March 1, 2011

~ 6 Months ~

Drew baby - how is it even remotely possible that we've had your sweet little self with us for a whole half of a year??? Time needs to just slow right down right this instant!

You had your 6-month appointment yesterday so let's get straight to your stats:

  • You weigh 18.7 pounds and in the 66th percentile.
  • You are 27.5 inches long in the 60th percentile. (so that would make you about half the length of my body ;)  )
  • Your head is 45cm around and in the 77th percentile. (it did grow at a large rate from last time, so they are going to be keeping an eye on that. Nothing to worry about right now, especially since we just had a CT Scan done on you)
  • The doctor said your skin looks great and you have a beautifully shaped head, which got mama lots of praise for doing a good job at playing with you.
  • You are right on track developmentally! The doctor told on you buddy.. she said you are perfectly capable of rolling from your back to your belly since you do it the opposite way.. you just don't want to. Another hint that you are going to have my personality - you stubborn monkey!
  • You are wearing 6-9 and some 9 month pj's. In shorts/pants you wear 6 or 6-9 month. Onesies 6 or 6-9 month and shortall/overalls 6-9 month. You'll be wearing a very handsome suit for your Mimi's wedding next weekend and I cannot wait to see you in it :)
  • Still wearing size 3 diapers, but only in Pampers Cruisers. You've outgrown a 3 in Pampers Dry Baby. Didn't know they were a little different? It's true.
  • You eat almost anything. The only thing you don't like is yogurt and turns out I wasn't supposed to give that to you anyways.. woops. You seem to love your veggies more so than fruits, so that is wonderful! I really need to give you meats, but to be honest.. the thought of mushing up some chicken or beef in the blender grosses me out more than a little bit. I'll get over it very soon and feed you the good stuff.. promise!
  • You love your toys and have your favorites: your soft firetruck book, the little rattle/piano that plays different songs of which you know how to play, your trucks (already), a few different rattles, and you love love love to be in your exersaucer (I have to raise it up to the next level because you are too tall for the first one now).
  • You sleep with a little blue elephant and it's precious to me to see you cuddle with it at night.
  • You have no problem reaching and picking up for said toys... now if I can just get you to roll over to get them, I'd feel a lot better. But no.. you don't care THAT much.
  • You are into everything! When you do become mobile.. I'm in trouble! I have to clear off the table when I put you in your bumbo to feed you. Even so.. I still have to let you look around and explore for about 5 minutes before you'll actually eat! Yess.. sometimes I get a little aggravated, but you really do make me laugh.
  • You went through a little week or so long phase where you decided you didn't want to sleep through the night anymore, but you were sick I found out. You have your first cold/very minor ear infection (you can thank your daddy for bringing that home), but you're on meds now and seem to be feeling a lot better even if you do still have the congestion.
We leave tomorrow for SC and this coming up weekend you are staying with your Grandparents for the first time.. all by yourself. I know they will take such good care of you. They are REALLY looking forward to spending all of that time with you.. they love you so much Drew!

You continue to warm our hearts and make us love more than we knew we were capable of doing. You really are my pride and joy! We love you to infinity and beyond (sorry.. just watched Toy Story 3.. great movie btw).

*Pictures are uploading way too slow for my liking. I'll try again lata!


Charity said...

Sounds like his is doing great!! Which is wonderful to hear. Have a safe trip.

C. E. Welch said...

I don't know if you eat lamb, but it is a good meat for babies. Easier to digest than beef. Let me know if you need help with meat and I will come visit. I'm great with raw meat. Yes, I am that weird.

I can't wait to see pictures of his suit!

GUAMtastic said...

Hard to believe how fast the time goes!!!!

Random Musings said...

OMG time is going so fast!!

And I am a little sad there were no pictures...