March 22, 2011

Trip home - Part 1

After a long day of flying, I was exhausted! We landed in Charlotte around 830pm and my parents were there to meet us. My mum couldn't get her hands on Andrew quick enough. We had to remind her to walk through the airport. If we weren't there to guide her, I think she would have stayed in that moment forever.
Hottest Grandmother on the block, no?

So, Friday was bachelorette weekend. Myself, Melissa (THA Bride), and 5 other girls headed down to Savannah, Georgia for a classic girls weekend. This is now my new favorite city. Not only is it just the most beautiful place I've been to in a very long time (put it into perspective.. I've been around nothing but Army bases for the past 2 years) but what sealed the deal was when I realized you can walk the streets with alcoholic drinks. You should have seen my reaction when the bartender asked if I wanted my Mich Ultra for here or to go at 11 in the morning.. don't judge.. remember.. we were celebrating!

Walking to brunch Sunday morning.. gorgeous trees!

Our first to-go beer!

Our hotel was gorgeous!! We stayed right on the Savannah River in the historic, downtown district. We didn't have to get in our cars at all over the weekend.

The inside of our hotel

View of the river from our balcony
 The first night there we stayed in and did a surprise lingerie shower for Mel. While meandering through the hotel, trying to find the patio bar on the roof, we instead found a women laying in the hallway of the hotel sans pants. Thong only. Imagine our surprise. After we got over our giggling, immature 13 year old selves, we realized we couldn't leave her like that and covered her up in a robe. Because we had one on hand. After getting nowhere with her incoherent self, we got some help and got her to her room. The story is much more detailed and hilarious, but we'd be here all day. I will say that the next morning we got in the elevator with her and she had no clue. I think we were all red from holding in our laughter.
Saturday we got up and started walking the streets in our adorable t-shirts and found this man with no t-shirt. Yum-O.

Sweet Irish abs.
By 3:00 some of us (those who can't hang quite as well) needed a nap. Took nap.. hours passed.. then we all got dolled up in our little black dresses to go out for the night. Fun. I won't be putting any pics up of that mess. I kid. We all looked amazing, but I don't have any decent pictures!

While I was away having a much needed weekend with the girls, Drew was having the time of his life with my family. I'm actually not sure who had more fun - him or them.

I was very excited to come home and see that precious face, but it was very anti-climatic. I called his name multiple times when I came through the door and got nothing. Not even a sideways glance. It's true. We have it on video.

More to come throughout the week!


Charity said...

Sounds like you had so much fun, next time you are this way we should meet up! He is getting so big!!

Jen said...

Andrew is adorable! So glad you had a great time!

Cam and Kristy said...

Love the last picture of him in his overalls! What an adorable little face!!! :D