June 6, 2010

~28 Weeks~

Welcome to our third trimester!! I can't believe how fast time flies (I'm sure I'll be saying that for the rest of our life, watching Drew grow like a weed)!

Your daddy and I are growing more and more excited by the day to meet you. You keep us smiling and laughing already from all of your rolling around and kicking in there. I've been enjoying this for quite some time now, but your daddy is really getting into it. He can feel you just about every time he puts his hand on my belly and he is loving it. We can even see you moving around in there just by looking at my belly.
According to What to Expect, you weigh about 2 1/2 pounds now and should be about 16 inches long, although when I went to the doctor on Friday she said you were measuring a little bigger (by about 2 weeks). Daddy may get his football player after all. You'll experience immense pressure from him to play college ball at Alabama, but trust me, I'll make sure you know that you can go and do wherever and whatever you want!
You'll be very confused as to what teams to be a fan of with this family. Just roll with it... with every one's favorites, and all the clothes you've gotten so far.. you can't really go wrong with whoever you chose. You're just not allowed to be an Ohio State or Colts fan. You'll have natural instincts to favor the Patriots I'm sure anyways! Don't you let that Norton side of the family to talk you into be Dallas fans...
Anywho.. I got off on quite the tangent...

How far along: 28 weeks! Beginning of the 3rd trimester!
Total weight gain: 15 1/2 pounds.. I've gained 7 lbs in the past 7 weeks. Not necessarily a pound a week.. I gained a lot last month. It seems to be evening out again, but I'm sure there is a lot more to come.. right? I'm okay with this. It happens. I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies, but I sure will have an ice cream if I'm wanting it bad enough!

Maternity clothes: This hasn't changed much since the last questionnaire I did. I'm in mostly all maternity clothes.. all maternity bottoms and dresses, but I can still wear some normal tops. Maternity everything is just more comfortable at this point though!

Stretch marks: Just a few and very faint. I'm okay with this too. I'm a mom.. it's okay not to flaunt my belly around in a bikini if I don't want to. Let's get real.. I shouldn't have been doing that for a while now.. probably ever ;)

Sleep: I actually feel like I've been sleeping better lately. Maybe I'm just getting used to the aches and pains, or I've just mastered the art of the body pillow. I do get up once during the night to pee though, never fails anymore.
Best moment this week: This has to be a mix between starting to feel you nonstop now and hearing your heartbeat again.. still up there at 158 bpm! I'm loving seeing Trey's face when he feels a big kick! Or it could have been this morning at church when a complete stranger simply said to me "you look very beautiful". That was nice because, 1. most people just say, "oh my, when are you due" and 2. sometimes I do feel beautiful pregnant and sometimes I just, well, DONT.
Movement: Oh yeah! The last time I did this was at 21 weeks and I could feel you, but not from the outside. 7 weeks later and we can feel you non-stop! It's the best feeling in the world :)

Food cravings: Ehhh... still not a lot. I think I'm just now starting to experience this just a little and it's been for ice cream. One day last week, I talked Trey into going to Coldstone at 4:00. I think even he enjoyed having ice cream before dinner a little bit. I wanted some again last night, but not enough to go out and get it. I refuse to keep it in my house! I'm still LOVING my fruits!!

Showing: Ha.. yes! My belly looks like a boulder. Here's some pics:

21 Weeks 28 Weeks
28 Week Frontal

Labor signs: Still none yet that I know of. I worry a little because I hear lots of girls have been feeling Braxton-Hicks by this point, but if I am, I have no clue! I'm guessing I'll know it when I feel it though..

Mood temperament: This seems to have evened out a little bit since last time too. Although, this El Paso heat does test my temper. I feel like when I'm out there in it, all patience goes out the door and I'm a bit testy. I don't really cry any more than usual.

Milestones: Welp, making it to the 3rd and final trimester is a big one, I would say!

Weekly wisdom:
Dear Self,
I know you love to be outside. I know you feel trapped when you stay indoors while the sun is shining. It may be okay to run an errand or two during the middle of the day if you really have to get out, but this El Paso sun is NO JOKE. Stay inside as much as you can. You get drained very easily when you're out in temps above 100 degrees and it's just not good for you. Take your walks at night and take Jennifer up on her offer to use her pool to swim some laps!


Expat Girl said...

Woohoooo for the third trimester! Dont worry about the Braxton Hicks, I felt NOTHING for the whole pregnancy and then went into labour with contractions only 2 minutes apart..no warming up for me! Oh and I too felt trapped staying out of the heat and trying to wait for my husband to get home but its all worth it when you and the baby stay comfortable : )

JG said...

Yeah for 3rd trimester! And you ARE beautiful pregnant! :) You carry it so well (pardon the pun). Good for you for sticking to fruit instead of ice cream. I have a very hard time and I don't have a good reason like you do ;)

Michelle A'etonu said...

i love these updates! man, I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get through this El Paso heat. I am dying!!!

Tye said...

Hi Jessica..I love your page, it's very creative and unique. I am a military spouse as well. I also love your pregnancy updates. Thanks for following me and I will keep a lookout on your blog. Let's stay connected. Oh and btw congrats to you on being a soon to be mommy.


ay113sc said...

Love this post! And for the record... I don't where the confusion will be on the sports teams. I mean it's only Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins right?? Just saying...

Love ya! Mom

The Mitchells said...

First time commenting on your blog. I stumbled across it and fell in love. I am a new ARMY wife. My hubby is in AIT @ Euxtis. We got 11 weeks til he graduates. We are waiting for our orders... So excited and yet scary! Take care of yourself and that beautiful baby boy. :)

Anonymous said...

Psh, boulder.


Blessing said...

You look good honey! Can't wait to see that little one.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I just hope that OCS is way much better!