June 10, 2010


Just a quick post to share a thought...

Is it possible for your life's passion to be something you are not even capable of doing yourself??
Can you tell where this is headed? I post about this every time it comes back on, as if I haven't explained enough how much I love it. Yes, another season of So You Think You Can Dance has started and I am in love all over again.

As I sit here watching the dancers perform in their own genre tonight, my heart explodes with happiness and some performances even bring me to tears. I can't get enough of all the Contemporary, Jazz, and hip hop numbers and the choreographers, in my opinion, are shear geniuses. Travis Wall, Mia Michaels, Napoleon and Tabitha, Lil C, Mandy Moore, and Tyce Diorio... I love your crazy sick dancing selves.

Now if I only had their talent. Instead I live vicariously through them all.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers! We still don't know much more information. They are slowly bringing his temperature back up and as soon as they do, they will bring him in for a cat scan. We should know something tomorrow morning. I'm staying positive!


Shayla said...

I LOVE to dance!!! I am NO where near the talent/ability that those performers are, but it is still amazing!!! I love it because dance is a way you can use your body to express emotions that you don't have words strong enough for!

...yes I think you can totally have a passion for something you can't do!

I'm glad your spirits are up :)

Let us know any new info on him!!!

Just Jenn said...

All mothers know how to dance....even if it's only when they are holding their babies. Soon you'll see what I mean. :) And it will be far better than any salsa or foxtrot you have ever seen on TV. I promise.

JG said...

That's how I feel whenever I watch the Food Network :) Or even something like 24 or NCIS. In another life, I could *totally* be a computer analyst geek...or a forensic scientist...too bad I can barely add!