June 1, 2010


The 1st of June comes with a few different realizations for me.

1. Seriously?! It's really June already? The month of May flew by for me... I'm not really sure if I really even participated in May, or did it just skip from April to June for me?
2. Hubs and I keep talking about this human growing in me like it's a far off, pretend concept. As I was peeing for the 3rd time in a 1/2 hour today, it suddenly hit me that he will be here.. like soon. Like in possible 12ish weeks soon. Holy crap! I have a lot to do. WE have a lot to do!
3. My busy period is over.. for now. That is until the above mentioned child decides to enter into this world. Which means.. I should be back to my blogging away self. Everybody all together now - "yyaaaayyyyy!! Woohoooooo! Oh Em Geeee we've missed you" *all while jumping up and down and clapping*

Awww thanks guys... I've really missed you too. I seriously skimmed over the last 500 some odd blogs you've all written, so hopefully I have a free pass for a while if I've missed anything important. I'll catch up soon.

I just got back from a short little trip to Massachusetts for my long long time friend's wedding. Really.. it was a little emotional watching the girl I used to take baths with say "I do" to the best man out there for her. She was absolutely the most beautiful bride I've ever seen!

The bride at her rehearsal... so pretty!!

In her beautiful dress dancing with my cousin

When the bridal party was announced into the reception, we all came in to different songs and acts to play out. I'm pretty sure ours was the best. He's a huge hulk fan... I've never seen him wrestle a day in my life. He quickly showed me what to do and we were champs out there. Here I am in the shirt he made for me. If only I had it on video.. it was pretty classic.
It ended with us ripping those shirts off and throwing them out to the crowd. They loved it.

Now, I'm back in El Paso with my hubby and enjoying a few more days of free time before his 10 days are up and it's back to reality. We'll be doing a lot of relaxing and going a few different places we want to see here and there. Tomorrow will involve calling our landlord. I know that I still don't fully understand the whole Swamp Cooler concept, but seriously, somethings gotta be wrong. I know it's hot down here, but I'm pretty sure I'm living in cruel and unusual living conditions. I'm sweating from every orifice of my body and it's not pretty. Makes for a very cranky 27 week pregnant woman.

Tomorrow is also our 3 year anniversary!!


Steph said...

I can only imagine how hot it is there. Try to stay cool. Happy Anniversary!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Happy Anniversary! I know you are getting excited....just got to make it through the Summer.

JG said...

Aw, happy anniversary! I'm glad you had a fun trip! You have been quite the little traveler recently. I envy you :)

Shayla said...

Happy Anniversary :)

What a neat trip and a beautiful bride :)!!!

sooo is it bad that I pee 3 times in half an hour and im NOT pregnant...I'm going to be in serious trouble when I become preggo (in quite a few years..lol)

Whitney said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kathryn said...

super cute blog! :) Just stopping by!

Dave and Ashley said...

Hey! New follower from Ann Marie's bloghop! Cute blog! I look forward to reading more!