May 14, 2010

We made it?

Welp, we're here in El Paso.. do we want the positives or the negatives first? Negatives? Good idea... let's get that crap out of the way.

Not so Good
1. It's scary.
This is a big darn city! I don't know how to drive in this traffic anymore first of all! These people are crazy. And I'm not sure I'll ever figure out my way around.. so many loops! Second of all... we are ridiculously close to Juarez, Mexico. Can you even imagine how much I'd freak out if I accidentally got the the line to cross over there??? My palms sweat and heart palpitates every time I get into the car.
2. We're homeless.
There's an insane amount of people coming into this area apparently. We won't get on post housing for like a year. When we asked for help finding off post housing they basically told us good luck with that. The prices of homes are actually being gauged because they know there's such a high demand. Because of that we are either going to be completely settling for something we're not crazy about AT ALL (hello upstairs apartment.. again) or getting something a little out of our price range and living dangerously close to living in poverty level. What to do, what to do?
3. I'm EXTREMELY homesick right now.
Maybe due to the fact that we're now another hour behind home and that makes me feel very far away? Or maybe just because we feel so lost right now? Or could be hormones.. either way... I miss my mommy.

Plus sides.. shall we?
1. This place *for the most part* is BEA-U-TIFUL!!!
I have a sneaking suspicion that once we do actually find a place and I can get my little routine down pat, I'm going to l-o-v-e it. The Franklin mountains are a beautiful view to see from just about any point. The palm trees make me feel exotic. I love all the stucco buildings. Gorgeous.
2. Jennifer has been my saving grace.
God love her. Once we get settled I'm going to owe her my life. We've been her little pet project all week, and she's helped so much! It's been wonderful to have a familiar face here!
3. Pretty much anything we could possibly need is 10-15 minutes away.
If we do live in that decent apartment, hello Target, you'll be right down the street from me. Let's just ignore, for now, the fact that we won't be able to afford to take advantage of any of these lovely places.

That's all for now.
I'm way behind on blogs. Trust me, I'll have plenty of time to catch up and comment away while Trey is doing in-processing all next week. I'm not quite ready to put my big girl panties on and venture out by myself just yet.

Have a great weekend!


Michelle Ioapo A'etonu said...

OMG...I'm glad you guys are here! We'll have to get together sometime. And don't worry...this place will start to grow on you after a while. I had all the same concerns! best of luck in your house hunting!

Jen said...

I'm glad you guys made it to El Paso safely!! :) Have a great weekend!

J.L.S. said...

I'm glad you made it there safely! And girl, I can relate to a lot of your negatives. When we moved to NY we were very much homeless for the exact same reasons and obviously on post housing wasn't an option for us. Not to mention, if it had taken us one more day to find a place to live, we wouldn't have had enough to pay for a security deposit +1 months rent on a place to live because we were spending our money on the hotel faster than I like to think about.

While it isn't a big city, I did have the snow to contend with when it came to driving... and we are ridiculously close to Canada.... thought probably not nearly as close as you guys are to Mexico. Hang in there, sweet girl! You will find your routine and if you can be patient, you will find a perfect place to live. I have faith. Just keep praying!

Allison @ I heart Change said...

I'm glad you got there safe and sound.

I used to help find places to live in Ft. Hood. It's a rental listing site for military only. If that helps.

Marsie said...

Eeek! SO scary moving to a new place!! Good luck finding a house! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't end up in Mexico!

Julie the Army Wife said...

I think I would be afraid of accidently driving into Mexico too. I hope you guys can find a great place soon!

Steph said...

Good luck finding a place! I'm sure it will all work out for you. Just stay on this side of the border.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I'm glad to hear you've made it. I'll be there next Thursday!

Mrs. G.I Joe said...

So glad you made it safe girl! Its been a while since I lived in El Paso but, gosh, I didn't realize it was that expensive to live there! I was fifteen at the time, however...But I do remember loving the palm trees as well and all the stucco buildings too:p It really is a large city, but you will get used to it! I hope you find a place that is fitting for you and the new baby! Good luck in your first weeks there:) Hugz!

Shayla said...

lol you crack me up!!!

I'm behind on reading blogs too so no worries!!!

I'm glad you made it :)

take pictures of the mountains and the buildings for us :)