February 8, 2011

Let's play catch up!

Seems that we have made it through "Winter Storm 2011". And I thought South Carolina was bad!! There was maybe a total of 1/2 inch of snow that ever accumulated and the city was shut down for almost a full week. Not just like a cutesy let's-all-stay-home-and-cuddle shut down, it was a dangerous people-living-without-water-and-electricity shut down. Pipes have burst all over the city and homes have been flooded. Schools couldn't open from Wednesday, I think, until today.. one day short of a week. I have to say, though, that the community seems to have gotten together really well and problems look like they are being solved quickly. We put our names down as volunteers to have people come and shower and have a warm place to sleep since we were one of the very few that kept these luxuries, but no one took us up on it. We tried! The high is 70 today. Tomorrow's high is 40. My sinuses already hurt.

Speaking of hurting.. my poor baby is cutting his first tooth! I can tell it is effecting him, but only minimally. He's just a little extra fussy and sometimes is having trouble falling asleep. I can't imagine what he will look like with a little tooth in there :)

I have been a busy little bee planning my SIL bachelorette activities. A group of 9 of us are staying a weekend in downtown historic Savannah, GA and I can't wait! I fly home in early March and will be staying about 2 weeks or so. Wish me luck.. flying solo with the babe!

I had an epic fail of a long weekend with the diet. Echh.. it all started when a friend came over Thursday night and forced me to drink a few glasses of chocolate wine. And went downhill from there to include chocolate covered strawberries, a mini brownie, chips and dip, chex mix... etc etc! I am back on track now though and thankfully only gained a pound.. it's amazing!

We have a busy week planned this week with appointments for me, getting together with friends, and getting ready and organized for a yard sale on Saturday morning! No rest for this girl!

*Thank you all so much for your thoughts of last weeks scare with Andrew! It means so much to me to read your kind words. I will keep you all updated!*


JG said...

Yeah, I think everyone's diets go on hiatus during Super Bowl weekend. :) We missed you guys Sunday!

Is this yard sale y'all's or with a group??

Shannon said...

I LOVE that sweet little picture that is on your header! Soooo cute!

Ashley said...

Sorry to hear about your dieting fail.. but at least you cheated with some really great treats! I'm a new reader, and I love your blog!

Jessa said...

That same weather fiasco happened to us here in NM! I was super annoyed to have my kids out of school for three days for 1-2 inches of snow.