June 28, 2010

~31 Weeks~

I cannot believe that I am typing up a post right now about being 31 WEEKS PREGNANT!!. I really just can't believe it. How is it possible that the time goes by so quickly?

I must say that I am getting over the top excited to have Mr. Andrew. I've dreamt about him twice in the past week, when I can sleep that is. Some of that excitement may have to do with the fact that I'm in so. much. pain I could scream. My back has been killing me, just on my left side. It's been going on for a few days now and getting progressively worse, so I finally went to the doc today. She at first sent me away, saying it was normal for a girl my size (fun sized I like to call it) carrying around such a heavy load to have this type of pain. I went home with a bottle of Tylenol w/ Codine and nervously took one to ease my misery. After my first much needed drugged slumber nap of the day, the doc called me and said that I do in fact have an infection and prescribed me some more drugs.. big apology to my son for starting him off with possible drug habits... I kid.. BUT I just KNEW something was really wrong and I'm glad mum talked me into going to the doctor for it. She's still the best mum ever even from 25 gazillion miles away :)

So anywho.. here you go...

How far along: 31 weeks and 1 day to be technical.. my due date is two months from tomorrow. Seems too far away, but I know it'll fly by!

Total weight gain: Since going to the doctor this morning, I know the exact amount gained. Do I really have to share??? Ecchhhh okay... 20 lbs exactly at this point. I've been eating with no abandon over the past 2 weeks.

Maternity clothes: I live in them.

Stretch marks: Oh yeah. My loving husband pointed those out to me the other day. Palmers is not helping, but you know, I'm really okay with this. Battle wounds, right?! My belly button is still intact though and has not popped out. It's just kind of flattening out and I'm hoping it'll stay that way.

Sleep: is a foreign concept to me. I was up googling things I had no business googling at 3 am last night. Please let this not be a sign of things to come. I'm beyond EXHAUSTED right now.... and I've had 3 naps today.

Best moment this week: it's a funny little story actually. Trey and I were up at about 10 one night last week, putting together a cute little cubby thing to go in Drew's room. Well.. you know.. he was assembling.. I was assisting. Drew is usually pretty quiet (I'm guessing sleeping) at that time and must not have been too happy that daddy was hammering away during his slumber. (I have a sneaking suspicion that his personality may be a little more like someone you all know and love..) While he was hammering away, he stops suddenly, alarmed by the frightening gasp that came out of my mouth. Drew had kicked me so incredibly hard that I thought my ribs were going to break in half. I guess he wasn't too happy about all the loud noise during his sleepy time...

Movement: Ummm yes, please read above.

Food cravings: Hmmm... just eating whatever the heck I fancy at the moment. For instance, I think I'll break right now to eat a few ovaled pickle chips.. yes they have to be the oval shape. Yes.. they taste different.


31 Weeks

Mmmm... yeah.. I'd say I'm showing a tad.

Labor Signs: Still none!

Mood Temperament: Meh.. I've been pretty tame. I am emotional and cry quite a bit. As in (I can't believe I'm about to admit this) I cried yesterday morning when I heard Eminem's new song. Wow. Yup. I said it. He just seems to be doing so well for himself.. changing for his kids.. I'm a sucker for a happy ending...

Weekly Wisdom:

Dear Self, This will pass.


Brigette said...

I love your baby belly! I bet that belly button pops out soon.. lol :-P

JG said...

Haha! "yes, I am showing a tad." You so funny. :)

Stephanie said...

Cute belly!!! LOL @ the crying at Eminem. Sounds like something I would do, pregnant or not. Love him.

Steph said...

I hope your pain becomes more tolerable and you start sleeping better. Best wishes!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm sorry your back is hurting so much! Hopefully you'll get some relief soon!