May 25, 2010

Where do I begin???

Let's just say up front that this post will be a tad bit scattered all over the place!

First things first ~ we ARE NOT homeless anymore! We found the cutest little house thanks to my before mentioned saving grace here, Jennifer. Long, semi-confusing story, but basically she had some inside information on this house that was just put back up for rent and we scooped it up before a For Rent sign could even be put out. It's perfect. I knew it when there was a baby boy's nursery already there and "God bless this home" was inscribed on the back "patio" concrete area. We love it!

The movers were not so perfect this time. First of all, when they got here with our stuff, they flat out told me (a 6 month pregnant lady) that they would not unpack our stuff. That it wasn't their policy. I know, I know, y'all have all told me otherwise, but I'm still new at this game. I believed them, thinking that maybe some companies really can't unpack. I all too often believe that people are nothing but good and the thought never crossed my mind that they could be just trying to get out of it. Trey was furious!
Also, they didn't use wardrobe boxes this time so all of his uniforms and suits are currently hanging trying to de-wrinkle themselves. One of my favorite frames broke. And his dumbbells and the plunger disappeared. Grrrrr... I know things could have been worse, but lets just say we won't be using them again!

I'm getting to know the area a little better now. I'm really going to love it once I know where everything is.... I can't wait to have people visit us here! I have to admit... I was having a very hard time with this move. I'm not sure what it was.. if the area overwhelmed me, it seems more real to me because I know it's more than just a few months, being yet another hour away from my family, not having that core group of friends we had in Oklahoma, or just plain pregnancy hormones... but I was really sad and upset for a while there. It's getting better, but there were tears every day. Just some MAJOR homesickness going on really. Like I said, it's not quite as bad now, but I'm not going to lie and say everything is perfect. I do like it here, but I'm having some good and bad days. I know that's normal, but I have more bad days than I'd like. I'm sure it'll just take some time!
That is us driving on I-10, the major highway around here. The picture doesn't do it justice, but that whole area you're looking at? Juarez, Mexico. That's how close we are. You can actually see the river and the gate, but like I said, crappy picture!

We still don't have Internet service, nor do we have a washer and dryer yet. Sooo, I'm over at Jenn's apartment washing close and catching up on the Internet world. Again, I don't know what I'd do without her!! We'll have Internet starting on the 28th and a washer and dryer and soon as hubs gets that DLA money!

I know I said I'd catch up on blogs last week... buuutt I just looked at my google reader and saw that there are 252 for me to "catch up" on. I quickly got on Facebook instead...

I found my way to the hospital and now know where to go for all of my appointments :) They are very friendly. The hospital is huge, but surprisingly easy to maneuver around in. Yesterday I was showed around to every place in there that I could possibly need to go to. They gave me a motion sickness prescription because..
in the midst of this all, I'm jumping on a plane to Massachusetts tomorrow for my dear friend's wedding!! The planes on my way home to SC and back made me excruciatingly ill, so hopefully these pills will help out quite a bit!

My mum has been bugging and bugging me to do a pregnancy post. I'm too scatter-brained to do a full one, but here is a little update:

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and Baby Drew is now measuring to be around a full 2 pounds!

I feel him moving around more and more and it never fails to put a smile on my face.. Trey's too. They kicks and punches are stronger. He will actually respond most of the time now if you press on my belly.. usually he'll push back. That is beyond cool. I can also feel him squirming around in there.

When I wake up in the morning, it's almost like I can feel where he's snuggled up in a little ball and it's always in the same place. I think it's the sweetest thing ever.

I talk to him more and more and it's beginning to feel a little less strange.

It's getting a little harder to move around freely. My belly is starting to get in the way and it's harder to get up out of certain positions. We take walks almost every night, and I am having to slow down a bit. I loose my breath quite often and I'm seeing my first sign of *gasp* tiny little stretch marks.

I'm up and down with whether or not I'm ready for him to be here. I'm petrified and ecstatic all at the same time. On one hand, I can't wait to see what he looks like.. to hold his tiny little body in my arms, to kiss him all over constantly, and to see what this does to Trey. On the other hand.. WOW!! I'm going to be a mum. We're going to bring him home from that hospital and it's going to be real. I'm going to be responsible for keeping him alive. What if I can't feed him right? How will I know if he's getting enough food? Am I going to be a nervous wreck while he's sleeping, checking on him every 5 minutes to make sure he's still breathing? How am I going to shop with him and what if he's hungry while I'm out?

I have selfish thoughts as well that I'm embarrassed to admit, but I like to keep it real. Am I going to miss it being just Trey and I? It's going to be a pain in the rear to pack up everything to go out anywhere.. nothing will be this easy anymore. We'll base every decision we make around him. I'm sure these thoughts go away and I'm sure it's very normal. I know when I see that little boy, it's going to change my life... for the better and none of this stuff will matter to me anymore!

26 week belly shot :)

I think that's enough information overload for now! I'll be back next week with regular posting again :) Happy Memorial Day everyone!!


Blessing said...

Oh my....this is what makes me so scared of military life. My husband just joined the US Army, he is currently doing BCT/OCS training. I am so scared of moving to different parts of the world. And I have my own career, how will I fare?

I am so happy for your baby boy. Make sure you dont stress too much about unpacking or having the perfect beautiful house. AT this point, get enough fluids, rest. Check out my other blog at for information on Safety/NonToxic options for new parents.

I look forward to reading your blog. I am following right away.

Shayla said...

I LOVE the belly shot!!!!

Your thoughts are totally normal, and I agree as soon as he arrives everything will fall in place :) no worries girl!!!

I can't believe your movers were so bad to you!!! I mean HELLO cant they see that you're pregnant??!!!??!!!

The house is super cute! I can't wait to see more pics :)

I hope the rest of the move/unpacking goes smoothly :)

JG said...

The house is adorable! I can't wait to see what you do with it. :) And that's crazy about the movers. What losers!

Ashleigh said...

Yaaay I love hearing about little Drew :) I'm so glad y'all found the perfect house!
And I can answer one of your questions- you will know if Andrew is getting enough food, because if not, he will be crying. And hey, if breastfeeding doesn't work out (it doesn't for everyone) that baby will be just fine on formula!
That is so sweet about you feeling Drew curled up when you wake up :)

love you! Have fun in Massachusetts!!

Kelli said...

Hi! I recently found your blog and I look forward to getting to know you better =) Seems like you really have your hands full right now!! Hope you are able to get some good rest in the mix of everything too. And by the way, the selfish thoughts/feelings are normal. I have two kiddos, and they still come back every now and then. You just have the joy of looking at them and knowing it's all worth it in the end!!

Chelle said...

I had a friend who had her movers unpack her and it was huge clusterpluck! All they did was open a box, take everything out and put it next to the box and throwing the box out. Her place was a disastor! Our movers left so much of our stuff behind it was crazy. Like how do you forget to load a huge grill up? Or all the tool boxes sitting out front with tags on them? They lost my husband's 3 Stetson cowboy hats, a little tykes kitchen, a roll of my oldest daughter's posters, took a huge chunk out of our bed's headboard (then had the nerve to say it was me) and I still for the life of me can't find my baster ANYWHERE.

Sorry the move wasn't the best hopefully next time it will be better.

Shelze said...

The house is adorable! I love the belly shot! I am glad things are getting better for you. Slow down, enjoy being pregnant, once it is over I have heard that you miss it.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

you look like you have a ball under your shirt.. so cute..

Per the move, we have always done gov moves and never had issues I am sorry yours was so rough!

Kayla Sue said...

I just found your blog and am so glad I did! My husband is getting ready to come back from a 12 month deployment from Iraq in ONE MONTH and we have to start searching for a home! Yours looks adorable!! As is that baby bump:) My little man is just three months old and I sure miss being pregnant...some days anyway lol. I look forward to reading more!

Kaycee said...

Ugh I know how you feel when you the other side of the base lol...they are supposed to unpack you..and they didn't. Then as we were unpacking clothes and dishes had leftover all over them from them dipping while packing. Nasty! Anyways I have something for you on my page!