February 21, 2011

End of another 4-day

Another 4-day weekend comes to a close. Why do they always go by so fast??

We had a good one. Very low key. I was able to get some gym time in, although not as much as I planned and ate not so good for me food for the majority of the weekend. And I wonder why I'm stuck at 7 pounds lost! I do good all week and then blow it on the weekend.

We had a yard sale Saturday morning. That was an experience! Not as bad as I pictured it to be, but still...
We had to try and speak Spanish rather than people making an effort to speak English. Not the case with everyone, but the majority. I actually want to learn Spanish while we are here, but I don't feel like I should be at a disadvantage because I don't. Again.. America. Some people had mad bargaining skills and some just piled stuff up and said something about dinero in a questioning tone. Every single person that came lived in Juarez. Not that it makes one bit of difference to me.. I was just glad they were taking our junk.
None of my books were sold, however. I was pretty perplexed about that until Trey pointed out the obvious... the books are in English. Hello!!

We watched a few movies over the weekend.
1. How to train your dragon. I LOVED THIS MOVIE. So adorable and Trey now wants a pet dragon. This is one we will have to get for Drew (sure hope Mizzy read that ;) )
2. The social network. Very interesting. One of my favorite parts was when they showed when "facebook me" became a term that everyone knew. And how everyone started taking cameras to parties so they could tag their friends and relive the party the next morning.
3. A documentary called Babies. We have been very into the documentaries on Netflix lately. This one was alright. It showed the differences between 4 different babies lives from birth to a little over 1 it looked like. The four were from San Fransisco, Africa, Mongolia and Japan. One of the main points that stood out to me is I am EXTREMELY thankful to have the conveniences that we do! For instance, I thank God for diapers. Self explanatory, but those African moms....shooo... no thank you! The Mongolian baby was not watched over nearly as much as our babies are. It was no big deal for it to be alone in a field with cows charging all around it. I almost had a heart attack.

We grilled out with a few friends on Sunday. Of course on the one slightly chilly day of the weekend.

I'm thinking Trey has a greater understanding on what it's like to be a stay at home parent. It's been a little harder with Andrew (not impossible by any means), but with teething he is pretty irritable. He also knows we exist now even if we leave the room, so he does not like it very much if we leave his sight. That makes for one exhausted mama! On the other hand, the more frequent laughter out of him makes my heart smile. His sweet babbling is so much fun and I love to see him learn more and more every day. So it's give and take, but I know Trey appreciates me just a little more than he already did!

That's about it! I don't have much going on this week, which should make for a loong one I'm sure. I leave to go to SC next week for all of the wedding festivities. We are almost sure that Trey isn't going to be able to go (which I hope everyone understands). How sad is it that I'm so worried about him without me to take care of him?? I know he is a big boy and can take care of himself, but I know he won't eat as well. He considers Popeyes an acceptable thing to eat on a daily basis... what is he going to do without me??


hmb said...

They always go by too fast!! I blew my eating this weekend too....it was awful!!

C. E. Welch said...

J went to staff duty today, so I forgot that everyone else had the day off, including my sister.

Trey will be fine! He may put on a pound or two, but that will make him appreciate you even more when you get back!

I know what it's like, trying to explain to people that you really don't know if your hubs will make it on this trip or not. And once you're there, having to explain why he isn't with you. *sigh* the things we do for these guys, huh?

Annie said...

Guys don't eat well when you're gone, I completely understand! When I travel for work, I portion meals out that he can just heat up in the microwave! Ahh men!

Steph said...

I think the point is to do good during the week so you can cheat a little on the weekend. That's what I do anyway. I can't be good all the time. (All this pertaining to food of course.)

JG said...

Ours was pretty low-key, too. In fact, VERY low key. Isn't it funny how the longer weekends are sometimes the lest productive?? Pretty sure that, except for a few necessary loads of dishes, nothing got done around here.

Random Musings said...

I also think its easy to be good during the week and bad on the weekends..

Tori and Chad said...

When I went home to Washington for the funeral the other week, I was kinda nervous to see how Chad did sans my cooking. I was relieved when I logged into our bank account and saw, "Subway, Subway, Subway, Subway."