the Army. Give our parents enough to build their dream homes. Give some to our siblings. Put away enough to pay for our children's education. Buy all the cute things I wanted to for Andrew. Go on those vacations I mentioned above. Donate some here and there. Pay off all debt. Write anonymous checks to people we care about. And just have some fun.
4. What helps to pull you out of a bad mood?
A good cry. A chat with friends, hubby, or mum. Music. Coffee. A hug and opened mouth slobbery kiss from Drew.. or hearing his laugh or seeing his smile.
5. What is your bedtime routine?
First and most importantly, take a Melatonin. Check on Drew. Make Trey look at Drew because obviously he is just so cute in whatever position he is in. Check all the locks even though I know Trey's already checked them. Brush teeth. Wash hair. Turn on fans. Either read or chat until I pass out. Sometimes I ask Trey to scratch my back. He usually complies.
6. What activities did you do in High School? If you could go back, would you do the same stuff or something different?
Echhh.. I would do everything differently. I didn't care one iota about my grades. I was more into the whole social aspect of it. I'll leave it at that..

7. What kind of books do you read?
Drama filled fiction books.
8. How do you see yourself in 10 years?
Still sickeningly happily married to the hubs. My oldest will be 10.5 years old. My youngest.. who knows..4 or 5?? I will be loving on my family and maybe working part time and working on finishing my degree or maybe even starting a completely new one.
9. What’s your fear?
Losing people that I love. Insects. Clowns. Bridges. Being lost.
10. Would you give up all junk food for the rest of your life for the opportunity to see outer space?
Absolutely not. Junk food is way too important and I'm not really into all that space stuff.
11. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Make a bottle and start the Keurig
12. If you could change one thing about your significant other, what would it be?
He wouldn't worry so much of what other people think (myself included) and just do what he wants.
13. If you could pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?
I wouldn't. I really like my name even though a million others share it with me. I think it's fun and girly.
14. If you had to choose between six months of sun or six months of rain, what would you choose?
Who in their right mind would choose 6 months of rain?!?! sun, sun, SUN! (totally agree Ashleigh.. I'll just stick with your answer!)

15. If you could only eat one thing for the next 6 months, what would it be?
pizza!!! (me too!)

16. What is the thing you enjoy about blogging the most?
Being part of such a great community of girls. People that don't blog think I'm crazy, but I love that you are all such a big part of my life!
17. Do you prefer salty or sweet foods?
Ughh.. both. One right after the other.

18. What items are in your purse right now?
Well, I have a purse that is big enough to be used as a diaper bag sooo..
wallet, keys, phone, chapstick, diapers, wipes, bib, extra outfit, toys, blah blah blah blah

19. If you had to choose between vacationing at the beach or in the mountains where would you go?
Beach beach beach! I haven't seen one in almost 3 years :( Unacceptable!

20. What do you watch on television that you know you shouldn’t?
It hasn't started yet, but I know it should be illegal for me to watch that new Coming Home show that is starting on Lifetime next Sunday. I'm going to be an obscene, blubbering mess.. but I know I'll still watch it!

I'm technically supposed to tag others to play along, but I'm not. I love to read these things though so answer away!!

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JG said...

I still say that these guys are part of the family, but they are not family. I had to specify that when our BIL was in town and asked if we got the puppies because we weren't going to have kids. Yeah. He did.