March 23, 2011

Trip home - Part 2

The day after we got home from the bachelorette party (Monday) was my 28th (gasp!) birthday. Really, I'm not afraid of my 30's. I'm actually really, really looking forward to them. I think I'm going to ROCK that decade. So keep 'em coming!

I spent the day with Andrew, of course, and my cousin Katelyn. She goes to school at USC and was on spring break so she was able to spend the majority of the week with us. We were out and about most of the day. We took Drew to Trey's parents house. I knew that they would be on their lunch break and wanted Debby's parents to meet him. They hadn't seen him yet, so I was excited to bring him over. After spending a little time with them, we headed downtown to Cupcake :) It may have been the best part of my day. I had a blueberry cupcake with lemon frosting. Ohh myyy gosshhh! I'm salivating a little just thinking about it. Thanks for the little treat, Kate!
That night we had all of Trey's family over for a delicious dinner. The house was crowded, but I love having everyone together in one place! We ate, had dessert, and opened a few presents. Trey's parents got me a little Patriots charm for my wine glass and a Patriots necklace. Really? I was surprised. They always give me a hard time about being a fan, so that was sweet! My parents got me a ... wait for it... KINDLE!!!. So So So excited! I'm in love. Melissa got me a new (desperately needed) pair of Rainbows. *Trey had a few little gifts for me when I got home as well, a nice salt a pepper grinder - it's okay girls, I really wanted those!! - and a gift card to Amazon. He must of been in cahoots with my mum* I'd say I made out like a bandit this year. I never expect much for my birthday, so that was all a nice surprise!

Over the next few days I stayed busy with helping Melissa get ready for her big day. She did everything herself so there was a lot of work to do!
Wednesday my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ronnie flew into town. Oh yeah, I didn't mention? Or maybe I did.. anyways.. in the mix of all of this, family from Massachusetts came down for a visit. Tons of fun! I was really looking forward to seeing my Uncle. He's the one that was diagnosed with a brain tumor over the fall. (he is doing okay. He's been through radiation and chemo, and it's not spreading, but it's also not gone either) I'm so glad that he got to meet Drew since we missed our chance over Christmas.

checking each other out

Looks like Drew approves :)
From that moment on, everytime he looked at Uncle Ronnie for the rest of the week, he would just start smiling and sometimes laughing. I guess he is just as fond of him as I am!

Here he is playing with his Great Auntie Carol and getting some life lessons, I'm sure, from Uncle Dennis. They were so great with him!

Up to no good, I'm sure!
The next day Auntie Lynda came in and showed Drew his first Redsox game! She's a bit of a fanatic. A female version of Fever Pitch if you will.

She even got him his first Redsox onesie
And until that coming up weekend, this was the gist of my trip. It was laid back, spent with family that I hardly get to see and I loved every single minute of it. We have always been such a close family and I never want that to change with the upcoming generations. We are, however, spread out a little more throughout the country (Massachusetts, SC, Texas, Oregon, and California) so it's a little more difficult.. I treasure the moments like that week!


hmb said...

aww glad you had a good time!! I am SO looking forward to my next visit home!

Ashleigh said...

and then the next post will be all about seeing MEEEEEEEE!!!!!! hahaha jk