March 27, 2011

While the husband's away..

... always remember..

1. Don't run the dishwasher right before you go to bed. It makes scary noises and you'll be convinced that someone is breaking in your back door.

2. It's totally okay to give your baby Tylenol every night. I mean.. he's probably teething anyways, so you're really helping him out. Plus, you deserve those few hours to yourself before bed time.

3. It's also okay to keep the kitchen light on all night so the boogy man doesn't come out. (kitchen is right outside of our bedroom.)

4. Make lots of plans. It makes the days go by faster. If you have to split up Target and Costco trips into separate days to make sure you have at least one thing to get you out of the house each day.. that's cool.

5. You'll probably be thankful for the fact that you don't have to make dinner (we're talking short trips to the field here.. I know that's something you start to miss if they are gone for long periods of time) every night.

6. Don't feel guilty that you are enjoying a little time to yourself for the first time in... 7 months. You'll miss his company by night 3 anyways.

I have been spoiled by the Army so far in our time, and haven't had to deal with "field trips" since his training days. That came to an end last week as he left me as a single mama for the week. I forgot about little things like those above! I have a feeling I will learn even more about this over the next year! But it does make me enjoy our time together even more so... this was a great weekend together and I loved every second of it :)


Meg said...

I can so related to number 1 and 3. I am very careful about what time I run the dishwasher, washing maching, and dryer. Even the heater and a/c make scary noises!

Anonymous said...

I love your positive attitude, girlie. Hope that everything is going well for you and that the boogy man stays away while Trey is gone :)

Misty Marie said...

Thanks for the tips! My hubs leaves this week!

JG said...

One of my favorite things about field training was being able to eat whatever, whenever. I got to eat all the sushi I wanted. It was awesome. Not the same as having hi home, of course, but there are compensations.

Savanna Lynne said...

I love that other people share the same "skewed" views of acceptable behavior when the Husbands away! I totally leave a light on at night and will grab the closest sharp object at the sound of anything scary! haha

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I always leave the light on when I'm home alone!

Michelle A'etonu said...

i'm a total wuss anytime malu's gone, so i feel you on the weird noises and boogyman! and the tylenol thing...i did that too for a good two months this past winter, so don't feel guilty. hang in there girl...time will go by fast :)